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Breast augmentation is one of the common cosmetic procedures all over the world! Women who have undergone breast augmentation have reported greater self-confidence and happiness after the procedure. However, prior to the surgery women need to be aware of what to expect after the surgery, how long it takes to recover or about the recovery time for breast implants and how patients can prepare themselves post recovery.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Time: How Long Does It Usually Take?

It is important to understand that every woman is different – there is actually no exact time for breast augmentation recovery, which is applicable for all. However, most surgeons mention that recovery can take at least six weeks. There are many women who often start feeling fine even after a week. Before the surgery, the plastic surgeon can easily assess the overall health and provide guidance on breast augmentation recovery time.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Time – Stages

Surgery is quite taxing on the body. Women feel exhausted and tired after the procedure and are advised plenty of rest.

Right After Operation

Women report feeling sore and groggy as they walk out from anesthesia. It often feels quite like a hangover, but this effect does wear off in just a few hours. Women are advised not to drive home and have someone to stay back overnight.

24 Hours Recovery Breast Augmentation

This can be the most uncomfortable day and you might also be prescribed some pain medication or pain injection to ease the discomfort and feel better. 24 Hours after the surgery, the dressings can be removed except the steri-strips and skin tapes which usually cover incisions. The chest area often feels tight as the skin tries to adjust to implants. Feeling such a tightness is quite normal. There can be mild bruising and swelling during the initial 24 hours. This swelling can subside in the next few weeks. On your way to recovery, you can start with breast massaging so that capsular contracture is avoided. This also speeds the recovery process and reduces discomfort.

3 Weeks

After the first week or few days of breast enhancement surgery, patients are advised to start and get back to their normal life slowly. Light exercises can be incorporated in the daily routine. The discomfort also starts reducing, the swelling too reduces, and the pain is less. However, women are still advised to stay away from all kinds of strenuous activities which include rigorous workouts and horseback riding.

When is the Full Recovery from Breast Augmentation Procedure?

After the usual follow-up appointment, your plastic surgeon can assess your and help you understand how your healing has progressed. As mentioned earlier, the recovery time from breast augmentation usually varies from one person to another.

Breast Augmentation Recovery – How long will it take?

Breast Augmentation Recovery

So, how long will it take to recover fully? What is the breast implant recovery timeline?

Usually after two months of the surgery, patients resume their daily activities. For others, full recovery might take a lot more time. Women need to be aware that it can take even weeks and sometimes months for the signs of surgery to reduce or completely disappear. Besides, it might even take full six months for the scars to disappear. But, with time, you will find that the discomfort and the pain is slowly reducing. The bruises will fade within 3-4 days. The discomfort and pain should be gone within 7 days. Women are also advised to schedule follow-up appointments, which will ensure that the healing is happening just as it should be.

Is it possible to speed up recovery from breast augmentation?

Women can do their bit to speed up the recovery from breast augmentation. These might help patients to feel better and recover quickly.

Manage the Pain

There might be mild to moderate pain and the associated discomfort right after breast augmentation. Many women feel tightness and pressure which can be managed by pain medication. Thus, it is a way to smoothly glide through the post-surgery days and move ahead with early recovery. Managing the pain also helps in getting better sleep.

Sleep and Rest

Getting plenty of sleep and rest is quite essential for quick recovery and for reducing post-operative discomfort. A quiet room and a comfortable bed are all that needed to be comfortable and get enough sleep. Use a number of pillows so that you can rest at quite a comfortable position. Walking slowly is advised soon after the surgery as regaining strength can take time. Women should always listen to their body – get plenty of relaxation and sleep as you are on a healing process.

Drink plenty of water, have healthy food

Before you go for the breast augmentation surgery, ensure that your kitchen is stocked with easy to make food. Soft and light food will be easy during the first few hours as you might feel nauseous. The body needs energy as well as strength during this healing time. It is also important to stay hydrated.

Remember 24-hour recovery from breast augmentation is not possible. You need to have patience and give your body adequate time to recover.


There are a few specific things which you should do during your breast augmentation recovery process.

  • Do Have Healthy Foods – Women are advised a healthy diet during their recovery process. Do have a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables which will help your body to recuperate and heal faster.
  • Do Protect yourself from Sun – Women need to stay away from direct sunlight during their recovery process. Exposure to direct sunlight can cause darkening of the scars and can even delay the recovery process. Do use a sunscreen which will keep your skin protected if you need to step out of home for some reason or other.
  • Do take Rest – As you are recovering from the process, you need to ensure that you are getting plenty of rest. Rest will help in healing quickly.


There are a number of things which you should avoid doing during the recovery process

  • Do not have Junk Food – During your recovery process do not have fried food or other junk food. Stay away from oily or too much sugar coated food.
  • Do Not Lie Down on your stomach – As you are on the recovery process, it is advised not to lie down on your stomach. It will be painful and might even dislocated the implants and slow down the recovery process.
  • Do not Exert – You shouldn’t push yourself too hard during the recovery process. If you push yourself too much, you might even injure yourself. Do not do strenuous activities or workouts which drain you. Do not indulge in heavy lifting.
  • Do Not Smoke – You should not smoke before and after the procedure. Plastic surgeons often ask patients to quit smoking for a minimum of 45 days. It is known that nicotine causes constriction of the blood vessels and can cause complications.
  • Do not use Underwire Bras – You need to stay away from different kinds of underwired bras as you are recovering. Underwired bras will be uncomfortable and can cause infections. You might be advised to use surgical bras which can help in reducing the swelling and offer gentle support as well.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Time FAQs

  • What is the recovery time for a breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation recovery time usually varies from one woman to another. Women usually start feeling better after a month of the implant.

  • What Can I Do to Make My Recovery Easier And Shorter?

The plastic surgeon can provide a breast augmentation recovery timeline after considering the overall health. Take rest and stay away from sunlight. Do not exert yourself.

  • How Much Should I Rest After Surgery?

Recovery time for breast implants can be between one month to six months. Women should rest as much as possible. No heavy lifting is allowed and no strenuous exercises as well.

  • How Long Before I Can Work and Exercise?

You shouldn’t work or exercise in the first week. For your overall health and to quicken your breast enhancement recovery time you should not exercise before a month. Light work is allowed.

  • How Long Should I Avoid Drinking Alcoholic Beverages?

Women should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages for one month before and after the surgery.

  • How Long Do I Have to Stop Smoking for The Procedure?

You should stay away from smoking at least one month before and after the procedure.

  • What Should I Eat and Drink During Recovery?

You need to have healthy and nutritious food. Have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables during your breast augmentation recovery time. Do not forget to stay hydrated.

  • Do I Have to Change How I Sleep?

Yes, you should not sleep on your stomach. You might hurt the implants and it will take a long time to recover.

  • When Can I Resume Taking Normal Showers After My Surgery?

Your surgeon is the right person to advise you on this. Most women can start resuming normal showers after a week

Breast augmentation recovery time can be between one month to six months. Since every lady is different, there is actually no fixed timeline and tends to vary. Cosmetic surgeons can advise on the recovery time and what precautions to take care of.

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When you are armed with the right knowledge, you know what you can expect as you are on your recovery process. Women often report higher levels of self-confidence and greater positivity. You will have a great overall experience and the results of their surgeries will be as desired.

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