No-Nonsense Guide to Breast Augmentation in Calgary

Would you rather your breasts have a different shape? There are several reasons why a woman would want to change the shape of their breasts. Breasts might lose their weight after breastfeeding due to aging, illness, or a change in their diet. Again, the procedure might be purely cosmetic, where a woman wants to have fuller breasts or a larger volume in her chest.

Whatever personal reasons you may have, getting breast augmentation in Calgary is relatively simple. Calgary breast augmentation is one of the most requested procedures to improve a woman’s body. This article is a complete guide on breast augmentation in Calgary.

Breast Augmentation In Calgary

Breast enhancement or augmentation is a procedure carried out by a plastic surgeon. In Calgary, it is easy to find a surgeon with years of experience. In most cases, you will be having questions such as how much is breast augmentation in Calgary and where to get breast augmentation Calgary financing. You might also want to know how long the procedure takes, and all these questions are answered below.

Calgary Breast Augmentation Safety

Before you undergo an augmentation procedure or consider breast augmentation Calgary cost, be sure of breast implant safety. As such, learn of the BII and BIA-ALCL before going into the procedure. To ensure you do not expose yourself to risks of breast and immune cancers, pick the best plastic surgeons and ask to see photos of breast augmentation before and after in Calgary. However, the surgeons with the highest breast augmentation cost in Calgary are not necessarily the best.

Is Breast Augmentation For You?

Before you start choosing among the best breast augmentation surgeons are breast implants for you? If you feel self-conscious about having smaller breasts or you feel like the size and shape of your breasts is not proportional to your body, you can seek breast augmentation. Again, if your breasts do not fit in most of the clothes you wear, such as swimsuits, you can consider breast augmentation in Calgary.

Other women seek breast augmentation to balance the size of their breasts or to boost the volume of the breasts after breastfeeding. In some cases, you can combine breast augmentation and breast lift if you need to achieve optimal breast size results.

In other cases, Calgary breast augmentation is part of a mommy makeover procedure for women who need to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. The mommy makeover procedure involves breast augmentation, breast lift, and tummy tuck procedures.

What Can Breast Augmentation Do For Me?

After breast augmentation, the shape and size of your breasts will change. In turn, the changes might improve your body image and your self-esteem. However, your expectations need to be realistic. Take photos to compare breast augmentation before and after in Calgary.

Note that breast augmentation does not affect the healthy aging or weight gain of your breasts. After the surgery, your breasts will continue aging. They might also lose or gain weight in the future – this might make you want to do another surgery to correct them.

Your Breast Augmentation Choices

Before you start asking, how much is breast augmentation in Calgary, consider your desired results. There are three main options for you, including breast implant selection, incision location, and implant placement. Before settling on any of the options above, your surgeon will discuss your aesthetic goals with you and assess your physical health. Based on the assessments, the surgeon will advise you on the best option for you. The choice you pick affects breast augmentation cost in Calgary See the three options below:

Breast Implant Selection

There are so many breast implant options today. Before you settle for one, you need to consider your goals and how the choices available will help you achieve those goals. Since the choices can overwhelm you, let an experienced surgeon help you pick the option that best matches your goals.

Pick the implant options based on their benefits and their limitations, as explained by the surgeon. The benefits of each are dictated by your body type and your desired results. Some of the factors you consider when picking an implant include implant size and fill material (should it be injected with saline or silicone gel?)

Incision Location

The incision location determines whether you will have a visible scar or not. There are several places the surgeon can make an incision, but the best area is the one that does not show a scar after recovery.

There are two main incision locations that surgeons consider: at the base of the breast or the lower edge of the areola. Either of these two locations will ensure that a scar is not visible after recovery.

Implant Placement

To place the implant, a surgeon who has undergone advanced training will consider either of two options:

  • Subglandular placement
  • Submuscular placement

In sub glandular placement, your surgeon will place the implant in front of the pectoral muscle but behind your existing breast muscle.

In submuscular placement, also called dual plane placement, the surgeon places the implant behind the breast tissue and pectoral muscle. In this case, the muscle will only cover the upper side of the implant.

