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Online Doctors, Virtual Health & Prescriptions in Canada

Skip the waiting room! Instantly connect with Canadian doctors for medical care from your phone, tablet or computer - 24/7

24/7 Online Doctors, Virtual Health & Prescriptions in Canada

Maple is a virtual healthcare platform that provides non-emergency healthcare services 24/7. It has a team of qualified and board-certified doctors ready to help you. You can speak to one of the doctors at any time without walking into a clinic.

If you’re feeling unwell but are skeptical about visiting a clinic or hospital, Maple is a solid pick. It offers a vast range of healthcare services, such as diagnosis, prescriptions, and lab referrals. All you need is a computer or mobile device connected to the internet.

How It Works

Register, log in, enter your symptoms and wait for a few minutes.

Maple will match you with a doctor. You can start a chat or a video call directly.

The doctor will assess you, provide a diagnosis, and fax your prescription to a pharmacy.

Maple's doctors can also provide a digital sick note for school or work for short absences.



What Maple doctors can do for you

1. Reliable Medical Advice

When you enter your symptoms in the Maple App, it matches you with the right health practitioner within two minutes. You’ll receive immediate help and advice regarding your health condition. So, you can quickly get back to your daily chores after getting help.

Notably, millions of Canadians trust Maple as it offers helpful medical advice. Also, all their doctors are well-respected across Canada since they deliver outstanding services. 

2. Prescriptions

Since Maple has the best medical practitioners in Canada, there’s no doubt you’ll get the right prescriptions for your health problem. The doctors provide prescriptions at their discretion with information such as the drug name, dosage, and frequency.

Maple offers prescriptions digitally. After assessing your symptoms, your doctor will send a prescription to a pharmacy of your choice. You can also opt for free delivery to your home. However, Maple is not an online pharmacy nor a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

3. Accurate Medical Notes

If you can’t go to work or school due to illness, health practitioners at Maple can write a sick note for you. One of the doctors will include his/her direct contact information and signature.

Besides writing sick notes for students and employees, Maple doctors can also give notes for therapist treatments. An excellent example is a note for a licensed massage therapist or a chiropractor.

4. Laboratory and Referral Services

If you need lab work to diagnose your health condition, Maple can organize that on your behalf. One of the doctors will get you a lab test requisition within a few minutes. You’ll then take the form to a lab of your choice to perform the tests.

What getmaple doctors can do for you

Options that work for everyone.


With this plan, you pay each time you consult a physician at Maple. You only pay for the number of visits you need. However, the cost varies depending on the time of the visit.

Year-Round Care

If you need year-round healthcare services for yourself or the entire family, the medical membership plan is the most convenient option to consider.

Credit Packages

If you rarely fall sick but still need to reduce the healthcare costs per visit, Maple credit packages will be ideal. These payment plans provide discounts up to 15 percent per visit.

Pros and Cons of Maple Healthcare Services

Provides Prescriptions Online:

Maple doctors can diagnose your condition and prescribe the right drugs without you having to visit a clinic or hospital. That will help you save time and money on transportation costs.

Access Top Healthcare Experts:

If you are looking for a licensed healthcare provider, visit Maple. The platform has a team of highly-qualified physicians who offers accurate prescriptions for each type of health condition.

Treats Various Health Conditions:

Maple physicians can treat various health conditions online, including UTIs, bladder infections, and eye infections. They can also handle sexual health issues and cold and flu.

Accepts Healthcare Insurance: Maple’s medical consultations are under many health plans, including Healthcare Spending Accounts. However, you should first find out if your insurance company partners with Maple.

Provides Mental Health Support:

If you are battling depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, or any other psychiatric condition, consider Maple. It has a team of doctors who can diagnose anxiety disorders and treat you.

No Time Limits:

With Maple healthcare services, there’s no restriction on the number of minutes you should take when consulting a doctor. Maple physicians will address all your concerns regardless of the time it takes.

Immediate Medical Response:

You don’t have to book an appointment to consult physicians at Maple. You can get real-time support from the doctors by entering your symptoms. The right doctor will get to you in less than two minutes.

Doesn’t Treat Emergency Conditions:

If you need urgent healthcare services due to an emergency, Maple may not be the right place to consider. Instead, you should move to an emergency room for immediate healthcare support.

Doesn’t Offer Prescriptions for Regulated Medications:

Any prescription for controlled medication is not available at Maple. They include benzodiazepines, narcotics, and stimulant medications. Instead, you can get them at a hospital.

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