Precor UBK 835 Commercial Series Upright Exercise Bike Review

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If you want to get a great low-impact cardio workout or add a comprehensive piece of equipment to your fitness regime then a Precor Spin Bike is for you. The Precor UBK 835 is the choice of gyms and fitness centers around the world. This commercial quality piece of exercise equipment has a huge variety of programs and features. The Precor Exercise Bike has been designed to be comfortable and effective for everyone who has the chance to get on a ride with this amazing machine.

Our Rating: 9.1/10

Precor UBK 835 Commercial Series Upright Exercise Bike Review
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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
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Overview & Ratings

The Precor UBK 835 Commercial Series Upright Exercise Bike is an exercise machine that will not only meet your needs but exceed them. This unit was designed to take the wear and tear of a local gym or fitness center. This means you are not going to wear this machine out, it can take the everyday, all day use that gyms can dish out. With a long list of features and just about every bell and whistle you can think of, this machine is a solid machine that will last you for a long time. That is why it has a rating of 9.1, this kind of quality is just not something that you find all the time. Check out a short video of the Precor bike here.

Features and Specs



  • Dimensions: When the Precor Stationary Bike is shipped out it travels at 219 pounds, and the packaging is 75 inches long, 28 inches wide and 57 inches high. This makes for a fairly large package, so be sure to have help to get to the place that you want to assemble the Precor Cycle at. Once completely assembled the Precor Spin Bike Reviews show that it will be 67 inches long, 23 inches wide and 50 inches tall. These dimensions go with the assembled weight of 210 pounds.


The Precor Bike design is one that focuses on the ergonomics that the user experiences while using the equipment. The seat is angled to provide all the correct angles so leg movement is smooth and without resistance. All the controls are positioned so that everything can be reached easily and the angles are designed for the best viewing of the display screen and built in reading rack. Comfort, easy of motion, no awkward angles to hurt your joints, the Precor Spin Bike really does provide a fantastic ergonomic experience.

  • Biomechanical Optimization

    Knee over Pedal Spindle design is the key for all the Precor Stationary Bike products. The seat has built in a design feature that ensures that the rider is always in the optimal position for pedalling. This means the user has an efficient pedal stroke and this reduces the force in the knee. All this is made possible by having the users knee on the forward leg directly over the ball of the foot on the same leg while the pedals are in a horizontal position. Sounds complicated, but simply put, this is why you can pedal the Precor Upright Bike all day and not have any pain in your knees.

  • Pre-set Programs

    Precor Cycle gave an amazing variety of options when it comes to what type of workouts you can choose from. This is not a machine that only does one or two things well, meaning you will be able to add a great deal of variety to your workouts. This will keep things fresh and new and challenge you to always push your limits. It will take you a long time using the Precor Exercise Bike before you will be able to use all the different setting such as; Cross Country, Custom Resistance, Intervals, Hear Rate Fitness, Hill Climbs, 3 Different Weight Loss Settings and more.

  • Comprehensive Display Electronics

    Not only are the displays on the Precor Upright Bike large and well positioned for easy viewing and use, they will provide you with up to the minute information in every form you could possibly want. Since the Precor UBK 835 is a commercial grade machine, it only makes sense that it would come with a fitness center level display. Some of the information you can have to monitor include; Resistance Levels, RPM, Heart Rate, multiple Time readings (Elapsed, Remaining, Segments, Zones and more), multiple other measurements as well. Precor Exercise Bike has even given you the ability to look at Workout Profiles and Summaries of the workouts as you complete them. Why do we love this? Precor Spin Bike is made this way because they want you to not only get a good workout, but to know how to continue to make your workouts even better.

  • Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring

    You can keep a close watch on your heart rate with the Precor Bike as you can use the touch sensors in the handles or connect a chest strap (not included) for an even more exact measurement. The touch handles are conveniently at the user’s side when positioned in the seat so that you can be sure to have consistent contact all while not interfering with the motion needed for pedaling. The chest harness option allows users to get integrated telemetry readings from any Polar compatible transmitter chest strap working on a 5 KHz system. Everyone knows that effective workouts mean watching your heart rate closely and keeping things in very specific ranges and Precor Spin Bike makes this precision possible.

  • Reading Rack

    Lets face it, no one likes working out with nothing to read. Precor Spin Bike Reviews show that this is covered too. Not to forget able simple comforts, Precor Bikes have worked in a reading rack that will allow you to keep up to date on your latest magazines, books and other information while pedalling. The reading rack is well positioned for easy viewing and simple page turning when the time comes. If you are going to be pedalling for extended periods of time it is often a great idea to catch up on your reading while doing it. Precor Cycle made sure that this is possible for their users.

