Round vs Teardrop Implants: Which Type Is Better for You?

If you have ever researched breast implant shapes, you know that deciding on the right kind of implant for you is quite complicated. If you are not a plastic surgeon, you are definitely not the right person to decide which type is better for you. A number of things need to be considered – these include brand size, implant shape and also placement options.

When discussing the specifics of the breast augmentation surgery, one common question which women have is – what is the main difference between teardrop implants and round implants?

Teardrop Implants

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In the past, round implants were the commonly used ones as they were easily accessible. In the recent years, teardrop implants became common and more and more surgeons started recommending these to their patients. With teardrop implants, the shape will not change – the gel is form-stable, so the shape is fixed.

First, let us understand the main difference between these implants and decide which type is good for you.

Teardrop Implants

Teardrop implants or anatomic implants are a smart option for women. This type of implant offers better control in getting the implants fitted, and takes into consideration the dimensions and implant shape. These implants are perfect for women who wish to emphasize a specific section of their breasts. These can be the upper pole or any other section.

Teardrop implants are said to be an advanced choice, helping women with better control of the breasts. The final results are certainly satisfying. Hundreds of women have used gummy bear implants or teardrop implants and are immensely happy with the final results.

Round Implants

A round breast implant is the most common type of implants – the preferred and widely accepted for breast augmentation. Round implants are quite like a compressed sphere. These are available in four different shapes. You can also choose between high projection ones and low projection ones.

High projection breast implants are those which project large bases and give more volume to the breasts. There are some women who look forward to greater fullness in the top section of the breasts. If you fall into this category, round implants are certainly a good choice.

Round Implants

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Others who look forward to a lift, more cleavage and also more fullness are recommended to choose round implants, as all these results are achieved with round implants. However, many women still feel that round implants are artificial and they need a teardrop implant as they believe it provides a more natural look. As the implant is round, it is quite symmetrical. Here, the implant rotation is never a problem. In addition, women can select the implant with a smooth surface or a textured one.

Round vs Teardrop Implants: Key Differences

So, what are the main difference between Round and Teardrop implants?

Round implants are usually smooth shell filled. They have fluid silicone gel or saline which flows quite freely. Teardrop implants are different as they have a thick silicone gel. The thick silicone gel is effective in holding on to the implant shape and giving a firm look. The chances of leakage are also minimal. Thus, it is one of the main reasons why this implant is referred to as ‘form stable’.

The difference between the two is quite apparent when the patient lies down or stands up. As the woman lies flat, the fluid tends to settle slowly throughout this outer shell. Thus, a round look is created and the woman gets rounded breasts. However, when a woman stands, the fluid slowly moves to the bottom. This creates a tear-drop shape and looks quite natural as well. However, in the case of teardrop implants, the shape doesn’t change due to the gel. This gel gives a stable and fixed shape to the breast, which doesn’t change with the movement or when the lady lies down or stands up.

Teardrop vs round breast implants

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Round vs teardrop implants – here are some more differences which are worth considering.

Body Type

Your surgeon determines the shape of the implant which will be right for you on the basis of your body type. Teardrop implants are recommended for women who have petite build. These women usually do not have a lot of breast tissue. Here, women get a natural shape and projection, which does not necessarily require an increase in volume. Thus, with such an implant size even slim women can achieve quite a natural look after the process.

Look and Feel

Tear shaped breast implants vs round – how are they different in terms of look and feel?

Round implants, as suggested by the name, have a round shape. They provide the breasts more cleavage and a good lift. Teardrop implants are available in oval-like shapes. Quite similar to a teardrop, these implants have a small look at the top. They tend to have more mass right at the bottom. Thus, they can emulate natural breasts quite easily.


Teardrop implants have an asymmetrical shape. They are quite risky and can also rotate within the pocket of the breast. Such an issue related to implant rotation often compromises with the symmetry and shape of breasts. Round implants are quite symmetrical and thus they do not have rotation related problems.


