Viviscal Hair Growth – Includes Before and After Pictures

Hair loss sucks. It’s effects range from decreased confidence, low self-esteem, low self-worth and overall feelings of inferiority. Seeing a receding hairline in the mirror, or finding a bald spot is a terribly blunt reminder that you are getting old. Having significant hair loss can severely damage your chances with your desired partner, and drives the large amount of products that attempt to cure this ailment.

From traditional treatments of rubbing home remedies on the scalp, to medications like propecia and minoxidil, there are a number of unique hair loss treatments available. While the efficacy of some of them is under question, and others have potentially terrible side effects, there is one product that should fulfill all of your hair loss needs.

Viviscal hair loss treatment revolves around a drug-free, dietary supplementation regime which corrects thinning hair caused by aging, stress, genetics, side-effects of medicayion and over-use of styling products. Using a complex blend of minerals, vitamins, and a blend of marine proteins, this specially crafted formula ensures you will receive Viviscal results.

Many individuals Viviscal results before and after, along with scientific studies confirm it’s powerful effects.

Check out this review from popular Youtuber Glady’s, as she talks about her hair growth journey and her Viviscal results after two months of use. In the video Glady’s breaks down her hair loss story, and then goes into a detailed analysis of her progress with the Viviscal Hair Growth Program. From Day 1, to her first treatment and then her second treatment you see a dramatic difference in her hair growth, with increased length and volume from the all natural Viviscal formula. Glady’s is just one of the many happy clients who chose Viviscal.

Does Viviscal Really Work

Viviscal results have been illustrated in three clinical studies with over 300 participants. In a 1997 study of over 200 participants, 75%> of patients saw Viviscal results with a significant decrease in hair loss, & 14.6% of patients showing partial regrowth. In a 1996 study with over 84 participants, 92% of the Alopecia Aretea group(individuals with patches of hair falling out) saw Viviscal results, 83% of the Alopecia Totalis(skin condition causing complete baldness of scalp) saw Viviscal results  and 31% of the Alopecia Universalis(skin condition causing complete hair loss across body) group saw Viviscal results. All three groups saw complete cures in some capacity. A 1992 study of 40 participants found that 100% of treated subjects saw Viviscal results, with hair loss stopping after 2 months of treatment.

Overall this evidence suggests that Viviscal results are significantly reliable. Viviscal reviews before and after show results with a high degree of efficacy.

Viviscal Before and After Pictures

Listed below are just a few of the thousands of clients who have gotten Viviscal results from using the Viviscal formula. Here are some Viviscal before and after photos.

Listed above is a picture of a young woman who received Viviscal results for her thinning hair in the scalp. The Viviscal before and after shows a thicker and more dense scalp, and overall healthier looking hair.

Listed above is a picture of real Viviscal hair growth before and after by a young man. He was suffering from hair loss in the crown region of his scalp, and received Viviscal results by the 6 month mark, with a significantly more dense and full crown region. This is a strong example of Viviscal hair growth before and after.

Listed above is a picture of a young woman suffering from hair loss in the crown region of her scalp. The photo shows a powerful change, as the Viviscal before and after pics illustrate an increased hair density in the affected region.

The photo above shows a young woman who received Viviscal results for thinning hair near her temples. Through continuous treatment she regained a significant amount of hair density in the affected areas, and her Viviscal results were very powerful.

The viviscal before and after pictures above shows a Viviscal patient suffering from hair loss, hair thinning and a receding hairline. The Viviscal professional before and after pictures show a more dynamic and full head of hair.

Listed above are just a few real Viviscal before after pictures, and show just a few of the thousands of happy clients who used viviscal products. These Viviscal results pictures should add to your already growing confidence in the product.

Viviscal Reviews Dr Oz

As one of the leading figures in the TV health market, Dr. Oz has spent many of his years testing the efficacy of the litany of treatment options for numerous ailments. Elisabeth Leamy, consumer advocate for The Dr. Oz Show, went through a number of different treatment options when she started losing her hair in 2008. While many of them left her feeling at best unsatisfied, she found that Viviscal’s Professional Strength formula helped her grow new hair and combat thinning hair. While a bit on the pricey side, Elisabeth states she experienced Viviscal Results, and Viviscal is worth it if cost is no problem.

