Best Hair Removal Cream for Men

Contrary to popular belief, women aren’t the only ones who want smooth, hair-free areas on their bodies. Although traditional shaving is a routine activity for men when it comes to their face, the same method isn’t usually ideal for other areas of the body. “Manscaping” areas such as the back, chest, and elsewhere with a razor can be difficult, not to mention painful. As a means of avoiding unwanted cuts and ingrown hairs, hair removal cream is a great option. The results last quite long, even up to a month, and hair removal cream can be applied easily at home.


How to Choose the Best Hair Removal Cream for Men

Hair removal cream, or hair removal gel, is quite straight-forward and efficient to use. It just needs to be to applied to the desired area in a thick layer, and chemicals in the cream’s ingredients work to break down the hair underneath the skin. After a few minutes the cream can be wiped right off with damp washcloth (or spatula if it’s provided), and the hair will disappear along with it. However, always be sure to carefully follow the instructions given with each particular product.

Since hair removal products do use chemicals, not all individuals will react the same. Some men will have more sensitive skin than others do, creating different results. For this reason, before choosing a hair removal cream you should firstly consider your skin type, since you can definitely find a suitable hair removal cream for sensitive skin that won’t deliver any discomfort. There are products made just for sensitive skin and sensitive areas of the body, which at times may also replace harsher chemicals with ingredients such as aloe, for example.

Looking at the ingredients is useful whether you believe you have sensitive skin or not. Any hair removal cream that claims to also moisturize the skin while getting rid of hair is ideal, because an effect of these creams is that they can make the skin dry.

When deciding on the best hair removal cream for your needs, you should also think about which areas on the body you plan to target. While some men’s hair removal cream is suitable for most areas, such as the chest, back, legs, and arms, these same creams might not be recommended to use everywhere. Just as some hair removal cream for women is specifically made for the bikini area or the face, a specific product is usually better for men as well in sensitive areas. For hair removal around the genitals, or for facial hair, you should find a men’s hair removal cream which is safe and made with these parts of the body in mind.

Another thing to think about when selecting hair removal cream for men is hair texture. Products also consider this factor, as some hair removal cream is appropriate for coarser hair, whereas others will work best for fine hair. For this reason, you should know what hair texture you have.

Regardless of what hair removal cream you decide on, or what area of the body you are targeting, you should always do a “patch test” before using the product all over to see how the skin reacts. You can do this by using a small amount of the cream on a chosen area. For instance:

  • For facial hair removal cream, you can do a patch test above the Adam’s apple/below the chin
  • For the genital area you can test the skin directly above
  • Between the shoulder blades for any back hair removal

These are just some ideas, but in any case, when you decide to carry out a patch test, it should be on an area that isn’t too noticeable. If the hair removal cream doesn’t agree with your skin, it may create redness or an allergic reaction.


Best Hair Removal Cream for Men

Since hair removal for men has become quite common these days, this also means there are more types of body hair removal cream on the market to choose from. As mentioned, the cream that works best for you may depend on a few different things. The areas of the body you’re removing hair from, your hair type, and your skin type, are all factors to consider.

Thankfully, there are a lot of good quality, affordable products available for purchase. Below we will look at some of today’s best options for men’s hair removal cream.

