How to Choose Natural Looking Breast Implants?

Can breast implants ever look natural?

Of course, they can! In fact, the best implants are those which look natural. There is a size for everything, whether it is your trouser, shoe or shirt, and yes, there is a breast size as well. Just as we look a bit off-size in case of shoes or shirt, with ill-fitting breast augmentation, you are not going to get that desired natural look. Natural looking breast implants are a boon!

Women seek breast implants for a number of reasons. Sometimes, they simply want a change in their appearance. At times, it’s their sagging breast which they seek to correct and other times, it is just the need to look better. It is necessary that the breast implants add to your look and appeal. Thus, natural looking breast implants are all that is needed.

Natural Looking Breast Implants: Which Breast Implant Type Should I Choose?

When planning for a natural looking boob job, you need to make a few decisions regarding the nature of breast implant. There are a few types of breast implants available.

Here are the common types of breast implants:


These are specially made saline-filled breast implants. They are available with silicone outer shell. It is filled with saline or sterile saltwater solution. Many of these are pre-filled. These saline implants are available in a variety of sizes. These also have textured and smooth shells. These implants are commonly used for breast augmentation. They are also used for revision surgeries.


Silicone gel implants have their outer shell made from silicone. This is full of silicone gel. They are usually available in many sizes. They have textured shells and smooth finish. These types of breast augmentation are approved and considered to be safe for women who are above 22 years of age. These are also used in reconstruction surgeries.

Gummy Bear

These are special kind of implants which are available with silicone gel filling and also silicone shell. Gummy bear implants can retain their shape in the implantation pocket and can enhance the shape naturally. The breasts are not stiff. They are naturally soft. Gummy bear implants are advantageous as they can retain their shape even when their shells crack. These implants have lesser chances of rupture and leakage when compared to different forms.

Natural Looking Breast Augmentation

Natural Looking Breast Augmentation: Choosing The Right Size Of Breast Implants

Selecting the right size of natural looking implants is certainly one of the biggest and toughest decisions. It is quite like a process where goals and expectations are taken into account. Here are some facts which are taken into account:

  • Lifestyle of Patient – The size of implant you select should be able to fit your lifestyle. Those engaged in certain sports or need to do high-intensity workouts, should not choose large implants. A lot depends on the kind of clothing you choose – do you like a dramatic cleavage or does going bra-less excite you?
  • Consider the Position and Shape – There are several women who choose breast augmentation to correct a sagging or deflated breast. Often when the sagging skin is removed, the perky breasts get a bit small as the tissues are removed. Implants might be desired to get back the pre-baby breasts, or to increase volume. To get natural looking breasts all these need to be considered.
  • Speak to Your Surgeon – Your surgeon is the right person to suggest the size of breast which will suit you the most. During the breast augmentation consultation, your surgeon will take into account your overall health, which includes facts like your tissue quality of breast, breast width or any particular problem you might be having, and then decide on the size of the implant.

Natural Looking Implants: Under Vs Over the Muscle Breast Implant

For natural looking implants, two most common methods are Under the Muscle Implant and Over the Muscle Implant. Here is a brief comparison of the two.

Over the Muscle Implant – This is also known as the sub-glandular placement, where the implant gets placed just between the chest muscle and breast tissue.

  • The entire procedure is easy and less invasive, but the results are often not as natural. The breast gets an unusual roundness. Though many women love this look, others find it a bit uncomfortable and attention grabbing.
  • The recovery time is low. The muscle remains intact. The discomfort is also low.
  • Helps to create more cleavage through this natural looking boob job
  • Large implants are utilized but depends on the soft tissue quality of the breasts.
  • Lesser chances of implants getting distorted.
  • Capsule contracture rate is higher

Under the Muscle Implant – This is known as sub-muscular placement. Through this technique, the implants get placed just under the pectoralis major muscle.

  • Patients get a natural look. The implants get covered by the pectoral muscle and breast tissue.
  • This procedure is the perfect choice for women who are looking forward to breast lift in future.
  • There is a reduced wear of the skin, as the muscle supports the placement.
  • Rippling is reduced.
  • There is a lower risk associated with bottoming out
  • The recovery time might be a little longer than over the muscle implant

Natural Looking Breast Augmentation Results

The Key to Natural Looking Breast Augmentation Results

Women often ask if their augmented breasts will look natural? Here, it needs to be noted that your experienced and the right surgeon can use his skills and experience for selecting implants which will look natural and beautiful. To ensure that the implant offers a natural look, the surgeon has to consider some important aspects of implant which include shape and size, spacing, placement, and material.

For natural looking breast augmentation, here are 5 elements which need to be considered.

  • Size and Shape – It is a myth that bigger breasts look better. In fact, it might even happen that big size implants might not look the best aesthetically. Thus, when selecting the shape and size of implants, the experienced surgeon explains why it is important to ignore the cup size or the bra size. Instead, it is importance to choose an implant size which provides a balanced appearance.
  • Goals and Desires of Patient – The cosmetic surgeon needs to speak to the patient and understand about the specific goals of the patient. Does the patient need more cleavage or rounder breasts or needs a specific size? Keeping such facts in mind, the surgeon can suggest natural looking breast implants.
  • Implant Spacing – It determines how the implants are placed on chest. In case there is a large space between the implants, the gap which exists between breasts will look quite large. In case where the space that exists between the implant is less, the cleavage might look quite artificial. There is also a problem of skin tenting, which helps when the breasts start pulling away from breast bone. If this happens, your implant will not look natural in any way. Thus, during the surgery, the experienced surgeon ensures that the implant spacing offers a complete natural look for the patient.
  • Implant Positioning – Most people now agree that under the muscle implant offers quite a natural look. Here the breast implant gets placed right under the pectoral muscle. The patient gets an augmented breast, the breast gets a natural shape and the patient feels confident and happy.

Plastic surgeons today ensure that the patient understand all the pros and cons of the specific augmentation. It is important to understand that breast augmentation looks best when it is natural. Unusual breast size does draw attention, but in the long-run it can be quite challenging to manage.

Natural Looking Breast Implants FAQs

  • What are the most natural looking breast implants?

Gummy bear implants are considered to achieve breast augmentation in a natural looking way. They help in enhancing the breasts naturally.

  • How to achieve natural looking breast implants?

To achieve natural looking implants, under the muscle implant is the most natural way. Those who are looking for natural looking breast implants for small breasts often rely on this method.

  • How do I get natural looking breast implants, if my natural breast tissue is less?

Women who have little or no natural breast tissue are recommended the teardrop shape implants. These help in giving a natural look to the breast.

  • How is the natural look of breast implant?

The breasts shall have a mild slope and towards the nipple. Breasts will not sit too high. They will look and feel like natural breast tissues.


Ultimately, it is completely your decision to choose natural looking breast implants or something else. However, an experienced surgeon can assist in guiding the decision making and also determining the kind of implant needed. Rely on your surgeon and expect the best enhancement which will boost your confidence and help you feel happier and better.

Women who do not wish to go through the surgical way, can buy a number of natural breast enhancement products available online. The products are natural and with regular use do help in enhancing the breast. Click here to buy the breast enhancement oil and cream which will make a difference.

Last updated on December 17th, 2019

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