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Hair loss is one of the greatest fears that can arise in men and women during their lives. The thought of losing our precious hair follows us around every time we look at the mirror and brush our hair. Seeing hair fall from your head is a harrowing experience that hits us right in the self-esteem, making us feel less attractive and confident as we face the world outside. That terror can lead people astray with drastic measures to gain back their hair using surgery treatments, shampoos, oils or indefinitely covering the affected area from others. But there is another way, using vitamin supplements to take care of the deficiencies that may be the cause of hair loss. This is where Naturenetics’ HairAnew comes into play by offering you the HairAnew Hair Growth Vitamins with Biotin to help you fight your fears. But the question remains, will this product work? Let’s find out.

Does HairAnew, a Biotin Based Supplement, Really Work?

As many as 6000+ HairAnew reviews on amazon and different hair loss assistance websites show a positive outlook towards HairAnew Vitamins, stating the vitamins work a quickly as two weeks after the start of the treatment, and asserting that HairAnew’s results are more than satisfying. Such was the case with many who claim the formula worked for them when taking the HairAnew Vitamin twice a day with a meal, though some report it took longer till the Vitamin started to show results. The success of the formula is mostly attributed to the Biotin included along with the ten different vitamins.

To those who use HairAnew vitamins, the main result is thicker and stronger hair at the affected areas with growth occurring in previously deficient places. Although Vitamins are not miraculous and the newly grown hair would not match the length of the hair surrounding it, the tradeoff is that bald spots would be less visible, your hair would no longer be thin and shed, if indeed your hair loss is caused by the deficiency that HairAnew Vitamins fills.

Although HairAnew’s reviews show great promise to any suffering from shedding and thinning, it is possible that HairAnew Vitamins would not stop the hair loss in certain individuals and in cases would promote some unpleasant side effects.

HairAnew Before and After Pictures

On Amazon many have showcased how effective HairAnew before and after using the vitamin. The thin, brittle, and shedding hair, or the bald spot from before having improved and now grow better and stronger than before, hiding any loss that occurred in the months prior to taking the vitamins. The hair gets longer naturally and healthily.









HairAnew Side Effects & Ingredients

The Main Side Effect that some HairAnew reviews discuss is a breakout of acne due to the Biotin in the HairAnew vitamins. Another HairAnew side effect is a reported increase in hair loss shortly after starting their treatment with the vitamins. These cases seem to affect only a small number of Naturenetics’ HairAnew and the company provides those negatively affected, or lacked satisfaction, using HairAnew with a full refund.

HairAnew ingredients consist of Biotin, as well as ten other vitamins and substances.

Biotin is part of the vitamin B complex, and is a necessary vitamin, when is deficient, can lead to hair loss. The vitamin is added to assist in rebuilding the vitamin’s intake and restore hair growth to affected areas. HairAnew consists of 5mg of Biotin in its formula.

HairAnew Vitamins also consist of Vitamin C, that promotes hair follicle growth, Zinc, which regulates hormone levels, Kelp, which simulates hair growth, Grinkgo Biloba, a popular herbal ingredient in the treatment of hair loss, and Bamboo Extract 70% Silica, which assists in hair growth as well.

Other HairAnew ingredients such as Vitamin E, Niacin, Vitamin B-6, Pantothenic Acid, and Inositol help to complement HairAnew unique hair formula in rejuvenating hair growth.

Below are the lab results provided by Naturenetics HairAnew to showcase their testing for this current batch of HairAnew Vitamins.

HairAnew Competitors

HairAnew is a lesser known brand and stands against Hair Growth vitamins providers such as Hairfinity.

HairAnew consists of 11 ingredients against Hairfinity’s 15 ingredients, but more ingredients do not always constitute a better effect on hair loss, things such as strength and amount of the dosage prove more important in dealing with the vitamins inside each of the formulas. HairAnew uses Bamboo Extract Silica while Hairfinity uses Horsetail which can be problematic for some who are sensitive to the substance according to some of HairAnew reviews.

When it comes to HairAnew vs Hairfinity there is little difference in reception other than HairAnew reviews are slightly better on Amazon and consists of more costumer reviews than Hairfinity.

HairAnew is Vegan friendly, as well as sugar, soy, and gluten free. All make the product more accessible to those with any specific lifestyle or health concerns that demand avoidance from the mentioned above. Hairfinity makes no such claim.

Both are around the same price range per month but HairAnew seems to be slightly more affordable, depending on recent deals and discounts the companies will provide. Both offer a multi-monthly supply option.

Overall both prove to be effective in relevant cases.

Benefits of Using HairAnew

HairAnew Vitamins provides you with support for a healthy growth of thick and gleaming hair, it reinstates the body’s deficiencies that may cause hair loss, thinning, or brittle hair.

HairAnew costumers benefit by gaining stronger and fuller hair that will hide any bald spots and restore self-esteem to any person suffering from hair issues. HairAnew Vitamins also help with nourishing the skin and making your nails stronger than they were before.

HairAnew – Hair Vitamins

HairAnew reviews are substantially positive. According to the customers’ reviews, HairAnew is highly recommended. These vitamins make your hair fall less and after a while the hair gets stronger and thicker. Moreover, some customers noticed that HairAnew makes nails stronger too.

Galinka Kov on YouTube gives a honest HairAnew review of the product after 4 months of using HairAnew Unique Hair Formula Vitamins after she encountered hair growth issues. In the review she explains how the product worked for her, the positives and the negatives, as well as providing picture evidence of her process with the product.

How to Use HairAnew

HairAnew Vitamins come in a monthly packaging and should be taken twice a day with a meal. (Some reported that without a meal it might be less effective.

You might see results from as little as two weeks to a few months, depending on various factors.

Best HairAnew Price and Where to Buy It

When searching HairAnew and where to buy it, you have few options that can be found on the internet.

The best price as of now for HairAnew Vitamins is at Naturenetics’ online store, by the way, you can subscribe and get a 15% discount. In the site there is an option to deliver the formula every month, two months or three, to make sure supply is constant.

HairAnew is also available on Amazon.


HairAnew reviews show the product as the top of the line when it comes to support hair growth in those experiencing hair loss or any hair related problems such as thinning and shedding. It has few side effects that are not exhibited in most consumers, and provides healthier hair, skin and nails. But not with an unhealthy lifestyle hindering the progress. HairAnew Vitamins are an affordable and reliable option to those needing help in covering hair related deficiencies, and overall successful in achieving the promises the company makes.

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