Large Breast Implants: Important Things to Know Before Large Breast Augmentation

Many women desire to add a liberal amount of volume and curve to their breast – large breast implants are a way to achieve this!

As large breast implants can be of different sizes, each such implant can bring a totally different look, as it gets paired with a specific type of body. Thus, it is critical to select the right size after considering different facts. For best results with your big breast implants, it is recommended to consult a breast augmentation surgeon and consider various health aspects before going for the procedure.

What Is Considered A Large or Extra-Large Breast Implant?

Women who wish to have large breasts or those who look forward to extra-large breast augmentation can make a choice from 800cc to 900 cc size implants. Some women even ask about 1000cc implants for a bigger size. If you are also looking for a big impact, ensure that your surgeon is experienced with large size breast implants and your frame looks proportionate enough. Surgeons who are experienced with big breast implants, should be able to provide photographs that display ‘before and after results. When women get to see the photographs, they can visualize how the implants look like when in place and can decide.

Is It Possible to Achieve Large or Extra-Large Breasts with One Surgery?

Through the process of breast augmentation and lift, it is possible to get large breasts with one surgery. This surgery helps in increasing the breast size with increase in volume and fullness. The breast gets an improved contour and also a youthful position.

Should the Big Breast Implant Be Placed Under Or Over the Muscle?

There are two techniques of placing the breast implants. In one method the implant is placed under and in the other the implant is placed over the muscle. During your appointment, your surgeon will carry out a detailed analysis of your health and then suggest the right procedure. Women need to remember that both the methods have their set of advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a brief description of the two processes:

Over the Muscle Placement

Over the Muscle Placement

Over the Muscle placement is also known as the sub-landular technique. Here the implant gets placed just between the chest muscle and breast tissue. There are many advantages of this procedure. The primary being the procedure is easier and considered to be less invasive. The recovery time is low.

Through this breast augmentation procedure greater cleavage is created as the implants lie close to one another. In this process, large implants are used which depends on the soft tissue of the breast. However, in this process the results are not nature. There is a higher risk of visible rippling. There is more mammogram distortion. The capsule contracture is high as well. There is a risk of the large implant bottoming out too.

Under the Muscle Placement

Under the muscle placement is known as sub muscular placement. This is a technique through which the big breast implants are placed just under the pectoralis chest muscles. Just as in case of different techniques, this method too has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The results through this look natural. The implants are well covered with pectoral muscles and breast tissue. It also reduces all risk of visible rippling.

This breast augmentation procedure is considered to be quite a safe method for those who desire concurrent breast lifts. This is also the right technique for those who need a lift in the future, so that the blood flow to the nipples can be preserved. Many women are unhappy about the fact that the breasts seem to sit quite high and this is till the muscles relax completely.

Thus, your Doctor will be able to suggest the right kind of implant for you and you can be assured that he will suggest whatever is best for you.

What Is the Possible Large Breast Implant Related Complications?

It is true that extra large breast augmentation can cause negativity and complications in the long run. They often cause health risks in the form of:

  • Difficulty in jogging or walking quickly due to big breast implants
  • Due to additional weight, bra straps can even create grove into the shoulders. Usually the standard bras are not made to support so much weight.
  • Patient suffers from neck and back pain as there are extra weight due to the extra-large implants
  • With time, the implants might increase in size. The tissue gets stretch for better accommodation. This often leads to the appearances of ripples and wrinkles.
  • Implants placed during breast augmentation procedure might not last for more than 10 or 15 years. Thus, women need to be prepared for one more breast augmentation surgery.

Women who wish to avoid complications and desire breast implantation without surgery, can purchase some highly-effective products which can help them to increase their breast size. Specially formulated creams help in achieving fuller breasts without additional complexities.

What Is the Largest Size of Breast implants?

It is known that any implant which is 700cc and over is said to be extra large and probably the largest size. However, a lot depends on the physique of the lady which are considered.

Large Breast Implants – How Big Is Too Big?