Surgeons consider different factors when deciding the best incision location and implant placement. Most surgeons in Calgary consider an incision at the base of the breast and dual plane placement as the combination of these two give optimal results. They will also recommend round implants filled with silicone gel up to a size that matches your aesthetic goals.

Depending on your needs, the surgeon might recommend that you use fat from your body to shape your breast. Using fat, the surgeon is able to shape your breasts in an impressive, symmetrical way.

Your Procedure

As long as you can meet the breast augmentation Calgary cost, the procedure is simple. During the day of the surgery, the surgeon will meet with you to address any questions that you might have. The doctor will then make marks on your breast on the point of incision as a guide during the surgery.

After marking, the surgeon administers general anesthesia. An incision is made at the base of your breast or the lower edge of the areola and a pocket created to place the implant. Before closing the incision, the doctor adjusts the implant and views it from several angles to ascertain symmetry. Lastly, the incision is closed and covered with bandages. The procedure takes at most two hours.


After the surgery, you will be taken to a recovery room where nurses will tend to your needs to ensure you are comfortable. In typical cases, you will be ready to head home two hours from the start of the surgery. Before heading home, the surgeon will give you instructions on how to care for your breasts during the recovery period. You are also encouraged to call the clinic immediately you notice anything out of the ordinary with your breasts.

After a few days, the pain will be gone. After about two weeks, you are free to resume normal day-to-day activities. In the first few weeks, your breasts will feel hard and appear very large. However, that should not be cause for alarm as the breasts will soften when the implants settle. At six weeks, you will see how your breasts will look like. However, the final results might take up to 9 months to show. During recovery, you can try this post-surgery bra from ContourMD.

Breast Augmentation In Calgary: Common Questions

How Much Does Breast Augmentation In Calgary Cost?

The prices are dependent on the clinic you choose, the implant options you choose, and any other associated procedures. Ask if the cost of an anesthesiologist is part of the total cost. Typically, saline is cheaper than silicone. You can also choose specialty implants such as teardrop, gummy bear breast implants, or custom shaped silicone, which adds extra cost. The option you want will depend on your breast augmentation in Calgary financing options.

What To Expect Before And After Breast Augmentation In Calgary

Most clinics will show you photos of breast augmentation before and after in Calgary so you can see what will happen. After the procedure, the shape of your breast will be larger and with a definite shape.

Can I Breastfeed After Getting Breast Implants?

Implants do not affect the normal production of milk. If you are still breastfeeding, the best procedure is where an incision is made at the base of the breast. In rare cases, an incision at the lower edge of the areola might affect the ducts that release milk to your nipple. As such, avoid a periareolar incision if you are breastfeeding or you plan to have children.

When Will I See The Final Results?

The results of the breast augmentation in Calgary come gradually. During the first two weeks, the implants will sit high on the chest. As such, you need to wait before buying new breasts. Afterward, swelling will subside, your tissues will soften, and your breasts will regain their shape. After about six weeks, you will see the results of your augmentation surgery, but the breasts will keep changing for about nine months.

Will Breast Implants Lift My Breasts?

Breast augmentation will not lift your breasts. However, in most cases, when the shape of your breasts changes and the breasts become fuller, they will lift a little. If you have an issue with sagging skin, you need to seek breast lifting and not breast augmentation. Breast augmentation cost in Calgary is different from breast lifting costs.

How much is breast augmentation in Calgary?

Costs depend on the implant option and the clinic you choose.

How long does breast augmentation surgery take?

The procedure only takes an hour, and you will be ready to go home two hours after the procedure.

How long to recover from breast augmentation?

Within a few days, pain from the procedure will subside. After two weeks, you can go back to work. After six weeks, your breasts will have fallen into shape.

What type of bra to wear after breast augmentation?

A sports bra is recommended after the procedure. You can also wear a surgical bra or stay without a bra for the first six weeks.


The current scientific understanding of implants is growing – the procedure is getting easier each day. It is one of the most popular procedures in Calgary and Canada. Nevertheless, you need to ensure that you pick an experienced augmentation surgeon to carry out the procedure the right way. This will help you avoid complications that might result from a simple procedure.

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