  • Warranty

    The Precor Upright Bikes have lifetime warranties on the frame and all welding that the machine has. There is also either a 5-year or 10-year warranty on part and areas of the machine that are subject to wear. That is not all, Precor Stationary Bikes also offer a 1-year warranty on labor as well, making this warranty one of the most comprehensive in the industry. While the Precor Bike is a commercial grade fitness equipment piece, they know that you may want your home to be just as good as your local fitness center. That is why the commercial warranty has parts that extend to a home-based owner. Be sure to check the manufacturers website for all the details.

  • Shipping and Assembly

    When the Precor Stationary Bike packaging arrives, it will be in two separate boxes and on a wooden pallet, according to the manufacture website. The option to have the unit delivered and assembled means that the end user can often times skip the hassle of moving large boxes and even having to assemble at all. Once on the Precor Cycle website you can click the link to view where the shipping will go to, and it clearly marks out the cost of shipping at that time as well.
    Know that the Precor Exercise Bike will arrive partially assembled, and the console will ship in a box of its own. The assembly is able to be done by the end user, but the manufacturer suggests that purchasers opt to have delivery and assembling completed by their service centers. That being said, several reviews mentioned that the assembly was not difficult, but that the instructions must be followed carefully to be sure that each step is done correctly.

Our Likes

The fact that you can adjust your Precor Upright Bike in so many different ways really adds to the variety what you can do for exercise. You have a choice of 25 resistance levels and that is amazing, you will never find a workout too hard or too easy. You will always be able to challenge yourself at just the right level every time. Along with the resistance levels is a choice between 6 different pre-set workouts as well. This means as you start to pick your workouts, and then set your resistance levels you actually have 150 totally different setting to choose from. Precor Spin Bikes have provided the user with a wealth of options to get started on a fitness journey, but to also push that journey even farther.

Our Dislikes

With a machine that offers so much like a Precor Upright Bike does it is really difficult to find things that are dislikes.

  • One area is the seat. Since the Precor Spin Bike is a commercial quality piece of exercise equipment the seat is not padded. This makes sense as in a gym you need to be able to sanitize the equipment between each and every user and little more effectively. At home, if you are the only one using the machine you might want to trade some cleanability for a little more padding.

  • The other drawback is just the sheer size of the boxes being delivered. It is a difficult task at times to find people to help you move 200+ pounds when you need to. Thankfully Precor Cycle does provide an option to have the machine delivered and assembled in your home.

Our Verdict

While the price the higher than many of the home exercise equipment on the market, the Precor Bike unit is a commercial grade product. The sheer number of features and the quality found in the Precor Exercise Bike make it worth every single dime that you spend on this machine. If you are looking to take your cardio exercise to the new level and really focus in on getting result, then look no further, you have found the machine for you. Get a Precor Stationary Bike, you will not find a better machine on the market. Also check out Best Exercise Bike Reviews – Stationary Upright Exercise Bike 2018.

Price & Shop

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*The Precor Cycle website lists the bike at and has a clear outline on shipping costs and the area that the unit can be shipped to. On the Precor Spin Bike website you can also find a list of stores that retail the Precor Bike, or even a toll-free phone number that will get you connected to the Precor Stationary Bike customer service team.

Question & Answers

  • Q. Do the Precor Spin Bikes have wheels to move them around?

    A. The Precor Exercise Bikes do have wheels on one end. This allows you to move the unit around without having to lift the entire machine to do it.

  • Q. Can the pedals be changed with normal bike pedals?

    A. Yes, the 170 mm crank arm has been designed for the Precor Upright Bikes to let you switch out any standard road or mountain bike pedals.

  • Q. What is the rider weight limit?

    A. The manufacturer lists the Precor Bikes as accommodating riders up to 350 pounds.

  • Q. Can the electronic display be changed to either metric or imperial measurements? Does the Precor Cycle have more than one language available to be displayed?

    A. Precor Bike have programmed both metric and imperial into the digital displays to help you keep track of things in your preferred measurement. Added to this is the ability to have any of the following languages as well; English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian, Italian or German. Talk about giving the consumer choices.

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Very solid Upright Bike!

The Precor bike gives a fantastic workout. Easy to get started on a program of your choice. It is easy to adjust.
- David E

Makes workouts enjoyable

Great recumbent bike. You put in your information and it gives a work out for you and shows heart rate also. Comfortable smooth ride. Highly recommend.
- Sylvia S

Excellent stationary bike

This is a great product. Runs on batteries, so it can go anywhere. Got one after using it at the community center.
- Mark Zielinski

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