The Only Guide to Breast Augmentation in Houston You Will Ever Need

Many women in Houston, Texas opt for breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, which is a breast enhancement surgical procedure aimed at increasing or improving the size, volume, shape, and symmetry of a woman’s breasts. This is done by placing breast implants underneath the existing breast tissue or just below the chest muscles. Breast augmentation can also be performed alongside natural fat transfer for a more subtle cup size increase.

Plenty of women lean towards this surgical method in order to enhance or improve their natural beauty, to make them feel more confident about their overall appearance, to replace lost breast volume, to make one’s breasts shapelier and fuller, or to correct breast asymmetry.

Breast Augmentation In Houston Benefits

Various studies have shown that women who have had breast implant surgery performed on them were reported to be very happy with their decision and were said to be living more fulfilled and richer lives. Some of the most common benefits that come with Houston breast augmentation include:

1. Boost Self-Esteem

Several studies, as well as testimonies from Houston breast augmentation patients, have found that most women opt for the surgery to boost their overall self-esteem. This is because there are some women with breasts that are too small in proportion or of varying sizes. Breasts can also flatten and have a deflated appearance, especially after pregnancy and nursing. Increasing one’s breast size is the only way to help women, including those who are bothered by the appearance of their chest, to boost their confidence.

2. Make Clothes More Fitting

Some small-breasted women prefer to skip padded bras or wear low-cut tops and finding the proper fitting blouse or dress can pose a challenge for such women.  Breast augmentation Houston can help these women achieve perkier breasts. The surgical procedure can also help them fill out shirts and also bikinis to give them the most ideal outline.

3. Happier Sex Life

Plenty of breast implant patients reportedly enjoyed an increase in sexual activity after the operation, with even more women claiming to have a more satisfactory sex life. This is associated with the confidence that most women are able to exhibit after going through the procedure.

4. Choose Whatever Size You Like

Before going through the procedure, you have to consult with your breast implant about the most ideal breast size that you’re looking for. Here, you can look into several different sizes and types of implants such as silicone and saline and choose the one that best fits your overall body goals.

Choosing The Right Breast Implants In Houston TX

According to Houston breast augmentation specialists, breast implants come in a range of shapes, types, profiles, sizes, as well as textures. Choosing the most appropriate breast implant depends on a variety of factors, such as your personal needs and the outcome that you’re hoping to achieve. Some of the most common types of breast implants include silicone and saline gel breast implants, highly-cohesive silicone gel breast implants (otherwise known as gummy bear implants), and also form-stable anatomic gel implants.

Types of Implants

  • Saline implants: saline implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution after insertion, which makes them safe in case a leak or rupture occurs. They usually require much less revision surgery than silicone gel implants. They are also approved by the FDA for women over the age of 18 and make the patient’s breast look firmer and rounder. Some women favor these implants because the filling is more natural than silicone. The downsides, however, usually include rippling, sloshing, and a feel that is less natural than silicone implants.
  • Silicone implants: these types of implants are already filled with a viscous silicone gel that diverse range of patients feel is the closest to mimicking the soft look and feel of real breast tissue. They have a less chance of wrinkling and rippling and they’re able to last longer than saline implants due to being encased by a durable outer silicone shell.
  • Gummy bear implants: anatomic-shaped, highly cohesive form-stable gel implants, more commonly known as “gummy bear” implants are able to retain their shape even when they’re cut in half or in case a rupture occurs. The consistency displayed by the implant here is identical to the candy that is named after it. And because of the increased firmness, there is less rippling involved.

Implant Shapes

There are two types of breast implant shapes, including:

  • Teardrop implants: they offer more volume for the bottom, which closely resembles the natural slope of a real breast. They are more ideal for patients with minimal breast tissue.
  • Round implants: these implants have a more symmetrically spherical shape with the exact level of fullness in the lower and upper parts of the breasts.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation In Houston

Thanks to the amount of scientific progress made of plastic surgery, it’s no longer a requirement to use traditional saline or silicone implants to improve the volume and appearance of a woman’s breast thanks to a process known as fat transfer breast augmentation Houston. This is for women who yearn for more natural-looking breasts the bit of cleavage and are doubtful about implants placed in their breasts.

This fat transfer breast augmentation Houston procedure harvest the excess fat from other areas of a woman’s body, including buttocks, love handles, or thighs, in which the fat cells are purified, and injected into the breast to add soft, subtle volume.

Breast Augmentation Houston TX: Procedure

To initiate the process of Houston breast augmentation, the plastic surgeon leading the operation will first need to administer general anesthesia, which ensures the patient is completely asleep during the surgery. From that point on, they will strategically place incisions either along the lower breast crease, within the armpit, or around the areola.

After that, a breast pocket within the chest will be created by Houston breast augmentation specialists. If you go for a sub-glandular placement, the pocket will be placed right in front of the pectoral muscle, that’s covered by the natural breast tissue. If you go for a submuscular placement, the pocket will be created underneath the pectoral muscle. And after the pocket has been done, your surgeon will place the desired breast implant into the pocket, then close up the incisions, place gauze to prevent any further bleeding and you will be sent home as the first step of the healing process.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

After surgery, you’ll most likely feel tired as well as sore for a couple of days. But you should be able to move around within the next day or two. If you experience any discomfort from the surgery, your doctor will prescribe the proper medication to quell it.

Then after several days, the surgeon will have the gauze dressings (if you have them) removed, and you will likely be given a surgical bra. It’s important for you to wear it as the surgeon has instructed you to. Also, you might experience a burning sensation in your nipples for at least two weeks, until eventually, it subsides.