Teardrop vs round breast implants – there is a lot of difference in the cost of these implants, just as in case of implants of different shapes.

If we compare the costs, the teardrop implants are certainly more expensive than round implants. Besides, the surgical process which involves teardrop implants is time-consuming and complicated. Thus, it involves an experienced surgeon, which often adds to the cost. The surgical procedures for round implants are not as complicated and don’t require such high costs or expenses.


One more difference is related to their placement and the associated incisions for the purpose. The incision site is inframmamory as it involves a precise placement of the implant and reduces all chances of displacement. When compared to the round implant, the textured shell of a teardrop implant and the shape it needs calls for large size incisions. In simple words, it means that large incisions are needed to place a teardrop implant in the breast pocket. Thus, scarring is also quite noticeable.

Possible Complications

There might be a number of complications in both the processes, especially in the case of teardrop implants. To take care of rotation in the breast pockets, the teardrop implants are now available in rough surface or textured surface. Such a textured shell often causes the teardrop implant to wrinkle. This often leads to a possible rippling of an implant.  Also, textured implants have a risk associated with capsular contracture.


The teardrop implant requires a large incision and hence the associated scarring is also more noticeable when compared to round implants. In the case of a round implant, the incision is small in size. The scar that is left behind is smaller. Women  can expect the appearance of a natural breast after a few weeks when the recovery.

Which Implant Type Is Right for You

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Round vs Teardrop Implants: Which Implant Type Is Right for You?

There are actually no studies that reveal the superiority of teardrop implants over round implants or vice versa. However, some surgeons prefer smooth implants because of their soft feel. These implants also provide a natural feel.

In fact, round vs teardrop breast implants pictures are often helpful for women in deciding the kind of look they need after the surgery. When you visit the office of any cosmetic surgeon’s office you will be greeted with many teardrop vs round breast implants photos, which help women in understanding how they are going to look.

Women usually have several questions in mind for their surgeons.

One critical question is how their breasts will look after the augmentation? Women also need to consider their aesthetic priorities such as if they need natural-looking breasts, a fuller shaped breast or an ultra-enhanced look? Once all these are conveyed to the surgeon, it is easier to decide on the breast implant size and shape.

Teardrop implants are generally used in case of breast reconstruction as in most cases there is no breast tissue left after surgery. In many cases, where the breast augmentation patients look for muscle implant placement but have no or little breast tissue, teardrop-shaped implants are used.

However, the key goal of the breast augmentation surgery is to have natural looking breasts and not artificial-looking ones that draw unnecessary interest. The goal of every plastic surgeon is to enhance the dimension and shape of the breasts in such a way that a woman feels good, comfortable and her goals are fulfilled. The surgeon usually takes into consideration various factors and suggests a breast implant size and shape.

Teardrop vs Round Breast Implants: Photos

round vs teardrop breast implants pictures

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round vs teardrop breast implants photos

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Breast implants teardrop vs round

Breast implants teardrop vs round

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Teardrop Vs Round Breast Implants FAQs

Do teardrop implants rotate?

The teardrop implants are a good option for women who wish to have round breasts. These implants do not usually rotate because they have a gel filling inside, which offers great stability. If they rotate, the breasts get an irregular shape and your surgeon will have to surgically fix it again.

What’s better teardrop or round implants?

Both the implants come with their own set of benefits and problems. The cosmetic surgeon usually decides on the kind of implant you will need depending on your specific needs and body structure.

Which kind of implant – teardrop implant or round implant, will cause me fewer scars?

It is known that a teardrop implant causes more scars since the incision is larger in size for the implant. In the case of a round implant, the incision is smaller and hence the scarring is also lesser. However, even if there is some kind of scarring, it tends to get lesser with time.


To conclude the difference between teardrop vs round breast implants or what is the most common breast implant shape, it can be said that the best implant is often dependent on the specific needs of individual patients. The best way to decide on the right implant for you can be determined by discussing the desired outcomes with your cosmetic surgeon.

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