Complete Guide to Breast Augmentation in Denver

Women of all ages, when passing through the phase of puberty, experience a drastic change in their body. It is the most crucial time as they learn to adjust to their new bodies. As they encounter other events in their life, they are often put into situations where they feel dissatisfied with the size or volume of their breasts. It can impact their mental health. It is a serious issue and requires measures to make sure that women feel satisfied with their breast volume.

For this reason, breast augmentation has been considered a safe option for a long time now. It provides an improved shape of breasts to women in Denver and all over the world. Breast augmentation in Denver is a surgical procedure that helps women restore their confidence. Breast augmentation surgeons in Denver either use fat transfer for breast augmentation or breast implants for the success of the surgery.

Before you reach out to surgeons for breast augmentation, read this guide to find everything about breast augmentation in Denver, Colorado.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation in Denver

It is a personal decision to have a surgical procedure for breast augmentation. To enhance the natural beauty or to rectify any aesthetic concerns, plastic surgeons give women the satisfaction to feel comfortable with the appearance of their bodies. There are many benefits of breast augmentation; some of them are:

  • Improves breast appearance
  • Gives full breast lift
  • Corrects uneven breasts
  • Give a balanced proportion between hips and chest
  • Increase breast fullness

The benefits are not limited to physical appearance as breast augmentation also provides:

  • Self-confidence
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved appearance (dressed or undressed)

Moreover, a survey finds out that women who undergo this surgical procedure enjoy many other benefits. These benefits go beyond just an improved physical appearance and self-confidence.

If your end goal is to improve yourself and your appearance, then this surgery can give you these benefits. It is you and your happiness that should matter the most.

Am I a Candidate for Breast Augmentation in Denver?

Have you ever considered the option of breast augmentation and then dropped the idea by thinking, “Maybe I am not a good candidate for it”? Before you completely cross out this option, we can give you some general information to tell you the good news that you are a good candidate for breast augmentation Denver. Just put a checkmark in front:

  • Have not set unrealistic expectations
  • good physical health
  • Not a smoker or I am willing to quit it to speed up the healing process
  • At least 18 years old; eligible for saline implants
  • Not breastfeeding
  • Not pregnant
  • At least 22 years old to have silicone implants

Breast augmentation Denver CO makes sure that all your concerns are addressed. You can discuss in detail the process and other options as well as breast augmentation Denver price. You are walked through the process, and if you have any questions, then surgeons can answer them. All this discussion helps you in deciding whether the surgery is the right option for you or not.  You need to be sure before undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

Preparing for Breast Augmentation in Denver, Colorado

Like any other surgery, surgeons would help you prepare yourself and your body for the transition. As soon as you are sure about the operation, you will be presented with options. The options and your decision would determine the outcome of the surgery.

Implant material

Implant material includes silicone, memory gel and saline.

Implant size

You have to decide on the size of the implant.

Position of the Implant

You need to decide on the location that is below or above the chest muscle.

Placement of Incisions

The surgeons have four options before them while making an incision; axillary (armpit), periareolar (around the areola), periumbilical (belly button), and inframammary fold. They have to create a precise pocket to make an incision.

During the consultation, the surgeon makes sure that you are clear about the options and procedures. For a better understanding, you can see read reviews about breast augmentation in Denver online.

What to Expect on The Day Of Your Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Plastic surgeons in Denver are certified and state licensed for the procedure of breast augmentation. The surgery is performed conforming to the safety rules laid by the medical field.

You can come in wearing comfortable clothes. You will be taken to a preoperative room/area where you will be asked to change into a gown. After you have changed, your surgeon and anesthesiologist would meet you. You will be given a consent form that you can go over before signing. For any last-minute question, your surgeon would be there to answer it.

After the surgery, you will be moved to another room where you will be in the recovery period. A nurse would be by your side to monitor you closely.

So, it takes less than a day for a patient to have surgery, recover, and be discharged if everything is okay.

Recovery from Breast Augmentation

Your stay in the recovery room is between an hour and an hour and a half. Some patients are awake within 30 to 60 minutes. Depending on your condition, you will be discharged with a postoperative/follow-up appointment. You will be given discharge instructions, and you have to make sure that you follow them.

Post-operative limitations include:


You cannot drive for 48 hours after the surgery or if you are on any pain medication. You would need a ride back home.


The surgery, as well as the intensity of your work, would determine when you can go back to work. It usually takes one to two weeks to come back to work.


You will be allowed to walk after the surgery. After two weeks you can brisk walk. The first six weeks are crucial in terms of lifting heavy objects. Raising anything more substantial than a gallon of milk might affect your implants. After six weeks, you may go back to strenuous aerobic work.

Take Care of the Wound

Do not try to remove the dressing at home. Your surgeon would do it himself/herself during your first visit after the surgery.

Smoking and Alcohol

You have to resist any temptation of smoking for several weeks. Smoking or drinking alcohol slows down the healing process and tends to develop complications.


You can wash your hair or take a shower 48 hours after the surgery. Do not immerse yourself into the water, and if your dressing gets wet, pat it dry.

Plastic surgeons in Denver for breast augmentation go the extra mile to give you what you desire. You need to be careful after the surgery to have the desired outcome.

Breast Augmentation for Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous breast deformity is a condition of breasts. Breasts having tuberous shape look like a tube.

