Breast Augmentation Under the Muscle: Is This Option Right for You?

Plastic surgeons have two options when they consider breast augmentation for a patient. The implant can be under the muscle or over the muscle. There are several advantages and disadvantages of both the procedures. The right option is decided by the plastic surgeon after considering a variety of factors.

However, it is important that a patient is aware of the pros and cons of breast implants before the procedure.

Breast Augmentation: Choosing the Placement of an Implant

There are several factors which help in determining the implant placement for every woman. Doctor’s often have a conversation with the woman to find more about the concerns and desires. Once the patient’s desires are heard, other factors are taken into account. It includes considering facts like the size of the implant, type of implant, health history of the patient and the type of body.

However, it is important that patients understand the drawbacks and benefits of each such technique of breast augmentation. Both the processes will result in breast enhancement but there is a difference in the placing position of the implant. This does make a difference.

Breast Augmentation Under the Muscle

Through this technique, which is also known as sub-muscular placement, the implants are placed right under the pectoralis major chest muscle. It involves the use of smooth implants under the muscles. Here are some advantages of under the muscle breast augmentation.


  • The results look quite natural as all implants are well covered by pectoral muscle and the breast tissues.
  • Reduced risk of distortion of the mammograms
  • Reduced risk of rippling which are quite visible
  • There is lesser risk of ‘bottoming out’ of the implant
  • There is lesser risk associated with capsular contracture development
  • A muscle usually supports the implant placement which reduces the wearing out of the skin. Recovery time for breast augmentation under the muscle can be made easier and quicker by suggestions from the plastic surgeon.

This is a safe choice for all women who would need a lift in future, in case of thinner women or those who are looking for concurrent breast lift. The process helps in preserving blood flow in the breasts.


  • This process is a bit more difficult than the other kind.
  • Breast augmentation recovery time under the muscle is considered to be longer.
  • Scars might take time to heal and can be visible if nothing is done to fade them away.
  • Under the muscle implants tend to get distorted in case the chest muscle is flexed.

A lot depends on the location of the muscles and inner aspects of the breasts, since the surgery is a complicated process and can lead to side effects, if it is not done in the correct way. Quite dependent on the body type of the patient, large implants are often difficult to utilize.

How long does it take to recover from breast augmentation under the muscle?

recover from breast augmentation

Just after the procedure, your breasts might feel painful and you might experience discomfort. The recovery time from the process usually takes between four to six weeks. There might be a lot of swelling and edema can be there for at least six or eight weeks. During this time, patients are advised not to lift heavy objects or indulge in some strenuous activities. Women usually start feeling better after one month of under the muscle implants. However, it needs to be remembered that every lady is unique and hence breast augmentation recovery time under the muscle can be different for everyone.

Breast Augmentation Over the Muscle

Through the sublandular technique, the implant is usually placed between the chest muscles and breast tissues.


  • This surgical process is easier.
  • It is a less invasive process.
  • The recovery time is less. The postoperative discomfort and the pain is also less as the muscles remain intact.
  • Scope for more cleavage as it is possible to place the implants closer together.
  • It is easy to use larger implants which can depend on the major muscles and outer aspect of the chest wall.
  • The implants do not get distorted as the pectoral muscles flex.


  • The results are less natural. There is an augmented look. There is roundness of the breasts, though many women love this look. Thus, it’s quite a matter of preference.
  • Chances of visible rippling are quite high. The is less tissue that covers the implant.
  • There is a higher rate of capsule contracture.
  • There is more risk of the implant bottoming out
  • Chances of getting blemishes and stretch marks is also high.

Breast Augmentation Over Vs Under the Muscle: FAQ

  • How does it feel just after the surgery?

Women often experience swelling and soreness right after under the muscle implants. However, a moderate amount of breast tissue is involved in the process, which means the chances of scars and marks are reduced, but there can be some discomfort in the initial few days. Doctors often prescribe pain medication for management of the pain.

  • How painful is breast augmentation under the muscle?

Women experience a fair amount of pain right after the process of breast augmentation under the muscle. Doctors prescribe pain injections or medicines which helps in reducing the pain. However, the pain starts reducing with time.

  • Under the muscle implants: How is it done?

In this process, the surgeon usually detaches a muscle from the origin. This is usually along the ribs. This implies that almost 50% of the implant gets covered by the muscle. As the size of the implant increases, the lesser portion of it is covered. This is a great way for thinner women to increase their breast size.

  • How do you know you are recovering after your breast augmentation under the muscle?

Once your breast augmentation under the muscle is successfully done, you will be slowly recovering. You might feel a bit sore in the initial first two or three days, but you will certainly feel better with medicines. Many women feel a bit of itching in the upper edges of implants breast augmentation. You will soon notice a difference in how you feel and look after a few days.

  • Where are the implants placed?

In this process, the implants are placed right behind the mammary gland. This is just in front of the chest muscles.

  • How long does it take to recover from breast augmentation under the muscle?

Recovery time for breast augmentation under the muscle varies from one person to another. However, the time for recovery is considered to be less in this process. Women can start seeing a difference from a month onwards.

  • How to massage after breast augmentation under the muscle?

To massage, you can gently cup your hands just on top of the breasts. You can do this for one or both breasts at one time. You will be pushing it downwards for a few seconds. Release and you can repeat. You will again softly push the breast upwards. You need to be gentle and never exert yourself.

In order to enhance massage effects, you can use a special serum for bust that will further improve the appearance of your breasts. Check out this bust enhancing serum by Sublime.


Breast enhancement under the muscle is an excellent way to enlarge the breast and recover in a short time. However, women should be clear about their requirements when they meet the Doctor. Recovery time varies – women need to be patient and follow the instructions of the Doctor.

Last updated on December 17th, 2019

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