Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery – Things to Know Before the Procedure

Women around the globe face somewhat a similar problem – one breast might be bigger/smaller than the other. However, for some women the difference in shape and size might be extreme. Due to such extremity it often hampers their social life, leads to physical problems and is often associated with low self-esteem.

In case you are worried about your asymmetrical breasts or your uneven breasts, you can be assured that there are many ways of correcting it. Breast asymmetry surgery involves a number of techniques through which it is possible to correct the way your breasts look.

Women are often worried about breast asymmetry surgery cost, which is of course important. It is usually dependent on various factors like the kind of surgery, the surgeon, the hospital, medical history of the patient and also other medicines costs. The cosmetic surgeon is the best person who can give an estimate of the cost.

Breast Asymmetry Surgery Solutions

Uneven breasts or disproportionate breasts can be in different sizes and shapes, but they might pose same problems. Women often do not find the same kind of bra that fits well, or they feel conscious, as their breasts draw a lot of attention due to asymmetry. In fact, uneven breasts can lead to loss of confidence in many women. There are several ways by which uneven breasts can be corrected. It needs to be noted here that each type of uneven breast surgery is tailored to suit individual needs. One patient might need an implant while the other might need reduction.

But, in case of breast asymmetry correction solutions are a combination of the following:

Can I Fix Uneven Breasts Without Surgery?

To fix uneven breasts without any surgery, you can do a number of things:

  • Breast Enhancement Supplements – These can help in correcting your uneven breast problem without any surgery. Though, there are many side effects of these supplements and they might work slow for you, they are just perfect for women who do not wish to go the surgical way. However, Doctors advise against these supplements and believe them not to be helpful for women.
  • Massage Benefits – There are many types of breast massage techniques which can help in correcting uneven breasts. There are many massage oils available which can be used to massage breasts, preferably at night. Massaging is also a good option for women who do not wish to go for the surgical way. You will also find a few breast massaging instruments online which are equally effective and can help you.
  • Use Padded Bras – These bras are just perfect for women who do not want to go the surgery way. Padded bras create an illusion due to their styling. You will find padded bras from different manufacturers. Ensure that you are selecting one which fits you well.

Breast Asymmetry Surgery Solutions

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation refers to a cosmetic procedure which helps to increase the size of breast shape and enhances the shape of breast. This is typically done by placing saline or silicone breast implants. The main purpose of breast augmentation is enhancing the natural proportions and creating a symmetrical and aesthetically please profile of the breast. The complete process helps in meeting the individual needs of women. Here are some popular goals of breast augmentation

  • To restore the fullness of breasts after breast-feeding and pregnancy
  • To correct uneven breast volume
  • To feel confident
  • Adding improved balance or by complementing curvy hips
  • Improving self esteem

Breast augmentation is certainly an effective process for correcting breast asymmetry which is often quite noticeable.

Nipple repositioning

Nipple areolar complex positioning can be easily corrected through a number of surgical techniques. Women experience nipple displacement and consult their surgeon for the same so that it can be corrected as early as possible. Women often seek appointment for enlarged nipples or in situations when the nipples are pointing downward. It is often seen that women seek surgery for nipple reduction when there are large nipples. Women often face problems related to retracted nipples or inverted nipples. Nipples tend to get withdrawn just below the surface and they lack the genuine protrusion. There are several situations where women face problems of nipple inversion which needs to be corrected. In such situations, surgical correction is done. The underlying tissues are released and often there is a requirement of transection of the milk ducts. Surgery in all situations is done under local anaesthesia.

After the surgery, women are advised rest for a long-time, providing an opportunity to the natural healing process of the body. Often the procedure is combined with different surgical procedures of the breast.

Breast lift

Breast lift is one surgical procedure which is performed by the plastic surgeon, mainly to change the breast shape. There are a number of reasons why a major section of women seeks breast lift.

A woman’s body undergoes many changes, often losing firmness and youthful appearance. Such changes, especially in the breast arise due to pregnancy, aging, breast feeding and even fluctuations in the weight. Through the process of breast lifting, any excess skin gets removed. The breast tissue is given a new shape so that the breasts appear large. The surgery has many positive effects. It helps in rejuvenating the breast profile and helps the lady look uplifted and youthful. However, it needs to be noted that any breast lift surgery will not bring any change in the size of breast. If your breasts are small or with low volume, the breast lift surgery is not going to help you in any way.

Uneven Breasts Surgery Recovery

There are many surgical techniques for correcting the shape differences of breasts. The recovery time is dependent on your overall health and what type of surgery done. Here is a brief of different stages of recovery:

  • In the initial two or three days the patient experiences great pain and there is an uncomfortable feeling. There is swelling and the breast is sensitive to touch. This is in case of breast lift and breast augmentation. The condition can be managed with medications.
  • In the next few days, the pain and discomfort starts reducing. The swelling also reduces. However, women need to ensure that they get plenty of rest. They need to stay hydrated and shouldn’t lift heavy objects.
  • In case of breast lift and breast augmentation, the patient starts feeling better. Normal activities can be slowly resumed after one month.
  • In case of breast reduction, the recovery process is a bit slower. Women shouldn’t exert themselves. The body needs its own time to heal and if there is exertion on the body, it might lead to many complications.
  • You need to maintain your appointments with your Doctor and get yourself thoroughly checked.

However, it needs to be noted that recovery time for every woman is different. Keep regular touch with your Doctor and get your progress monitored often.

Uneven Breasts Surgery Recovery

How Much Does Breast Asymmetry Surgery Cost?

In case of any elective surgery, such as breast asymmetry surgery, cost is an important element. Prices for various individual procedures tend to vary depending on the experience of the plastic surgeon. Breast asymmetry correction surgery price usually depends on factors like fees of the surgeon, Hospital or surgical facility costs and even geographical location of the office. You can consult your surgeon related to breast asymmetry surgery cost, medical tests involved, medicines or about anything you need to know.

Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery FAQs

Am I a good candidate for breast asymmetry correction?

The ideal woman for the breast asymmetry correction is a healthy woman who has realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery. You are definitely the ideal candidate if you are self-conscious about the size of breasts and what you expect from the breast augmentation.

Which breast asymmetry correction technology is best for me?

Breast asymmetry correction surgery is quite an individualised procedure. It might be tough for you to decide which procedure is suitable for you. Your specialist surgeon will assess your condition and overall health and then suggest the treatment which is best.

Can I combine breast asymmetric correction procedures?

Yes, a few procedures can be combined. A breast lift and augmentation process are often combined. However, your surgeon is the best person to decide if the combination is going to benefit you in any way. Also, do not forget to know about breast asymmetry correction surgery price, before any procedure.


If you are unhappy for your uneven breasts and it makes you self-conscious as well, you need a breast asymmetry correction surgery. Through this correction surgery, you will be able to bring a lot of change in disproportionate breasts. This can be a permanent solution to your problem – get in touch with your cosmetic surgeon.

In case, you do not wish to go for surgeries, you have other useful solutions, which can work perfectly for you. Breast enlargement without surgery is also possible with a few effective creams and pills which are easily available. Check this cream out – people say that it is “worth every cent”.

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