And then in about a week or 10 days, the stitches that you got upon your surgery, will be removed. However, the swelling sensation in the breasts could last between 3 to 5 weeks.

Breast Augmentation Scars

The one thing to know about breast augmentation surgery, or any other kind of surgery for that matter, is that there will be scarring involved. The scars will appear firm and paying for about six weeks. They will retain their size for at least several months, before widening up later on. Then after several more months, the scars will start to fade, although they will completely disappear.

Fortunately, there are certain methods that plastic surgeons advise their patients to help speed up the healing process and lessen the appearance of scars. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts that patients must follow:


  • Drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods
  • Wear sunscreen all the time
  • Keep away from sunlight
  • Take prescribed medication to prevent infection
  • Follow the instructions of the surgeon to treat the wound


  • Scratch your scars
  • Smoke for a number of weeks before and after surgery
  • Apply non-prescribed lotions and creams on the stars
  • Remove the scabs located at the top of surgical wounds

Breastfeeding After Breast Augmentation

Typically, breast implants don’t interfere with a woman’s ability to nurse or feed their child, or even has any health problem attached to it during pregnancy to either the breast implant patient or her child. There also shouldn’t be any “interference” of the milk ducts from the implants. Nevertheless, pregnancy or any other changes associated with a woman’s body could change following breast augmentation Houston. Therefore, it’s essential to consult with your plastic surgeon about breast implant surgery options if you plan on eventually becoming pregnant and want to breast-feed your baby in the future.

How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

Breast implants are known to be very durable, but they don’t exactly last a lifetime. Hence, they need to be replaced at some point sooner or later. At average, silicone or saline implants can last anywhere between 10 to 20 years. However, other patients have the repellents removed sooner due to cosmetic concerns or complications. About 20% of patients get their implants replaced or removed in under 8 to 10 years.

Breast Augmentation With Lift In Houston

After some time, breasts start to sag and lose their shape, greatly impacting not only your femininity but also your confidence. This is why an added breast procedure that is breast lift is required to give your breasts the natural appearance that will do them justice. This procedure gives the patient a more youthful, elevated breast contour, along with nipple-areolar complexes of the targeted size at the right height. Most women in Houston, Texas whose breasts have undergone changes from pregnancy, nursing, or age, just re-elevating breasts won’t be enough. That’s why women opt for this procedure as it helps increase the size of their breasts while also getting rid of excess skin, giving them that “perky”, firmer, and useful aesthetic.

Choosing A Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Every surgery involves risks, but it’s also important to try and minimize those risks as best as possible, which can only be so when you have chosen a reliable, and renowned cosmetic surgeon. In the end, the surgeon you handpick will be with you throughout the entire surgery, so you have to make sure that you feel confident, comfortable, and overall positive that your potential plastic surgeon can give you the results that you’re looking for. The rest depends on hopes and prayers.

Houston Breast Augmentation Specials

Besides some of the other implant options that we’ve already covered here, there’s a special cosmetic procedure which usually Houston breast augmentation specialists perform and that is suitable for mothers which are known as the Mommy Makeover, comprising of two procedures: tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

The tummy tuck is for those who desire a flat, well-toned stomach and involve less work. Such women are doomed with this natural distribution of fat all over their body, no matter how hard they strive to obtain a toned stomach. But now, the tummy tuck procedure is the answer they’ve been looking for all along. When you add this along with breast augmentation, you will become the most belle of the ball mother around.

Breast Augmentation Houston FAQs


How Much Does Breast Augmentation Houston Cost?

There are a variety of factors that add to the total cost of breast implant surgery. In Houston, Texas, these factors include the cost of anesthesia, breast implants, the plastic surgeon speak, hospital or surgery center costs; though the price may vary depending on a patient’s unique treatment plan.

How Long Does Breast Augmentation Surgery Take?

Between one to two hours depending on the severity of the implant and if there are no other medical issues or complications involved. And the process could take even longer if you consider a breast lift along with your breast augmentation surgery.

How Long to Recover from Breast Augmentation?

This part boils down to a woman’s unique healing properties as well as the type of breast implants, surgery and incision methods used. It takes about 6 weeks to fully recover from breast augmentation surgery and a couple of months before the scars fade away.

What to Expect After Breast Augmentation?

You should expect a number of feelings such as soreness, swelling of the breasts and burning nipple sensations. Bruising is a possibility as well. It’s important to wear a sports bra or compression bandage for extra positioning and support for your implants to aid with the healing process.

What Type of Bra to Wear After Breast Augmentation?

You’ll need to wear a sports or surgical bra or even a compression bandage to aid with the healing process and the painful sensations that you may experience after the breast implant surgery.

What Not to do After Breast Augmentation?

Here’s a rundown of some of the things that you shouldn’t do after surgery:

  • Straining
  • Smoking
  • Picking up heavy objects or performing physical activities
  • Doing things that could raise your blood pressure
  • Doing things that make you feel hot or sweat a lot.

Natural Solution

If you’re feeling squeamish about undertaking breast augmentation surgery due to the risks and complications that come with it, then you can bypass all of that through natural means using enlargement creams such as Beauty Facial Extreme’s Breast Enhancement & Enlargement Cream.


Now that you’ve carefully gone through the whole thing, from the types of implants to the incision placement and surgical procedure, you’re ready to embark on perhaps the biggest life-changing phase of your life with your new and beautiful breasts. All we can do is hope and pray for the best of what’s to come for you.

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