Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical Review

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This Cubii Elliptical has all of the features that make it a convenient, easy and low-impact way to channel your energy and stay physically active throughout the day. Its ergonomic design, advanced tech features, and compact size will make exercising more easy, comfortable, and accessible for people who experience issues with limited time, mobility, and motivation.

Our Rating: 9.2/10

Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical Review
5.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
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Overview & Ratings

Exercise is important in staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle. But what if you’re a workaholic who doesn’t have time for a full body workout, you’re suffering from joint paints that stop you from putting pressure on your body, or you just hate working out at the gym?

Something that you might want to check out is a mini elliptical – particularly the Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical. Under-desk exercise machines allow users to reap the benefits of working out while sitting. Whether you’re working in the office or relaxing at home, with this exercise machine you’ll be able to work out without having to stand up or even think about it.

Cubii Reviews are high due to the ergonomic design, so you won’t have to worry about hitting your knees when pedalling under the desk. It’s small and compact and will fit right under your desk. It is the only Bluetooth desk elliptical on the market, so you can track your workout data on the mobile app or sync your workouts to FitBit and HealthKit apps. With its whisper quiet operation you can use the Cubii Pro at home or in the office without disturbing others around you. It’s a great way to get in shape without making a huge lifestyle change.

Based on our extensive analysis, we rated this product 9.2/10 and you will see why further in this Cubii Review.     

To find out more about the product and the range of features it offers, make sure to check out the following video: Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical Video.

Features and Specs



  • Product Size: 23 x 11 x 9 inches
  • Assembled Product Weight: 27lbs
  • Shipping Product Weight: 33.8lbs


The Cubii Elliptical comes with many impressive features that make it a modern and convenient way to work out and get in better shape, without making a drastic change. You will benefit from the following features:

  • 8 Levels of Resistance

    This elliptical has 8 different levels of resistance that users can select from to determine their workout intensity, 1 being the lowest and 8 being the highest.

  • Display Monitor

    The Cubii Pro has a built-in monitor that enables users to track their progress, displaying workout data such as calories burned, minutes, RPM, strides, and miles.

  • Bluetooth Enabled

    This elliptical is Bluetooth enabled, which allows users to connect to the mobile app via IOS or Android and track their workout data, share their progress, or compete with others for that extra motivation.

  • Links with FitBit and HealthKit

    Users can also connect to and sync their workouts with FitBit and HealthKit to track their steps.

  • Inclined Pedals

    The pedals are inclined at an angle to prevent users from hitting their knees against their desks as they exercise.

  • Sturdy Design

    This elliptical is well-designed, strong and sturdy, so you shouldn’t worry about it sliding around while you are pedalling. It is stable and will stay in place.

  • Warranty

    The Cubii Desk Elliptical is protected by a 1-year warranty.

  • Shipping & Assembly

    Retailers offer free shipping for customers throughout the United States. Customers in Canada must pay a shipping fee.
    With a 3-5 minute assembly process, setting up will be easy and quick. Everything that you need will come with the elliptical.

Our Likes

There are many things to like about this Cubii Desk Elliptical. Designed to get people to be more physically active in a way that’s easy on the body, doesn’t require a separate time commitment, and can be done while multitasking, the Cubii Pro will help you become more healthy and fit.

Our Dislikes

Although Cubii Under Desk Elliptical Reviews remain largely positive, there are a couple of factors that you should take into consideration prior to making a purchase.

  • While the Cubii Pro is compact, sturdy, and ergonomically designed, some users did report not having the space to fit the exercise machine under their desk or be able to use it comfortably. If that is the case with you, then you may need to purchase a taller desk or search for a more compact elliptical machine. To prevent this issue from occurring, it is advisable that you measure the dimensions of your desk and compare it to those of the Cubii to make sure it is a good fit before you make a purchase. The Cubii Pro is, however, one of the most compact under desk ellipticals in the market. Based on Cubii Elliptical Reviews the majority of users were able to fit the machine under their desks and pedal without hurting their knees.

  • Another factor that you may want to consider is that the Cubii Pro can only be used from a sitting position. That means that you won’t be able to stand up and engage your whole body while working out with the Cubii in the same way that you would using a full-sized elliptical. What makes this elliptical special, however, is the ability to burn calories, tone and strengthen muscles, and improve your overall health without even having to stand up.

Our Verdict

With the Cubii Under Desk Elliptical, you will no longer have to worry about finding the time or motivation to head to the gym. Using this elliptical is an excellent way to get physical activity in an easy, convenient, and realistic manner. It’s low-impact and easy on your body, which makes this especially great for people with mobility issues.

This product is easy to assemble and customer service is very helpful when answering and addressing user questions and concerns. The Cubii is ergonomically designed and comfortable for people to use when sitting for long periods of time. The only elliptical that connects to Bluetooth, you will be able to track your workout data, review your progress, and share it with others to experience increased motivation and a stronger sense of community. Also check out Best Elliptical Machine Reviews 2018.

Cubii has created a great way for people to improve their health without making a drastic lifestyle change. Cubii Reviews are high as users can experience the many benefits of exercising without ever going to the gym. These include improved mood, higher energy levels, stronger mental focus, lower stress levels, improved posture, weight loss, and toned muscles. Concluding this Cubii Review, we give the Pro Elliptical a final score of 9.2/10.

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Question & Answers

  • Q. Will I hit my knees if I use the elliptical under my desk?

    A. No. The pedals are ergonomically designed, inclined at an angle that will give you a lot of space and will prevent you from hitting the desk. Just make sure to check the dimensions to confirm that it will fit under your desk.

  • Q. Is the machine loud? Can I Buy Cubii for the office without disturbing my coworkers?

    A. The machine operates very quietly. You can use it while working in the office or at home without disturbing those around you.

  • Q. I was reading Cubii reviews and couldn’t find a clear answer – is there a user weight limit?

    A. The weight limit on the pedals is 250lbs. This weight refers to the weight of your legs – not your overall body weight.

  • Q. Will I lose weight using this elliptical?

    A. If you exercise for sufficient periods of time, you will burn calories and therefore the Cubii Pro should help you lose weight.

  • Q. Will I be able to use the Cubii while standing up, or only when sitting?

    A. This Cubii Elliptical is designed for users to use only from a sitting position.

  • Q. Which muscles will this target?

    A. This elliptical will engage your calves, glutes, quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, and core muscles.

User Reviews Write a Review

Very high quality

On my first day of using Cubii I started with pedalling for 50 minutes, and now 5 weeks later I am doing 500 minutes a day. I keep it under my desk and pedal while I work and track my daily progress. I see a huge improvement in my ability to walk distances, I have lost weight, and my knees no longer hurt!
- Greg B.

A quality product

Pedalling during work allows me to stay focused on the task at hand and complete it, rather than fidgeting around. My energy levels have increased and my step count on FitBit has doubled. This would be great for those who work at a desk and for students.
- Kim

Highly recommend this

I have been using the Cubii while I work and it has made a huge difference in my physical health, how I feel, and my energy levels. I have also lost a few pounds. I would highly recommend this to anyone who would like to get more physical activity.
- Sherri

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