Breast Augmentation Vancouver Simple Guide: Mistakes to Avoid

Vancouver breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a medical procedure specifically for the purpose of increasing, improving or correcting the size of a woman’s breast. This process involves using either using devices known as breast implants, or fat transfer.

This medical procedure is a personal choice that plenty of women designed to undergo for a number of reasons, some of which include:

Reasons Women Go for Breast Augmentation

1.    To Enhance Their Overall Appeal

It’s all about cosmetics when it comes to Vancouver breast augmentation and women were not satisfied with the appearance of their chest only go through with breast implants Vancouver to help them stand out more.

2.    To Correct Asymmetrical Breasts

Some women are born with disproportionately sized and shaped breasts and may tend to feel self-conscious about it. But that issue can be resolved with Vancouver breast augmentation as the breasts will look equal in shape and size, allowing more natural body shape to emerge.

3.    To Restore Breast Volume after Pregnancy and Nursing

Nursing women decide to undergo breast augmentation to restore the size and volume of their breasts after giving birth and breastfeeding their baby.

4.    Make Clothes More Fitting

Some of the dresses and outfits that women yearned for our out of reach due to the size and shape of their breasts. And that is why breast augmentation Vancouver can help them achieve this goal of theirs while also improving their self-image, confidence and social status.

5.    Help Improve Their Sexual Performance

With a more leaner and curvier appearance, women can feel sexier and more intimate during their sexual performance.

Preparing For Breast Augmentation Surgery In Vancouver

For a successful breast augmentation Vancouver surgery, it is vital that a patient allows their potential Vancouver breast implants surgeon to help them thoroughly prepare for the imminent procedure. During this process, the surgeon will inspect the size and shape of the patient’s breasts, skin quality, as well as nipple placement to help them plan their procedure with precision and care. If the breasts are sagging, then an additional procedure known as breast lift must be considered along with the breast implant surgery.

Before you go to consult with your potential Vancouver breast augmentation surgeon, you’ll need to do some research and list down a couple of questions regarding the procedure. Some of the most significant questions include:

  • What kind of breast implant will be most ideal for me?
  • What is the most appropriate anesthesia for me?
  • What’s the best breast augmentation Vancouver incision technique?
  • Why also require a breast lift?
  • Will I be able to retain my natural crease, or will it be reduced?
  • What are the possible risks and complications associated with breast implant surgery and what should I do to reduce them?

Bringing these questions along with you during the consultation will give you more confidence and clarity about the risks and severity of breast implants Vancouver before and after the surgery. Only then will you come to the conclusion of whether or not this procedure is right for you.

Who Is A Candidate For Breast Implants In Vancouver?

There’s no denying that breast augmentation is one of Canada’s most popular plastic surgery procedures, however, not every woman opts for it is suitable for the process. So how does one get to be a suitable candidate for breast implants Vancouver?

A good breast implant surgery candidate needs to be at least 18 years old, but also have to be women with naturally small breasts, who wish to restore their fullness after weight loss, or pregnancy and nursing, or wish to correct breast asymmetry. But above all, the patient needs to be in good overall health and must have realistic, specific expectations from their potential surgery. Candidates must also be finished with having children, are not breastfeeding anymore, don’t have any alarming medical problems, and are not smoking.

Breast Augmentation Vancouver: X Mistakes to Avoid

Understand that if you’re going to opt for breast augmentation, it is vital that you consider the most talented Vancouver breast augmentation surgeon as well as the hospital where you’re going to go and have yourself surgically operated on. Remember, the changes that will happen to your body after the surgery will be permanent, so it’s best to be as cautious as you have to be before you consider undergoing the procedure.