Viviscal Side Effects & Ingredients

Individuals get Viviscal results from the specially formulated blend of minerals, AminoMar complex, vitamins, and amino acids which in combination promote hair growth.

Biotin(Vitamin H) will aid you in receiving Viviscal results, as it helps the body metabolize fats and proteins which are needed for healthy hair. The special formula of AminoMar extracts will also play a role in you getting Viviscal results, as they are derived from horsetail extract, marine proteins, and silica which together have been proven to aid in hair growth. The main proteins here are shark powder and oyster that has been sustainable sourced. Vitamin C is a critical component of Viviscal. As a powerful antioxidant, it supports and catalyzes iron absorption in the blood, which is a critical component in hair growth and receiving Viviscal results. Iron is the other key ingredient, which aids in red blood cell production and transportation to cells, including hair follicles. By obtaining the appropriate dosage of Iron you can combat thinning hair, and receive the best Viviscal results.

Unlike many of the other hair loss treatments out there, you can get Viviscal results without significant side effects. The only thing that may stop you from receiving Viviscal results is if you have a fish or shellfish allergy, or if you have gluten allergies or sensitivities. Pregnant and breastfeeding women also shouldn’t take viviscal.

Benefits of Using Viviscal

As shown above, most people will get Viviscal Results. If you seriously care about your hair, then using Viviscal will get you back to your desired hair goals.

The treatment only requires you to take a oral supplement at a specified dose daily to get Viviscal results, and is much easier and quickly to apply than some of the other treatment options available. Vs. something like Rogaine where you have to let the foam sit on your scalp for a specific period of time, or Minoxidil where you have to have to get your hair wet with the solution application.

The added benefit of using Viviscal is avoiding the various negative side-effects many of the other hair loss treatments bring. Things like propecia can cause sexual dysfunction and Rogaine which can cause acne. However, you can be assured the negative side-effects will be non-existent while you receive Viviscal results.

How to Use Viviscal

In order to get Viviscal results, you will take an oral supplement once or twice a day. Results can take up to six months, but some users will see Viviscal results in less than one month. For viviscal results, Viviscal recommends you take two tablets each day(one in the morning and one in the evening) with water for a minimum of three months. In order to get the absolute best Viviscal results, it is suggested you follow this process for six months.

Best Viviscal Price and Where to Buy It

If you have been encouraged to try and receive Viviscal results like the thousands of others, there are a number of places you can search out to get them.

Firstly there is the Viviscal website, which offers Viviscals wide range of products for men and women.

Then there is, which offers a Viviscal shampoos, conditioners and Viviscal’s extra strength hair growth tablet system. By purchasing through Amazon, the you will be able to enjoy easy shipping and handling, simple returns(but you probably won’t need to), and frequent sales and deals to make it easier on your budget. Check out this review below and see for yourself that Viviscal results are real.

Viviscal official website will provide you with a litany of Viviscal product options for all of your hair loss needs.

Those are the two main purchasing options for those seeking Viviscal results.

FAQ About Viviscal

What happens when you stop taking Viviscal?

Because the Viviscal formula works to boost the natural hair growth cycle, you won’t immediately lose your new grown hair. However, if you operate under a vitamin deficiency after you stop taking Viviscal, then over time you may begin to continue shedding.

How Long Does It Take For Viviscal To Work?

It depends on the individual patient and their unique body. Some see results in less than one month and some take up to six.

What is the Difference Between Viviscal and Viviscal Professional?

Viviscal Professional contains a higher dosage of the AminoMar special formula than in the Viviscal regular package. This professional blend is only available through physicians offices, salons and clinics.


Overall, few hair loss treatments can provide the results of a product like Viviscal. It’s combination of natural ingredients, easy to use treatment application and limited to non-existent side effects make it an awesome option for anyone trying to fight hair loss. The opportunity to get powerful Viviscal results without worrying about negative side effects is one of its main attractions, and why Viviscal is heralded as one of the best options for hair loss treatments. If you are suffering from hair loss, you should feel confident that you can get Viviscal results with the Viviscal formula.

Last updated on September 30th, 2020

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