Bra After Breast Augmentation: Top Rated Post Op Bras

Breast augmentation surgery is now one of the most popular procedures amongst women around the world. Though the entire process is quite thrilling for women, their only worry is about the recovery phase and how they can go about it!

Women often speculate about the recovery stage and how much time it will take, as they select between saline breast implants or silicone implants. Cosmetic surgeons encourage patients to be free from stress, have healthy foods and take plenty of rest during the recovery time. The most important advice women receive is related to wearing the right post breast surgery bra which not just provides the much-needed support but helps to quicken the recovery process.

What Is the Post Breast Augmentation Bra?

Post augmentation bras are particularly made with special quality fabric and flexible materials. Such materials are comfortable, as they let the skin breathe. These bras are necessary as they help in the healing process. They provide much needed support and cushioning necessary for the breasts during the healing period.

You might have any kind of breast implant – the first few days are never easy. it is not uncommon to get swollen and bruising along with discomfort. These specially made post breast augmentation bras help in supporting the breasts and reduce breast tenderness and associated discomfort.

These post breast augmentation bras have adjustable straps. These help in accommodating size changes which helps in tissue healing. Any post-surgical compression bra has a front closures which make it easy to remove it. When buying a bra after breast augmentation, you need to select one which has lightly padded straps and soft lining which provides additional comfort.

Bras Right After Breast Augmentation

Just after the surgery, the breasts are tender and swollen. Thus, women need a compression bra. These bras are also known as surgical bras and are designed without underwires. These bars are preferred and considered to be the most suitable as they help in keeping the wound dressing within place. They reduce the movement of implant, while keeping the breast tissue protected. They also reduce swelling and quicken the healing process. Women are repeatedly advised to wear these bras for a week or more and then they can move to supportive sports bras.

How to Find the Right Post Breast Augmentation Bra?

You can find the perfect breast augmentation post op bra online. Buy the bras which do not have underwires. Underwires tend to irritate the incisions. They also interfere with the healing process.

Breast Augmentation Post Op Bra: What You Need to Know About Wearing It

When you choose the breast augmentation post op bra, you are assured that the bra offers the required comfort and support. Women can shop for bras, which reduce anxiety and stress during the healing process. Here are some facts about these bras.

  • Allow Physicians to Access Treatment Areas – When physicians have easy access to the treatment areas, it helps in reducing movement during recovery. These bras have front-facing fastener hooks for the purpose. Women do not have to struggle to put on the bra or to remove it.
  • Provides Total Comfort – The front fastening hooks can stop you from having to twist since the mobility limited. These bras are made from soft and flexible material. They are skin-friendly and breathable.
  • No Underwires – As you are healing, it is necessary that your bra provides the right type of flexibility. Underwires can be harsh since the breast is usually sensitive and swollen at the time. With no underwires present, women get the much needed support and comfort.
  • Mesh Linings That Reduce Moisture – The surgical bras are available with mesh linings on the back and the side. These bras help in reducing moisture build-up. Breathable fabric helps in increasing comfort during the recovery period which is quite necessary.
  • Adjusted and Padded Straps – The usual bras are available with adjustable straps. However, during the healing process, additional support for the breast is needed. These bras are available with adjustable straps that offer extra lift and support. These bras also provide extra support that provide comfort to the shoulders and chest.
  • Seamless Cups – This is one of the most essential features of the bra. It doesn’t irritate the skin and is almost invisible when under the clothing.

Top Rated Post Op Bras

You need to purchase a bra just after your breast augmentation surgery. Your first choice should be a compression bra after breast augmentation which does not interfere with the healing. A high-quality compression bra is all that you need for the necessary support and comfort. To check the price of a post op bra, click here.

Keep in mind that your new breasts will now weigh more and hence you need to keep them positioned high on the chest.

Compression Bra After Breast Augmentation: Lipoelastic Bra

Lipoelastic bras are available with some unique features mentioned below:

  • Lipoelastic bra has a wide band which is placed just under the bust. Thus, the bra is prevented from rolling up or chafing.
  • The bra is quite soft and is comfortable. It will not harm or irritate the scar tissue.
  • There is a décolletage which covers the chest. The bra is designed in a way which helps to stabilize the implant position. It clings on to the breast tissue, just as your surgeon desires.
  • There are heat-moulded seamless cups which offer support to the breasts. There is a double lining fabric which helps in optimum compression of the key areas.
  • There is a front zipper underlain which makes it convenient for dressing and helps in easier handling.

Plunge-Type Bra

The Plunge bra is a special underwire bra which is available with angled cups. These are centered close to the deep V gore. The bra has a special angled push up style, which leaves the center section of the chest open, so that clothes with deep necklines are not shown. As a result, there is an illusion of a larger size breast, since it pushes the breasts together. It helps in drawing a deep cleavage right at the center. It offers natural breast enhancement.

Best Bra After Breast Augmentation Has Healed

The healing rates for breast augmentation patients are different. There is actually no timeline for healing and usually differs from one lady to another and also the kind of implant. After a certain time, the cosmetic surgeon examines the breasts and verifies that the breast implants are settled and in their final position. They will also check if the incisions are healed entirely and that there is a feeling of sensation around the breast.

This is the most exciting time for women who wait in anticipation. Women are encouraged to find the best compression bra after breast augmentation right after their breast augmentation.

The surgical bra selection is an important part of the recovery process and a way to feel secure and heal quickly. The bra should offer the right support, it should be easy and should be able to show off the new boobs. Women need to select one which offers the right support. Thus, the implants will not drop lower. If you get the right bra, the implants will good look for several years.

Caring for Bras After Surgery

Caring for Bras After Surgery

Since you will be wearing special bras, you need to take good care of them as they are different from traditional bras. Ensure that they are properly washed and appropriately stored. You can follow the care method mentioned on the package so that you do not cause any damage to the bra, as you clean it.

Are you one of those who still wish to enhance breasts naturally? Nothing to worry because you can still do a number of things to enhance your breasts in a natural way.

Bra After Breast Augmentation FAQ

  • What Type of Bras To Wear After Breast Augmentation?

There are specially designed professionally fitting bras available for use after breast augmentation. These are made from soft quality material; they are flexible and are available with front clasps.

  • When can I wear a bra after breast augmentation?

After a week or two of breast augmentation, you need to visit your plastic surgeon. He is the right person to suggest the timeline about the correct time to wear a bra. This is usually after your incisions are healed completely.

  • After breast augmentation when can I wear an underwire bra?

An underwire bra after breast augmentation can irritate the incision area and can make you feel uncomfortable. Doctors recommend wearing an underwire bra after three months. However, this varies from one lady to another and should be worn only after a discussion with the plastic surgeon.

  • How long to wear a sports bra after breast augmentation?

You can wear a sports bra for 6-8 months after breast augmentation. Your plastic surgeon can provide you the perfect timeline, during your visit post-surgery, which will be based on your existing health condition and recovery status.


Your post breast augmentation bra should fit you well. You should feel comfortable wearing the bra as it is vital to feel relaxed in the comfortable nightwear wear. Remember that you shouldn’t wear an underwired bra, as it can interfere with the healing process. It is a good idea to buy these specially designed bras online as you get a lot of variety.

Last updated on December 17th, 2019

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