Product NameFeaturesPrice
Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Cream Nad’s for Men is a hair removal lotion which claims to be extra strength, and even appropriate to use on coarser hair. This cream is perfect for hair on large body areas such as the back, chest, legs, and arms. Like many other creams, you should apply a thick layer and wait about 4-10 minutes, and then simply wash it off in the shower. A plus about Nad’s cream is that it’s made to work for all skin types, incorporating ingredients such as shea butter, sweet almond oil, aloe vera and more. This ensures your skin will stay smooth, and prevents any irritation. Although this hair removal cream for men isn’t made for the genital areas, a lot of men say it works great in those areas too. However, before using this product in your more sensitive areas, be sure to do a test. Check Price
Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream for Men Veet gel hair remover cream for men is another popular option. This product is made with a slightly significant amount of alcohol, so there is a stronger scent. This cream is not to be used on sensitive areas of the body, especially not around the genitals. Veet for men would be best suited as back, chest, arm, or leg hair removal cream. Due to the intensity of this hair removal cream those with sensitive or very dry skin should avoid it. It may cause burning or irritation for some. A spatula is also included with this Veet men’s cream to make application of the product easier.Check Price
Magic Shave Razorless Cream Shave It’s usually a bit harder to find a good facial hair removal cream for men, but this one has worked well for many. This product isn’t harshly scented, and smells fresh. Shea Butter is also a working ingredient here, which helps to moisturize the skin. Regardless of the fact that it’s labeled saying it’s for African American men – this cream is really suitable for anyone. This depilatory cream for face can create smooth results, while avoiding annoying razor nicks. Many women also claim that this is a great hair removal cream for the bikini area, as it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin.Check Price
Nair Men Hair Remover Body Cream This is another product which is good to use on thicker, coarse body hair. Nair for men is great as a leg hair removal cream, or on similar areas such as the arms, chest, and back. Although this cream uses aloe, it still has alcohol in the ingredients, meaning it may dry out skin a little bit. As long as you moisturize afterwards, you should be fine. Many customers claim that they actually exceptionally have smooth skin after use. Nair is a brand which offers some of the best hair removal products on the market, so you can count on seeing results.Check Price
Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream – Sensitive Formula Just because this Veet hair removal cream is made for women, doesn’t mean it can’t work well for men. This may actually be the best hair removal cream for sensitive skin because of this reason. Ingredients include vitamin E and aloe, making it more mild, but it has Potassium Thioglycolate like other hair removal creams, therefore still removing unwanted hair. Not only is this product good for leaving skin soft and moisturized, it’s also a good choice for the genital area. While many other creams aren’t gentle enough to use around these parts of the body, this Veet product has been found suitable, possibly even the best hair removal cream, for this particular job.Check Price
Lashllo Hair Removal Cream for Men This hair removal cream from Lashllo states that it’s safe for all over the body, even including underarms and around the genital area. However, there aren’t too many reviews online vouching for this product. Although there are reviews on, they are a bit confusing, and this also isn’t from a trusted brand like some of the other creams on this list. However, users do claim to see results, so it might be worth a try. Ingredients such as chamomile flower extract and natural plant ingredients make this seem like a suitable hair removal cream for sensitive skin, too. Check Price
Bare Balm – Body Hair Management Cream Opposed to other men’s hair removal cream on this list, this is a two-stage system that claims to be designed for all men’s body parts below the neck – including “down there”. This is made by, and specifically for, men. A glove is included to apply the first step, which is the “Bare Balm”, that works to get rid of hair quickly. The “Calm Balm” is cream to apply afterwards, meant to keep skin soft and smooth. Many users say to be careful with the actual hair removal cream and ensure not to leave it on longer than recommended to avoid irritation. However, reviews are positive, and customers also love the secondary, soothing, “Calm Balm” that’s included. Check Price
Nair Men Hair Remover Speed Cream This product isn’t a cream, but it works in the same fashion. Unlike the other Nair for Men product on this list, this one comes in the form of a spray. Since it’s less hassle than a hair removal cream, it can be ideal for covering large areas such as the back. However, on areas that are sensitive or with skin folds, it isn’t recommended. This hair removal cream from Nair is more popular, but this is definitely a decent alternative. Not to mention, it’s not as messy, and the nozzle makes it easy to spray evenly. Check Price
Hair No More Vanishing Cream Hair No More is a unisex product, working to remove hair on arms, legs, chest, back, and even bikini areas. Not to mention it can also be used on the face, neck, underarms, and scalp, but with discretion. A benefit of this hair removal cream is the fact that it has a Vitamin and Anti-Oxidant complex, with ingredients such as green tea extract, Vitamins A & E, aloe, natural plant extracts and more. The anti-oxidant complex benefits the skin, and will leave skin healthier and smoother than before (or so it claims). This cream may also be a good facial hair removal cream, as there aren’t as many on the market to choose from, and likely will prevent ingrown hairs.Check Price
Veet Hair Removal Cream – Botanic Inspirations This cream is another sensitive solution made for women that men may also find effective. It’s made with aloe vera and vitamin E, so it’s most definitely moisturizing. Like the other Veet cream for women mentioned previously, this version also has presented good results when used to remove hair in men’s pubic regions. As with any hair removal cream (especially in these extra sensitive areas) you should definitely do a test before applying it all over. Check Price

What is the Best Facial Hair Removal Cream for Men?