Consider the following criteria before you decide to go for breast augmentation:

  1. Do some research on the plastic surgeon’s reputation. Search up your surgeon’s profile online through Google and social media and see if there are any actual Vancouver breast augmentation reviews from any of their past patients. Sure, any physician can insert an implant, but a truly renowned one must have long years of experience to produce beautiful results.
  2. Don’t just focus on a surgeon’s qualifications. It’s easy to be persuaded by accolades, but it’s the years of experience that a doctor has contributed to breast implant surgery that will truly paint a clearer picture.
  3. Don’t just go with one brief consultation. This can only mean that you’re not doing everything in your power to get all the necessary information to make a more informed decision.
  4. Don’t go for clinics that provide only one brand of implant since they’re the cheapest.
  5. Be sure that your whole consultation is only with the surgeon who will be performing the surgery. If the consultation is by a sales consultant or nurse, then you should question the commitment of the surgeon to you.
  6. Don’t attend clinics that only offer one particular implant shape such as a round implant, because a teardrop implant can give you a more natural and aesthetically pleasing look. But you can try both just to compare.
  7. Don’t go for clinics that have only one type of approach for example incision underneath the breast – another approach could be better for you.
  8. Don’t go for clinics that only offer one implant position, like ‘in front of the muscle’ – which is the quickest of them all but for some patients, it could deliver a ‘stuck-on look.’ A proper position must be selected in order to achieve a more natural look.
  9. Don’t decide on a surgeon before going through their Before and After Photo Galleries.
  10. Don’t go for any implant shape or size that you have not sampled in a crop-top. The surgeon has to handle all of the implant samplings that are appropriate for your measurements so that you can properly compare them in a crop-top before going for the one that gives you the best ‘look’. In the end, you’re the one with the final say and not the surgeon.
  11. Don’t go for a clinic that doesn’t provide pre-operative blood tests. This is to confirm whether you’re clear to undergo anesthesia and surgery. Getting your consultation done in one day and then a surgery right after that won’t give you enough time to do these important tests.

Breast Augmentation Vancouver: How To Choose Your Breast Implant Size

Like the variety of implant types including silicone gel implants and saline implants, implants come in a variety of sizes and the best breast augmentation Vancouver size depends on numerous factors that your doctor will discuss during the consultation. But the best way to start would be to view the before/after photos of your surgeon’s previous patients that share the same goals as you. Your plastic surgeon will make recommendations based on the frame of your body, how much breast tissue you have, as well as other physical traits.

Incisions Used In Breast Augmentation

There are four incision options for breast augmentation Vancouver: periareolar (around the areola), transaxillary (armpit), inframammary fold, and periumbilical (bellybutton).


This incision is made around the areola’s outer edge so that the scar, in the end, it is within this natural transition in pigmentation. Plastic surgeons will typically perform this insufficient type when they’re doing a mild to moderate breast lift along with the implant surgery.


This is when a small incision is made within the armpit, which is where the plastic surgeon places the preferred breast implant with a specialized camera as well as equipment to ensure the implant is placed optimally. In the end, this will only leave a small scar on the armpit but no scars on the breast implants have been placed.


A short incision is created in the crease under the breast, which is also known as the infirmary fold. A thin scar measuring between 1 to 2 inches will be left behind but will be concealed easily within the crest. Surgeons favorite this incision type as it provides a wider access point, enabling them to place larger cohesive silicone gel devices with proper care and precision.


This method refers to placing an incision just over the belly button. An implant is placed through this incision and then eventually brought up to the chest area. The best part about the sensation type is that there is only a single scar left only about the belly button but none on the breast itself.

Recovering From Breast Augmentation

During your recovery from breast implant surgery, the surgeon will have your breasts wrapped in gauze dressings as well as a support bra or elastic bandage that reduces swelling and support your breasts during the healing process.

Just after the surgery, you’ll be escorted to a recovery room for close examination. Then when you’re stable enough, you can return home, usually after an hour or so.

But before you leave, your surgeon will provide you with specific post-operative instructions to help you recover better and have a follow-up appointment with them. A prescription and certain medications may also be given to eight with a ceiling process, though most surgeons have postoperative medications prescribed beforehand. Some of these medications may include pain pills as well as antibiotic to avoid any chances of infection.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost In Vancouver, BC?

Breast augmentation Vancouver cost varies from patient to patient, usually depending on the extent of the surgery, the type of breast implants that had been selected, as well as additional costs for consultation, medication and other procedures.

