What Is The Best Online Stylist Service? 5 To Consider

One of the biggest problems facing women today is decision fatigue. From running our own businesses to raising children from acing our graduate degree programs to deciding what we want to eat, there are a lot of decisions that we have to make every day, and this can lead to us being tired and stressed out.

Interestingly enough, one of the ways Steve Jobs combatted decision fatigue was by wearing his quintessential outfit every day – namely his black turtleneck. By wearing the same thing every day, he was able to make one less decision and focus on the more important things in his life – which is one of the reasons he became wildly successful.

While most of us may not have the privilege to wear the exact same outfit every day – we can save ourselves from division fatigue by using a personal stylist. Not only will a stylist help us not get anxious and stressed out every time we have a big event – they will actually make your wardrobe more professional and better suited to you.

Online personal styling services come in many shapes and sizes, but finding the best online personal stylist will really depend on what it is that you need.

If you are looking for the best personal stylist online. We are here to help. We are going to break down our top 5 best personal styling services so that you can put your most fashionable foot forward.

Why Do I Need An Online Personal Styling Service?

Not only will a personal styling service save you from decision fatigue, but now more than ever it is a great way to look professional while limiting your contact with the outside world. While businesses are beginning to reopen amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, now is not the best time to be going to crowded shopping malls and trying on clothes that other people have touched – we have to pull them on and off over our faces, after all.

A personal styling service will deliver clothes picked just for you straight to your door. This is a quick and easy way to feel fresh and new – and many of these services give you a better deal than you could find in a store in the first place. 

What Is The Best Online Personal Styling Service? 

The best online styling service is going to be one that offers clothes that are in your size as well as dresses in styles that are suitable for your profession and personal tastes.

Online styling services all have a different flair, so it is important to choose one that works in the parameters that you want for yourself. For instance, if you want to wear a bohemian look most days, a very business-professional styling service isn’t going to be able to give you the clothes that you are looking for.

Now that you are thinking about what you need from a styling service, let’s look at our top choices.

1. StitchFix

StitchFix’s subscription service is the perfect way to get clothes that are perfectly suited to your needs and tastes without you even having to think about it. Your stylist will go over your personal look with you and what events you will need outfits for, then, they will send you your box.

What we love about StitchFix is that they offer a broad range of sizes, and their stylists even take your personal budget into account. They truly work to get you the items that you need to round out your wardrobe while also working in fun pieces that can spice things up.

We also love just how well-made and affordable the brands StitchFix offers truly are. While some subscription services make us think that we are going to break the bank, StitchFix gives us options within our budget that we can wear over and over again.

If you are doing online styling for the first time, the StitchFix subscription is the best way to go. It will give you a steady stream of fresh new clothes to work into your existing wardrobe, and their stylists will even give you suggestions on full outfits based on pieces you already own.

And don’t worry, if there’s anything that you don’t love, you can return it with free return shipping. While you’ll lose out on your styling fee if you return everything, you are absolutely allowed to return it all. But remember, if you love and keep every item, there’s a steep discount in it for you!

2. Dailylook

For professional yet “cool-girl” styling, look no farther than Dailylook. This company has the it-girl clothes that you can still wear to the office – which is a major feat that could quite honestly take most of us days of shopping for custom looks. 

Dailylook does have a higher price point, so that is something that you need to be aware of. They also do not currently offer extended sizes – but the company has said that they plan to do so in the future. Nevertheless, Dailylook has the best selection of clothes from any personal styling service that we have seen when it comes to looking polished and interview-ready while still being able to rock an Instagram post.

Once Dailylook offers extended sizes, this will be one of the personal styling services the competitors will really need to look out for.

3. Trunk Club

If customer service and a truly personalized approach are what you are looking for – then Trunk Club is going to be your best bet. This Nordstrom’s-owned company has some of the friendliest customer services that we have ever encountered, and we love how personal the looks they create for us are. 

Because they are owned by Nordstrom’s, Trunk Club has a very wide range of brands available to them, so they are really able to create some customized looks that some of the other services cannot make. However, a lot of these brands come with the Nordstrom’s price tag, so it will be important to communicate budget with your stylist if you need to keep your outfits under a certain price tag.

If you want a truly personalized experience and aren’t afraid to spend a little extra to get it, Trunk Club is going to be the best online personal styling service for you. 

4. Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak are high on our list because they make sustainable fashion cool. Their simple clothing isn’t the hippie-dippie stuff that we might think of when we think of the words “sustainable fashion”. Instead, these clothes look like they come off of the coolest girl sitting in that chic Parisian cafe, and we love it.

Frank and Oak is certainly not the personal stylist to use if you are looking for highly detailed and quirky pieces. However, if you are aiming to take more of a Steve Jobs approach to life and wear more simple pieces that are the appropriate fit and style for your body, this is going to be the perfect service for you.

One of the biggest problems in the clothing industry today is the lack of sustainable practices and the incredible amounts of waste that are put into the world from the manufacturing of clothing. Frank and Oak have set out to change that. Not only will you do some good in the world by subscribing to their service, but you will look better than ever. 

5. Dia & Co

If you are a plus-sized fashionista who wants to partake in personal styling but doesn’t want to be put into a specific box made for plus-sized people and are having trouble finding the best personal styling service for you, look no farther than Dia & Co.

Dia & Co will work with you to find the styles that you love, and also help ensure that you look like a million bucks within your budget. While Dia & Co carry plus-sized Nanette Lepore – so that you can look like the high-end catch that you are, they also carry smaller brands that are much more affordable.

The founders have been all different sizes, from a 12 to a 22, so they know that clothes change and styles change and there needs to be a company that meets clients where they are at without shame, fear, or judgment. Dia & Co is here to be that light for people who are struggling with their self-image, and we absolutely adore them for that. 


The best personal stylists online are going to work with you to help you find clothing that not only suits your personal style but also fits you the way clothing should fit. No matter if you are a size 2 or a size 22, this should be done without judgment or reservation – and all the options we have listed here will welcome you with open arms.

Clothing is such a quintessential part of our self-expression, and even in times of crisis, it is important to remember who we are and present ourselves in the ways that feel honest and true to us. A personal stylist can help us achieve our goals while we focus on what matters most in life. 

Chris Riley

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