This condition develops during adolescence. It depends on how the breasts are formed during this time. Some women have high breast fold, or the skin is inelastic and tight. This straitens the breast tissue making the breast arrow instead of a round shape. Such breasts do not have cleavage. This condition may develop a protrusion around the areola, making them look inflated.

Since the breasts are independent of each other, you may have different tuberous characteristics on either side. You might also have one tuberous breast and the other round.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation in Denver

Plastic surgeons in Denver use liposuction technique for fat transfer breast augmentation to take excess fat from hips, buttocks, thighs, or any other area that can be a donor. The fat, after it is purified, is injected into breasts to give it volume and improve its shape.

Women who are looking for a small change in their breasts can choose the option of fat transfer to give their breasts a natural look.

The procedure is implant-free that helps in increasing the volume of your breasts.  Benefits of fat transfer breast augmentation include:

  • Gives natural enlargement
  • Contouring in areas where fat was removed
  • Breast implant-free surgery
  • No large incisions
  • You can have a natural shape and feel of breasts

Many women can become a candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation in Denver. You need to ask the surgeon if you have excess fat to harvest for this procedure.

If you are not ready for a surgery, there are several products are available to enhance the breasts naturally. Check out this breast enhancement cream if you are considering to improve the appearance of your breasts naturally.

Breast Augmentation Denver Cost

“How much Breast Augmentation Denver Costs?” is a common question woman ask.

It is better to have a straightforward cost of plastic surgery for breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation in Denver is one of the most complicated and intricate surgeries. It includes the type of implants that women choose, operating room facilities, pre-op and post-op services, and other expenses.

Due to these reasons the breast augmentation Denver prices can vary.

In addition to this, geographic location and the surgeon’s fee can also give affect the cost range. Some plastic surgeons offer their patients financing plans for the surgery. While you are there, be sure to ask your surgeon about it.

To be precise and clear about the cost, contact any provider of breast augmentation in Denver, Colorado.

Plastic Surgeons in Denver Breast Augmentation – How To Choose One?

As soon as a woman chooses to have a breast augmentation procedure, she finds herself inundated with choices. The most crucial decision is selecting a surgeon. Make sure you keep the following checklist with you to make the right choice.

  • The surgeon must be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS)
  • The surgeon has completed at least six years of surgical training after medical school.
  • The surgeon has a minimum of three years of residency training in plastic surgery.
  • He/she has passed oral and written exams.
  • He/she completes medical education, which also includes patient safety every year.
  • Performs surgery in a medical facility that is state-licensed and accredited.

Breast Augmentation in Denver FAQs

Silicone or Saline Gel Breast Implants?

Silicone breast implants are filled with silicone shells. While they feel more like real breasts, but they have a higher risk if there is a leakage. Women with saline implants can enjoy the benefit of adjusting it after the surgery via a remote injection port. Reading reviews about breast augmentation in Denver can help you have a clear picture.

Will There Be Visible Scarring?

Scarring will be prominent during the first few months after the breast augmentation in Denver, CO. It can cause hyperpigmentation, but with time, scars will begin to fade. Your surgeon can clear all your concerns regarding scarring.

How Do I Know If I Need to Combine A Breast Lift with A Breast Augmentation?

Breast lifts give a perkier outcome. It is ideal for women who have saggy breasts. To get the most out of breast augmentation in Denver, women combine breast lift and breast augmentation. Combining these two procedures increase the cup size and improve the overall appearance after just one surgery.

Will I Still Be Able to Breastfeed After A Breast Augmentation?

In most cases, women do not lose their ability to breastfeed after breast augmentation. If the milk duct is intact, and the surgeon was careful while making an incision, there is nothing to worry about.

What Are the Differences Between Round Silicone Implants and Gummy Bear Implants?

Round silicone implants are a traditional option when women get a breast augmentation. They give a rounded shape to your breasts. However, if you want less fullness in the upper part of the chest, then you can go for Gummy Bear implants that are tear-shaped.

Will There Be Any Loss of Sensation in My Breasts After A Breast Augmentation?

Feeling no sensation after the surgery is normal. Nipple sensation is also reduced after the surgery. The good news is it will return after a few months. It is in rare cases that nipple sensation does not return.


Women want to feel comfortable in their skin, and for this purpose, they undergo breast augmentation surgery to get the desired result. While many opt for this risk, some women rely on natural methods for breast augmentation. If you are confused by the products that are available online, then listen to those who have already used them.

A natural breast enlargement cream review can help you decide. Breast augmentation in Denver offers an improved physical appearance. Make sure you discuss every detail with the plastic surgeons in Denver for breast augmentation.

5 Iconic Denver Buildings

If you are in Denver for surgery and you feel like touring the city, then the following are some magnificent buildings that should go and see.

  • Union Station

It is the central railway station and the main transportation hub that has been renovated to cater to the transport needs of the public.

  • Colorado State Capitol

The dome of the building is made from copper panels and goal-lacquered with gold leaf giving an aerial view of the city. From its highest point, you can see the town standing one mile above sea level.

  • City and County Building

It symbolizes the government and cultural values of the town while exhibiting its Neoclassical taste.

  • Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

It is the antiquity of the French Gothic style. The east spire of this cathedral has 15 bells that are rung on Sundays or special occasions.

  • Frederic C. Hamilton Building

The building has protruding angels that ask you to explore it both inside and out. The building is covered in 9,000 titanium panels to catch the blaze of the sun.

Map of Denver

Looking for direction? Here is the link:

Video Tour of Denver

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