Facial hair removal products seem to be less common, as most men have no problem with traditional shaving on the face and neck area. However, a depilatory cream for face can be a good choice over shaving since you’re able to avoid painful nicks and ingrown hairs. There are not many creams to choose from on the market that are sensitive enough to use on facial hair, but the Magic brand has some that seem to work well. Magic Shave Razorless Cream Shave has Thioglycolic acid which works to remove hair, and also has shea butter, making skin smooth and soft. This product is quite gentle, and would probably be the best choice as a facial hair removal cream. For those who get irritations from regular shaving, it’s also worth a try.


What is the Best Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin?

There are a few options on this list for sensitive skin, depending on specific needs. For hair removal on body areas such as the back, chest, arms, and legs, the best hair removal cream for sensitive skin would likely be Nad’s. Although it’s formulated for all skin types, it includes soothing ingredients like aloe and almond oil, to name a few. This means that those with more sensitive skin types, or those prone to irritation/dry skin, will likely discover that Nad’s for Men works well, with no uncomfortable side effects. This product even works on coarse hair, so you won’t have to worry about compromising the effectiveness.

For removing hair on sensitive areas of the body, however, a different hair removal cream might work better. Many men do find that Nad’s works to remove hair around the genital area, but it isn’t specifically made for this. Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream (Sensitive Formula) is a hair removal cream for bikini area, but makes for a great choice when targeting “down there” for men as well. It is milder than than most men’s hair removal creams, also using vitamin E in the ingredients to keep skin moisturized. Since this area of the body is more prone to irritation and the skin is extra sensitive, using a gentle product like this would be best.


What is the Best Body Hair Removal Cream for Men?

Although there are quite a few creams for men that are effective in getting rid of unwanted body hair, consensus seems to favor Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Cream. This might just be the best hair removal cream for legs, arms, back, and chest. One reason this product is a favorite is due to the fact that it works fast. It can work in as little as 4 minutes, which won’t take up much time in your routine. Despite the quick results, it still does a super effective job, and will tackle even coarse hair, which is something not all of these creams can do. It’s tough, but gentle at the same time, using aloe, Shea butter, and other safe ingredients to leave skin smooth and non-irritated.

Veet for Men Hair Removal Cream, and Nair Men Hair Remover Body Cream are also good products to consider, and will do a great job with removing hair on most areas of the body. However, for those with sensitive skin, they may cause irritation.


Are There Permanent Hair Removal Products?

Unfortunately, the products on this list won’t get rid of body hair for good, and a permanent hair removal cream for men has yet to be discovered. Although these creams may hold results for a good amount of time, and definitely longer than shaving, hair will still grow back.

Those looking for long-term results should look into laser hair removal or similar methods instead of creams. However, although there doesn’t seem to be a permanent hair removal cream on the market, a spray exists which may help. “Stop Hair” Hair Reducing Spray is a natural product that inhibits hair regrowth. It should be used alongside other hair removal methods (such as shaving, laser, creams, waxing, etc.) and requires daily application. With consistency, you can start to see results after several applications, and long-term results are possible with continued use.


Final Word

Although some of these products are more popular and favored than others, such as Nad’s, or well-known brands like Veet and Nair, every individual will have different needs. The best hair removal cream for you will depend on a few different factors, such as skin type, hair type, and areas of the body you’re targeting.

For men who are tired of shaving, looking to reduce razor burn, or to simply rid themselves of hair on areas of the body which are harder to shave, hair removal cream may be worth a try.

Last updated on September 30th, 2020

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