Horizon Fitness EX 59 Elliptical Review

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We’ve made it incredibly easy to learn everything you need to know about the great elliptical trainer. We’ve done all the work, so you don’t have to! Check out our short and concise list of features and specifications below.

Our Rating: 9.0/10

Horizon Fitness EX 59 Elliptical Review
4.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 4 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
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Overview & Ratings

The Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer is one of the best ellipticals in its class. With a six-star certification, it promises superior quality and performance. The Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer has plenty of useful features and superior design functionality. Horizon fitness really thought of the user when designing this bike. It operates extremely smoothly and quietly. The Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer also provides for natural motion with the strategic placement of its components such as the pedals and handle bars. The Horizon Fitness Elliptical also has other ergonomic features which will make using the bike very comfortable. We rate the Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer a 9/10. Apart from other Horizon EX 59 Elliptical reviews, this review will outline the features of this elliptical and provide our likes and dislikes. Due to extensive biomechanics research and beta testing with users, the manufacturer, Horizon has created the ultimate home elliptical.

Check out this video to see a brief overview of the machine!

Features and Specs



  • Dimensions: The Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer is 68” in length, 25” in width, and 64” in height, once assembled. The Horizon Fitness Elliptical can accommodate a user weight up to 300 pounds. The elliptical itself weighs 145 pounds.


The Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer has several fantastic features. These features are what make the Horizon Fitness Elliptical stand out. In comparison to other ellipticals, the Horizon Fitness EX 59 Elliptical is extremely user-friendly, and designed for maximum comfort but still high performance. The features will be outlined in further detail below.

  • Useful Digital Console and Features

    The Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer features many great additions in terms of its digital console. The LCD digital display is 4.5”. It includes a variety of different workout programs guaranteed to help keep you challenged and engaged. There are ten programming options that include three targets (time, calories, distance), 3 “types” of workouts (weight loss, hills, reverse train), and one custom program. A few examples of the types of workout programs available on the Horizon Fitness Elliptical are: calorie goal-oriented, intervals, manual, weight loss, reverse train, and rolling hills. The digital display also shows users information about calories burned, distance run, as well as heart rate, time, speed, and watts.

  • Comfortable, Ergonomic Design

    The Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer is great because it operates so smoothly. Users can enjoy a low-impact cardio workout with strong yet very fluid motion. The Horizon Fitness Elliptical has a heavy duty, strong flywheel which means that it's easier to pedal smoothly with more power, and thus have effective workouts.

    The Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer was designed with the user in mind. This elliptical features low-height pedals that make it easier for users to get on or off the bike. The placement of the pedals is strategic as well. They are very close to the body of the elliptical, with no distance in between, to help replicate natural movement and the natural body position. This helps decrease strain on users' hips and backs. Users can easily get on or off the bike from the back as well. Due to these ergonomic features, the Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer can accommodate a wider range of users more comfortably while ensuring safe and effective workouts.

  • Six Star Certification

    Horizon Fitness applied the knowledge they learned through extensive research. There are six key effective elements that make a difference in how natural the elliptical feels and how smooth it operates. There is a ZEROgap element that keeps the pedal in a position with no distance between them, to reduce stress on the feet and hips. The next element is StraightUP to help users with body posture. In addition, the Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer has a low step-on design feature, making it easier to get on and get off. There is also an 18-inch FLATellipse footpath that follows a natural path. Overall it reduces fatigue in the body which means workouts will be even more comfortable and easy.

  • Additional Features & Functions

    The Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer has ten different levels of magnetic resistance. The frame is a SixStar™ frame made with Jonson Exclusive Technologies, while the flywheel is a heavy-duty 14.3 pounds. In addition, there are several comfort features including built-in speakers, a magazine or electronic device rack, fan and a water bottle holder. There is also an MP3 input and headphone output for the built-in speakers which are Surround Sound.

  • Warranty

    The Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame. A 20-year warranty on the brake, and one year for parts and labour.

  • Shipping & Assembly

    The Horizon Fitness Elliptical will be delivered in two separate cartons/boxes. The dimensions of the first box are: 41” L x 35” W x 16” H. The dimensions of the second box are: 46” L x 21” W x 13” H. The first box will weigh 132 pounds, meanwhile the second box will weigh 55 pounds.

