Breast Augmentation Scars: Timeline of How Breast Implant Scars Heal

Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty refers to the surgery done to increase the size of the breast. In simple words, it is a surgery for breast enhancement. It involves breast implants, which are placed just under the breast tissue or the chest muscles. Breast augmentation is now quite popular and widely accepted, helping women to feel confident and happier as they are able to rebuild their breasts.

Breast Augmentation Scars: Where They Will Be Located? 

As breast augmentation is a surgical process, scarring is certain. Despite all efforts, scarring cannot be avoided, and scars will be there. However, the good news is that there are a number of ways to reduce the appearance of scars or make them less noticeable!

So, where do these scars appear or located?

The location of the scars is dependent on the placement of incisions. There are a few common incision techniques used in breast augmentation process. The most effective technique is selected by the surgeon after considering various factors. Plastic surgeons make incisions for placing the implants in the breast pocket.  Inframammary incision is a common technique by which two incisions are made, following the curve just below the breasts. Thus, the scars are naturally hidden under the bikini top.

The other kind of incision is known as periareolar incision. Through this technique a kind of semi-circular incision is traced along the lower section of the areolas that can camouflage the scarring. Trans-axillary incision is another technique, where the incision is just in the underarm area which means there is no scarring in the breast area. The skilled hands of a skilled plastic surgeon play a crucial role in the success of the surgery.

How Do Breast Implant Scars Look?

One of the most common questions asked by women before the surgical procedure is related to the scars. Questions like ‘what do breast implant scars look like’ or ‘how long do breast implant scars take to heal’ is something which surgeons get to hear quite frequently.

If you are planning a breast augmentation process, remember that scars might need up to 18 months to fully mature and heal. This might be regarded as one of the disadvantages of breast implants.Women often panic that the boob implant scars are getting worse and showing no signs of disappearing. Breast augmentation scars are usually pink or red in color after the surgery. These tend to get a bit raised till they are healed, or they start disappearing. With time, these might darken and slowly flatten. Women with darker skin shade are at a risk of hyperpigmentation.

The time taken by scars to heal or the speed of their healing is dependent on a number of factors which include age, skin tone, genetics and sun exposure among other factors.

Scars After Breast Augmentation: Healing Timeline

1 Month After Breast Augmentation

Just one month after breast augmentation, your scars might look pink or red. Women often find them uneven and bumpy. They might be pinkish red in color, raised and quite noticeable. Stay away from smoking during this process as you are healing. Tanning is also not recommended as it might make the scars noticeable.

3 Months After Breast Augmentation

You should start noticing difference in your breast augmentation scars after three months of breast augmentation. They should be fading and will continue to lighten in the next few months. The area of incision might feel a bit scratchy and incision as the wound heals, but women need to control and not scratch the incisions.

6 Months After Breast Augmentation

You will find a clear difference in the breast augmentation scars after 6 months of the surgery. Take care of yourself and try to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle to ensure that your scars heal quickly. Women are advised scrubbing or excessive exfoliation, especially at the location of breast implant scars, as the wound is still healing though it might not be visible.

1 Year After Breast Augmentation

As the healing continues the scars will keep changing and fade away slowly. One year after breast enhancement, you will notice that the scars are flattening and fading.

How to Speed Up Breast Augmentation Scars Healing?

Just after your surgery, you need to take steps for safe and quick recovery along with fading the scars from breast augmentation. Breast augmentation surgery scars do take time to heal, but a few steps can speed up the process. Here are some helpful ideas:

Avoid Sleeping Face Down For At Least Six Months

Patients are often advised to lie on their back. It is known that sleeping face down can lead to deformation of the implant. It might also cause drooping of the breasts. Just as sleeping face down needs to be avoided, sleeping sideways should be minimized as well to avoid lateral displacement or the movement of implant towards armpit. If any of these things happen, the scars might take time to heal.

Wear the Right Bra

For at least six months after your surgery, you need to wear a bra which is comfortable and offers support. The initial six months are important and critical as the scar tissues start forming at this time. A wired bra is never recommended since it can rub the area of incision, which can lead to itching and irritation.

Avoid Exertions

After your breast augmentation surgery, you need to refrain from excessive exertion for at least six months, as it can be quite risky. Women are told not to lift heavy objects or get involved in too much exhausting exercises, as it might lead to hematoma formation (leakage of blood vessels into the tissue). If the breast implants are moved from their implantation position, your boob job scars might take a long time to disappear, not to mention the other difficulties you might face.

Do Not Drink or Smoke

Your plastic surgeon will advise you regarding the side-effects of smoking and drinks prior and after your surgery. Avoiding drinks and smoking will ease your recovery process. Women are recommended to stay away from alcoholic beverages for three months at least or the healing process will be delayed. Healing is delayed as smoking and drinking hinders the flow of blood in your body. Besides, staying away from cigarettes and alcohol reduces risks of infections and bleeding during the healing process.

Stay Away from Tanning Beds

Tanning can adversely affect your breast augmentation scars healing process. If you want a speedy recovery and reduce scars breast augmentation, you need to stay away from tanning for at least eight weeks after the surgery. It is known that tanning beds can negatively impact the skin quality and can even cause dark scarring. The wounds should never be exposed to direct sunlight. This is necessary to reduce scarring and to hasten the recovery process.

Use a Sunscreen

Surgeons often advise the use of sunscreen so that even if not directly exposed, the UV rays cannot seep into the skin. Sunscreen can help in reducing the darkening of the scars and speed up breast augmentation scars healing.

Keep the Area Dry

You need to ensure that the incision area is dry and clean always. This will help in reducing the risk of infection. Also, ensure the area is not exposed to direct sunlight and is never moist. In case the area remains moist, there is a chance of developing infections.

Breast Augmentation Scar Treatment Options

Women often look for treatment options for breast augmentation scars healing. There are a few creams available which can help in minimizing the breast implant scars and can eventually fade them, if used on a regular basis.

  • Silicon Treatments – These have been quite effective for many women, helping to reduce scars. These silicone treatments hydrate the scar and make them softer and flatter. These are available as a liquid substance or in the form of thin strips. However, these should be used only when the wound has healed.
  • Softening Cream – These creams are also known to keep the area hydrated and flexible. The cream should be applied only, when the wound has healed completely.
  • Antibacterial Creams – Plastic surgeons often suggest the use of anti-bacterial creams which help in keeping away infection. The incision area needs to be clean and hygienic when the scars begin to heal.

Gentle Massaging – You can gently massage your breasts with creams and oils which can gradually help in softening the boob job scars as they are flattened. However, this should be done only when the scabs disappear. Besides, massaging also helps in improving blood flow to the specific area, which is effective in reducing the scars due to boobs augmentation. This helps in expediting the healing process.

Lastly, always follow the instructions of your surgeon and do not try to use any OTC medicine or cream without the consent.


It is true that breast augmentation will lead to scarring, but there is no reason to feel negative or be scared about these scars, which are a part of the surgery.

Experienced hands of a skilled plastic surgeon can help in reducing the risk of severe breast implant scars. You can take steps at home to reduce the scarring or to hasten the healing process. Remember, that your skin will take time to completely heal naturally and the final results will definitely make you happy.

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