4 Types Of Breast Augmentation Techniques: Comparison

Breast augmentation is known to be one of the most common cosmetic surgical techniques not just in the US, but also around the globe. Every year thousands of women go through different types of breast augmentation surgeries to bring a change in their overall appearance and how they look. It is the way to feel confident and happy, after a complete change in their appearance.

There are many types of breast augmentation options for patients, which need to be selected very carefully after considering different facts. Every year, thousands of women choose one of these techniques to get their breast augmentation done in their chosen way. The technique is selected on the basis of the anatomy of the patient and outcome, while keeping in mind that the patient goes through minimal scarring.

Here are some of the most common types of breast augmentation surgeries, along with their many pros and cons. Such procedures are analyzed by the cosmetic surgeons, ensuring the goals and objectives of the women and their need based on the overall health of the women.

Inframammary Surgery

This is one of the primary breast augmentation techniques where the implant is placed in the inframammary crease. Here the surgeon makes the incision in or just next to inframammary crease. When the incision is just in the crease and under the breast, it reduces discreet scarring, which is one of the many concerns for women. As soon as the incision is made, the implant gets inserted in the right place. Thus, the milk ducts are bypassed, and no harm is caused to them.

Also, it is known that this kind of incision offers many more alternatives for placing the implants. Here the cosmetic surgeon can easily choose to have them inserted right above the chest muscles, or just a little below the chest muscles and at times totally below the chest muscles. If the implant gets totally covered by these muscles, it cannot be felt right under the skin when the breasts are touched.


  • The surgeon has greater control in placing the breast implant Thus, there is greater vision which ensures successful surgery.
  • It is possible to manipulate the breast tissue and chest muscles so that it can accommodate the implant.
  • There is a scope to use the saline breast implants and silicone breast implants
  • There are lesser known breast-feeding problems as the mammary glands are all unaffected and they remain untouched.
  • There are no risks related to the type of implant which doesn’t happen in other processes.
  • There is no risk for nipple sensitivity and the patient faces no problem later on.
  • The risk associated with capsular contracture is also less.
  • The natural cover of the breast covers any kind of scarring which might occur during the process.
  • The recovery time after the operation is a lot shorter when compared to different approaches.


  • These are made on the breast and can result in some type of scarring.
  • Many women have small breasts or very little natural breast fold. It such a situation, the plastic surgeon faces a lot of difficulty in placing the incision in an ideal place.

In spite of the problems, if you can consult an experienced or qualified surgeon, your problems can be overcome.


This cosmetic surgical technique is also known as nipple incision and quite popular in types of breast augmentation surgeries. Through this peri-areolar surgery, it is possible to allow sub-pectoral, sub-glandular or sub-muscular placement.

Here, the implant can be easily removed and also inserted through nipple incision, in case any kind of complication arises. The incision through this type of breast augmentation procedure is done just in the area where the dark areola meets the breast skin which is lighter. Thus, the single small scar gets to blend with the flesh pigment change. The woman doesn’t have to worry about tackling a lot of scarring tissue or how to get rid of the scars. The surgeon rolls the implant into a protective sleeve before it gets inserted. This is done so that any contact with bacteria is prevented which can lead to germ contamination right after the surgery. Once the placement is done, the surgeon removes the sleeve.

Inframammary Surgery


  • The surgeon gets the scope to see the incision point for creating a pocket for inserting the implant. Therefore, there is direct placement control when this technique is followed.
  • Shape and size of the areola can also be augmented in this process. Women who desire such changes can speak to their plastic surgeon.


  • There are breastfeeding related problems. Women are often advised not to breastfeed for a long time. Thus, women need to be aware of this.
  • There can also be change in nipple sensation. Many women complain about sensitivity or itching tendency which tends to increase with time.


This is a kind of incision which is just perfect for patients who do not want scarring. In this type of breast augmentation procedure, the incision doesn’t leave much of scarring. The incision is usually made right under the fold of armpit. There is also a channel which goes to the breast which is cut from the position. Once the channel is cut, a small pocket space is created right behind the breast. Here the implant gets inserted through incision. It gets pushed in the breast using the channel that connects the two.


  • The look of the breast remains natural. It looks untouched.
  • The mammary glands do not face any kind of damage or risk. Thus, the process is quite recommended for women who are planning for children.


  • The risk of infections is high. Since the implant is placed right through the armpit, there is a greater risk for capsular contracture.
  • The complications are quite high with a risk of implant malposition.
  • Scars are not totally gone. They are visible when the lady lifts her arms


A trans-umbilical breast augmentation refers to breast prosthesis insertion technique, where the incision is done at the navel or umbilicus. This facilitates emplacing the breast prosthesis to pocket. In simple words, this is a technique by which inflatable breast implants are inserted through an incision in the navel. Such a process is known to add a completely new dimension to the breast augmentation surgery. The surgeon works to fill the implant just before the incision is closed. This is generally done with the help of fill tube which gets moving through the tunnel.

Through this process, no visible scars are produced on the hemisphere of the breast. The procedure is usually performed quite bluntly. There is no need for endoscopic assistance. Once the surgeon is assured that all is fine, the incision is immediately closed.


  • The scar is on a remote location or the navel
  • The time taken for the surgery is less compared to other methods
  • The patient satisfaction rate is quite high


  • The process is known to have less precision.
  • There is a requirement for inflatable implants.
  • The procedure can be used only for sub-muscular or sub-pectoral muscle placement.
  • If there are future surgeries or if there are complications, the problem has to be addressed with completely different incision.
  • Many plastic surgeons do not take the initiative to perform this surgery due to the complexities involved. Different equipment is used which includes surgical retractors and disposable medical devices for the purpose. The chances of mistake in such a surgery are quite high since the distance of the implant from the breast is quite a lot.

Types Of Breast Augmentation Techniques FAQs

  • What are the different types of breast augmentation?

There are different types of breast augmentation techniques which include inflammatory, peri-areolar, trans-axillary and trans umbilical.

  • Which kind of breast augmentation will not damage the mammary glands?

When breast augmentation is done using the trans-axillary method, it does not cause any damage to the mammary glands.

  • Will my physical activities be affected after breast augmentation?

It is quite unlikely that you might experience long term changes in your physical functioning. However, a lot depends on the size of implant and cosmetic surgical technique used. However, majority of the women do not face any problem after breast augmentation.

  • When can I start driving after breast augmentation?

Women can start driving after a week of their surgery. However, it needs to be ensured that you did not take any medications for pain.


Women who are looking forward to increasing the size of one of their breasts or both the breasts, need to get in touch with experienced plastic surgeons. Breast augmentation helps in correcting the breast size and corrects the difference in breast size. Women who look forward to have larger breasts for psychological or maybe personal reasons are just the perfect conditions for breast augmentation.

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Last updated on December 17th, 2019

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