    Make sure you have extra grease on hand in case the Horizon Fitness Elliptical starts squeaking during assembly. The squeaking only results from improperly assembling the parts which can happen if you’re not careful.

Our Likes

The Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer is a great option for a fully-loaded elliptical that is well priced. The Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer would be a great investment because it’s easy to use and it is a great value

Our Dislikes

Once assembled, the Horizon Fitness Elliptical is quite wide. It is a touch wider than the average interior door. Combine that with making turns when moving it from room to room, it is tricky to transport. This means that if your interior doors are too small, you may actually have to disassemble it in order to move it. Our recommendation is to double check measurements for the Horizon Fitness Elliptical and then assemble it in the room you most likely will use it in.

  • The heart rate monitoring feature for the Horizon Fitness Elliptical is the same as most other ellipticals and gym equipment. It uses grip sensors placed on the machine’s handlebars to measure the user’s heart rate. While this method is not considered extremely accurate, more accurate readings are only possible through wireless sensors that will end up costing a lot more. So, for the Horizon Fitness Elliptical’s basic purpose, the grip sensors are more than enough as an added feature.

Our Verdict

The Horizon Fitness Elliptical is a very reasonably-priced elliptical, compact and simple, yet robust enough to meet the needs of anyone who wants a good low-impact workout. The great thing about the Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer is that is comes with many new upgraded features yet is considerably lower in cost in comparison to other ellipticals that are similarly or higher priced. It operates a lot smoother than competitor ellipticals and comes with a great warranty. The manufacturer, Horizon Fitness, is an industry leader which means you can put your trust in the quality, reliability, and performance of their machines. Also check out Best Elliptical Machine Reviews 2018.

Price & Shop

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*The Horizon Fitness Elliptical is priced at $ and can be purchased either on Amazon or on Horizon Fitness’ website. Shipping is free from Horizon Fitness. They will bring the boxes to the first ground-level door of your home. Shipping takes about 6-9 business days. The shipping company will call ahead of time first to schedule a delivery date. Lastly, delivery of the elliptical will be during business hours which is weekdays, 9am – 5pm.

Question & Answers

  • Q. Can you pedal backwards on the Horizon Fitness Elliptical?

    A. Yes

  • Q. How accurate are the telemetry readings such as calories burned and distance?

    A. The Horizon Fitness Elliptical uses modern technology, but since you can’t input your weight or too many pieces of other specific user information (or have them measured/monitored), the reading is just an approximate number.

  • Q. How long does it take to assemble the Horizon Elliptical EX 59?

    A. It is actually pretty simple and easy! On average, about 1-2 hours.

  • Q. Does the Horizon Fitness Elliptical fold? How easy is it to transport?

    A. No, it doesn’t fold. However, its quite compact and not too big, so really easy to move around!

  • Q. Does it come with an AC adapter?

    A. Yes, it already comes with one.

  • Q. Does the Horizon Fitness Elliptical make you re-enter your information each time?

    A. Yes. Unfortunately, you can’t save your user info.

User Reviews Write a Review

Stable and strong

This machine is so reasonably priced and works very smoothly! It is stable and strong. The fan works very well and is super helpful.
- David J.

An amazing elliptical

Very satisfied with my purchase! The Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer is an amazing elliptical. You get immense value because the price is amazing for the quality! I didn’t realize you would have to assemble it, but assembly is very easy. It takes less than an hour. Overall, the Horizon Fitness EX 59 02 Elliptical Trainer works well for the purpose it’s designed for and runs very smoothly. Shipping was free too!
- Tracy G.

Great quality with a great price

I did so much research over several months. I compared different models and read numerous Horizon EX 59 Elliptical reviews. The best Horizon EX 59 reviews did not lead me astray! This elliptical is great quality with a great price. It is sturdily built and runs very quietly and smoothly. Even the shipping process, the Horizon EX 59 Elliptical manual, and the assembly process were well past my expectations!
- John D.

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