Vancouver Breast Augmentation: Breast Augmentation FAQs

Can I Breastfeed With Implants?

Many breast augmentation patients are able to breastfeed even after the surgery. The implants won’t get in the way of the ducts that are responsible for milk production. But just in case, it would be better to talk it out with your plastic surgeon since not all women’s body’s behave the same.

How Long After Breast Augmentation Can I Return To Work?

Another question that many patients ask is “how long to recover from breast augmentation?” The recovery period for every breast augmentation patient differs from one person to person due to the following factors:

  • Natural healing time
  • Implant method used
  • The aftercare required
  • How you are going to take it easy

It is from the basis of these reasons that will determine how less or more time it will take for breast implant patients to recover and return to work after the completion of the procedure. But there are some general suggestions that most surgeons recommend you follow, including:

  • Resting for six weeks after the surgery without engaging in any strenuous activity or doing any heavy lifting
  • Most patients are able to return to work for two weeks’ time after surgery, although this may vary.
  • In some cases, patients can return to work in a couple of days after surgery, although this might not be true for every other patient.

How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

Breast implants Vancouver are noticeably quite durable that are able to last for decades, but they do wear out much later on. Silicone or saline implants usually last around 10 to 20 years at average. However, other patients have theirs removed a bit sooner due to complications or cosmetic reasons.

Will I Have A Scar From Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Every surgery involves incisions on the skin which puts at risk for scarring– which is a natural process for your skin to build new tissues and heal the wound. Still, there are certain ways to minimize scarring during and after the surgery based on what your surgeon tells you.

Vancouver Breast Augmentation: Complications And Risks

Like with any surgery, the risks that come with Vancouver breast augmentation include scarring, infection, bleeding, anesthetic reaction, and delayed wound healing. Specific risks regarding this procedure include numb skin /nipples, asymmetry, capsular contracture where a scar capsule forms, and implant-related complications. Complications regarding the procedure are relatively not that common but should be discussed with your surgeon during the consultation.

Natural Solution

We understand if you’re uneasy about the risks and complications that come with technology so we won’t force you to go through with it. But if you still want to increase or improve your breasts, then you’ll be really happy to know that there is indeed a less complex and “natural” solution that you can opt for. For the best all-round solution, you’ll find no better product than the IsoSensuals Enhance Breast Enlargement Cream. And to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth with this clinically-proven cream, it has a 95% customer success rate, is hormone and paraben-free and consists of all natural ingredients.


With proper research, preparation and a strong will, you will be able to obtain the perfect chest, as well as garner a huge boost in your social status among your peers, friends, family and fans alike.

5 Things to do in Vancouver

1. Stanley Park

This astonishing 1000 acre park is packed with beaches, playgrounds, and aquarium, botanical gardens, pools and splash park, 17 tennis courts, a golf course and so much more.

2. Museum of Anthropology

If you’re in for a little historical digging and exploring, there’s no better way to wind back the time then visiting Vancouver’s esteemed Museum of Anthropology. You will find a range of aboriginal works, both ancient and modern, that discusses the story of the people who came to visit this amazing city.

3. Taking a Drive up the Sea-to-Sky Highway

The 1.5-hour-long Sea-to-Sky corridor is one of the most beautiful drives the world has ever seen. It comes with eye-widening vistas, waterfalls, a suspension bridge and a stunning cultural center along the way.

4. Vancouver Aquarium

Part of Stanley Park, this aquarium boasts a vast range of aquatic animals such as fish and sea-based creatures such as auditors and penguins, surrounded by a staff that cares for these creatures and hopes to educate the public in everything they do.

5. Hike the Grouse Grind

Commonly named “Mother Nature Staircase”, this hike takes travelers up about 850 m of the Alpine. Once at the top, you can enjoy a panoramic chalet with wide views of the city along with some ice-cold drinks.

Vancouver Map

History of Vancouver

Vancouver serves as Western Canada’s major urban center and is also one of the country’s most populous metropolitan regions. It was initially inhabited by Native Americans when a trading post, Fort Langley, was set up in 1827 by the Hudson’s Bay Company near the mouth of the Fraser River.

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