IsoSensuals Enhance Breast Enlargement Cream Review

Our Rating: 9.2/10


Safety 100% Safe, do not use during pregnancy or nursing Check Amazon Price
Results 1-2 cups
Time to see Results 4-6 months
Features All natural ingredients, clinically tested, free of paraben and hormone, FDA compliant

Bigger, fuller breasts help improve your appearance as well as your confidence. Until a few years ago, surgical correction was the only option available for small chested girls. Although breast correction surgery is highly effective and provides instant results, it is a complicated process. Thankfully, these days there are a lot of non-invasive and safer options such as breast creams and pills. Creams and pills take a few weeks to deliver results but, when applied correctly, they will definitely help you improve the appearance of your upper body.

Since a lot of such products have mushroomed across the shops and online stores, it has become difficult to choose the products that genuinely work. The team at Academic Association of Medicine is determined to help you choose the breast enhancement products that are safer and effective alternatives to breast augmentation surgery. We, therefore, highly recommend isosensuals enhance breast enlargement cream. It is available in both cream and pill form. This blog is about the isosensual curve cream. If you want to take oral pills instead of/along with the cream, please read our blog on IsoSensuals Enhance Breast Enlargement Pills for more details.


Does IsoSensuals Enhance Cream Really Work?

It does work but the results vary from person to person. Some people have expressed their dissatisfaction over the product claiming it to be a junk but a lot of users have stated how this isosensuals curve cream made their boobs fuller, firmer, and shapelier. Many moms have stated that their breasts had lost their fullness or plumpness after a long period of nursing and how this product helped them become more round and perky.

The manufacturer of isosensuals cream claims that the product is clinically proven to increase the breast volume by up to 2 cup sizes. The main ingredient of isosensuals curve cream is Voluplus, a patented formula with active ingredient Macelignan, which is derived from nutmeg. Macelignan is a phytoestrogen that promotes the growth of fat cells in and around breasts, thereby making them become fuller and shapelier. The isosensual cream uses a patented formula that uses safe and natural ingredients that help boost the production of breast cells, thereby making them fuller and firmer.

According to the manufacturer, isosensuals breast cream is free of paraben and hormone. Paraben is a form of preservative that is used in personal care products to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. From deodorants and toothpaste to our expensive cosmetics, paraben is widely used to extend the life of these products. However, this chemical could be cancerous. So, if you are looking for an all-natural cream for enhancing the appearance of your breasts, isosensuals enhance cream is definitely worth considering.


IsoSensuals Enhance Cream Before and After

Like all other breast enhancement creams, isosensual also provides variable results depending on your physique, your overall health, and the dedication with which you use it. It is made in the USA in an FDA registered facility, so it is credible enough to try unlike hundreds of other creams that are nothing but junk. The ingredients used in isosensuals cream meet the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) standards. So, you can be assured that even if it doesn’t work on you, it isn’t going to harm you in any way, which is the biggest fear most women express while trying breast shaping creams. Further, the company is offering a 60-day money back guarantee. So, why believe in someone else’s feedback! You must order it today, use it, and tell us your experience. It is very inexpensive.

If you still have some doubts, here are some isosensuals curve reviews that will help convince you that it is worth trying.

 You can follow this link to read all other isosensuals curve before and after reviews where verified purchasers have left their feedback on how this cream improved their sagging breasts and helped them regain their confidence. You can also check out some of the isosensuals breast before and after pictures available on Amazon and on Isosensual website where this product is sold to get an idea of what you can expect from this cream.

If you read the Isosensuals enhance before and after reviews, you will find women telling you how they saw improvement in just 2-4 weeks and how they managed to change their appearance sooner than they expected. But, remember that you may not get the same result in the same time frame. The company recommends that you should use this cream for at least 6 months but, you will certainly start seeing improvement within two months.


IsoSensuals Enhance Cream Side Effects & Ingredients

As mentioned above, isosensuals is made of all natural ingredients that are in accordance with GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) standards. Here are some of the major ingredients used in this breast enhancement cream:


This is the main ingredient of isosensuals curve cream. It is harvested from Nutmeg or its Chinese counterpart Zhi Mui. It consists of two main ingredients; Macelignan and Macadamia oil. Macelignan is clinically proven to stimulate the growth of fatty tissues, especially around the breasts and the butts. It doesn’t work overnight. Rather, it takes at least 25 days to start giving you some results. So, when you get isosensuals, make sure you are prepared to use it for at least 6 months. The other ingredient Macadamia oil is rich in fatty acid. When applied on the breasts, it will nourish even the deepest layer of the skin and make it smoother and sexier.

Grape seed oil:

The oil from the seeds of grapes is used for both culinary and cosmetic purposes. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, omega-three fatty acids, proteins, anti-oxidants and much more. When applied regularly on the skin, it will moisturize it and nourish it, thereby reducing the signs of aging and stimulating the growth of healthy cells.


This is a common ingredient for almost all forms of cosmetics be it lipstick, lip balms, eyeshadow, blush, and many more. It is rich in fatty acid and is used because of its moisture-locking quality. It locks the moisture of the skin, thereby making it soft, supple, and hydrated. It is also rich in Vitamin-A, which helps exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin.

Coconut oil:

Apart from being antibacterial and anti-fungal, coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer for the skin as well as for the hair. It can penetrate the skin better than other natural oils, which is why it is frequently used for cosmetic uses. It is also renowned for its anti-aging property which is why it is a major ingredient in isosensuals curve cream and many other similar products.

Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice:

Also known as Aloe Vera, the juice of this plant is been used for thousands of years for treating skin problems as well as many internal diseases. It is an excellent moisturizer. It has anti-aging properties and, when used regularly, it can improve the elasticity of your skin, thereby making it look fresh and youthful.