If you have a secret desire for a big implant, you need to consider a few facts which help in determining if an implant of a certain size is too big or not. So, how big is too big?

The answer to this question is dependent on your body. A woman who is 5’2’’ tall with a weight of 98 lb might look extremely large in a certain size of implant. However, the same size might look small for a lady who is 6’2’’ and of 190 lb. Thus, as a thumb rule, women should choose an implant which is proportionate to the body. It is known that any implant which is 700 cc and above is too big.

Large Breast Implants Risks

Large Breast Implants’ Risks: 5 Warnings from Surgeons

Surgeons often mention about risks associated with large breast implants. Some of the most common risks are:

  • Moderate to Severe Neck and Back Pain – It is known 454 cc of implant is almost equal to one 1lb weight. With two implants of 700cc, the additional weight on neck and the back is 3 lbs. Though, 3 lb might not appear to be a lot, when your neck and back need to carry the weight, it will bring in undue pressure.
  • Nipple Numbness – Since the large or extra-large breast implants tend to protrude, it might create a lot of pressure on the nerves of the nipples. With continuous pressure, they tend to get numb.
  • Breast Firming – Patients who have tried extra-large implants have complained that the breasts do not feel natural. They have an annoying extra firmness which can be quite disappointing at times.
  • Droopiness and Thinning Skin – Our skin is not made to be stretched for a prolonged period and this is what happens with extra-large implants. The skin gets translucent and many times the implant can be seen also. With time women often notice that their breasts are drooping as well. This means there might be a need for breast lift at this stage.
  • Stretch Marks – The skin gets stretched when large implants are placed. As a result, stretch marks start appearing which are irreversible.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Large Implants

If you are planning to get extra-large breast implants done, think a bit for yourself! You are definitely going to draw the attention, you have been craving for, but you are also about to put a lot of stress on your body. It is necessary to know about all the benefits and drawbacks of getting large implants.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Large Implants


  • They help to enhance the breast size; thus, patients get what they desire.
  • With large breast implants, patients get better body proportions
  • Helps patients to feel confident


There are many drawbacks of large or extra-large breast implants. Some of the many problems which women might face include:

  • Too much attention – This is the biggest drawback of getting extra-large implants or large breast augmentation.
  • It is going to draw the attention of people. Initially this might be appreciated but this additional attention and comments might be undesirable.
  • Excessive strain – Breast augmentation with large implants put excessive strain on body. Women are forced to limit their involvement in many physical activities. They experience pain in the shoulders, neck and back muscles.
  • Complications during surgery – It is known that large breast augmentation carries plenty of risk. Complications can arise in the form of thinning of breast tissues, capsular contracture or bottoming out.

Large Breast Augmentation

Large Breast Augmentation FAQs

  • How many women with breast implants choose too large of size?

Though many women seek breast implants, a small fraction of them choose to have large breast augmentation. It is vital that women understand all pros and cons of large implants before going for the procedure.

  • What is the recovery time of large breast implant?

In the first two weeks of breast augmentation large size, you will be experience moderate range of pain. The pain can be easily controlled by medication. Slowly after two weeks, you will start feeling better. Getting adequate rest and being free from stress will help in quick recovery.

  • Do large size implants settle after a period?

Usually after some time, the swelling reduces. The tissues also loosen. The implant starts exerting on the underlying tissues. Soon the large implants settle and get an aesthetically good position and women get the desired breast size. Breasts look large and appear closer.

  • How much do large breast implants cost?

During your consultation, your doctor can provide you a complete analysis of costs. Depending on your implant size or according to the extra-large breast augmentation surgery you will have to make the payment.


A lot depends on the choice of breast implant size. Women should strive to get proportionate results and not just go for large breast augmentation. It needs to be remembered that large size implants might lead to complications right after the surgery. Get advice from your surgeon and go ahead with the breast augmentation procedure. You are definitely not going to regret your decision.

Last updated on December 17th, 2019

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