Sweet Almond oil:

Rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and, vitamin D, sweet almond oil is an excellent skin moisturizer and cleanser. It is hypoallergenic, so it can be safely used on sensitive skin and baby skin. When applied regularly, it can delay the signs of aging and renew the damaged skin cells. Regular massage with sweet almond oil improves blood circulation and tightens dull and saggy skin.

Soy Lecithin:

It is extracted from soybeans and is rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids, and phytoestrogens.  No wonder why it is one of the major ingredients of isosensuals enhance breast cream.

All the above-mentioned ingredients are natural and safe for use. So, there are no major isosensuals curve side effects reported so far. However, like all other breast enhancement creams, isosensuals curve cream is not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers. Further, it shouldn’t be used by teenagers below 18 years old.


Benefits of Using IsoSensuals Enhance Cream

Hundreds of breast enhancement creams are available on Amazon and on other online sites. But, not all of them are safe and effective. But, isosensuals enhance is different. The manufacturer claims that they have tested it clinically on females between 18-35 years of age and, just after 28 days, 80% of the volunteers found 4% to 18% improvement in their breast size. Some more benefits of using isosensuals curve are:

  • The manufacturer claims that it can increase the breast size by 1-2 cups.
  • It can firm and lift the sagging breasts.
  • It can increase the fullness and volume of your boobs.
  • Regular application of isosensual curve cream helps improve the skin texture and reduce the wrinkles, thereby reversing the signs of aging.
  • It is a safe alternative to expensive and risky breast augmentation surgeries.
  • There are no known side effects of isosensuals.
  • The company is offering money back guarantee. So, if you don’t see any results, you can claim a refund. This guarantee itself speaks how confident the company is about their cream.
  • It is manufactured in the USA and it strictly adheres to FDA standards, which means it is safe for use.
  • Unlike many cheap breast enhancement creams and pills, it doesn’t contain any hormones that can make your boobs plump faster. So, it won’t cause any weight gain in long run.


How to Use IsoSensuals Enhance Cream

Before you get isosensuals, remember that you need to use it consistently for 6 months. If you use it occasionally or if you miss using it frequently, you won’t achieve satisfactory results. All women who have benefited from this bust cream have mentioned in their isosensuals enhance reviews that they have been very consistent with the cream and have followed the exact instructions set by the manufacturer.

Isosensuals enhance breast enlargement cream needs to be applied twice a day for six months. You need to take a dime-sized drop on your palms and massage it on your breasts in a circular motion. Massaging is really important as improves the blood circulation to your breasts. The better the blood circulation, the fuller and firmer your breasts will appear. You can start with massaging for 5 minutes and, slowly, as your hands get used to the new routine, you can massage for 10-15 minutes each time you apply the cream. The best time for this is in the morning and before going to bed after a warm bath.

The manufacturer claims that the results you achieve after 6 months are permanent, as the change is due to new cell growth and not due to swelling that is caused by many cheap breast creams. However, if lose weight, it is possible that the breasts may get affected too.


Best IsoSensuals Enhance Cream Price and Where to Buy it

Isosensuals is not sold in stores. You can buy this cream online either through Amazon or through IsoSensual website. We recommend buying on Amazon because Amazon offers purchase protection. Further, Amazon provides secure processing of credit cards, sometimes free shipping, and many other benefits that you may not get from IsoSensual website.

We did, however, notice this product being on sale several times on Amazon and so it’s best that you check the latest price here.


Other Breast Enhancement Creams to Consider

There are hundreds of breast enhancement creams sold online and in the stores, each one claiming to provide miraculous results. Many of them are fake products that do nothing or just make your breasts swell and look bigger and fuller. However, there are some genuine products available too. It is difficult to differentiate the genuine products from the junk ones but, here are some of the top-rated breast enhancement creams sold on Amazon that you may try:

  • Naturaful: It is highly recommended for moms who want to improve their post-pregnancy body. Naturaful stimulates and replicates the natural growth of breasts cells, just as it happens during puberty.

Naturaful Breast Enhancement Cream

  • Breast Actives: It is also made of all natural ingredients. The kit includes a breast enhancement pill and a massage cream. Both of them are totally safe for use. Other than these, the kit also includes a detailed exercising program designed to help you increase your bust size.

Breast Actives

  • Total Curve:  It also contains a pill and a lifting and firming gel. The pill contains phytoestrogens and the massage gel contains volufiline, a chemical which is very similar to voluplus. Total Curve has been tested on human beings and has been found to be an effective and safe alternative to surgery.

Total Curve Breast Enhancement Cream

Breast Enhancement Pills to Consider

Just like creams, there are hundreds of breast enhancement pills too, so it is easy for you to get lost in the sea of broken promises. Thankfully, some of them do work. The pills usually need to be taken twice daily. Some of the top-rated pills that you may consider are:

All of these are made of natural ingredients such as blessed thistle, fennel seeds, fenugreek extract, etc. These herbs are rich in phytoestrogen, an estrogen that is found in plants and, when taken, it can simulate the normally occurring estrogen in the female body, thereby promoting the growth of breast cells naturally. When buying any such pills, make sure you buy the one that is FDA approved. If you are below 18 years age, you must not take these pills and must let your body take its natural course of action. Further, if you are on medication, you should consult your doctor before taking these supplements.

Our team has done a lot of research to ensure that we list only the top-rated products, so you don’t have to do much homework. However, we do not guarantee the effectiveness or authenticity of these products. So, we suggest that you must check out these brands and read the testimonials thoroughly to ensure that you buy the right product suitable for you. Keep reading our blog or more helpful information.

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