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Safety Extremely safe. It’s hard to find a more natural and life promoting substance than chlorophyll, and it’s safe for almost all age groups.
Results Numerous studies listed below show chlorophyll’s efficacy for a number of health ailments.
Time to see results Varies drastically depending on what it’s being used for, from one week to two months.
Types Available in powder, capsule and liquid form.
Side Effects No major side effects, some people report mild gastrointestinal fatigue and diarrhea.

When you really think about it, your body’s holistically made up of what you put into it. This can and should make you think differently about the things you eat, and the substances you put into your body on a daily basis. Keeping this in mind can make living a healthy and satisfying life so much easier. Another way to accomplish that goal is to ensure you take the best chlorophyll supplement possible.

The health food wave is definitely in full effect, and with the litany of products available, it can be hard to distinguish what’s actually effective from mumbo jumbo. By filling your diet and subsequently your body with organic and nutritious food, you give yourself the natural building blocks to create a healthier you. A great place to start is by finding the best chlorophyll supplement possible.

What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll in the natural world is defined as any of the green pigments found in the chloroplasts and cyanobacteria of algae and plants. It’s responsible for photosynthesis, and is the compound which allows plants to absorb light. Chlorophyll is the substance in plants that give them their greenish hue, and subsequently is one of the most common substances in the natural world.

Humans consume chlorophyll from most leafy green substances, however the supplement market has grown in recent years as chlorophyll supplement benefits have been discovered. There are a number of products to choose from, whether you are looking for a liquid chlorophyll supplement, chlorophyll dietary supplement or a chlorophyll complex supplement. Regardless of your preference, there’s numerous ways to consume Chlorophyll.

Does Chlorophyll Supplement Really Works

According to PubMed, numerous chlorophyll supplement benefits exist, so you can be sure the best chlorophyll supplement is a powerful option to aid you with a large variety of health issues.

Antioxidant Effect

  • Using a chlorophyll dietary supplement has been proven in a Researchgate study to have potent antioxidant and radioprotective effects, diminishing the potential development of some forms of cancer, neurological disorders, inflammatory diseases, dermatitis, tissue damage and cardiovascular ailments.

Heal Skin

  • According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, using a chlorophyll dietary supplement can heal photoaged skin. Using an chlorophyll complex supplement in a 12 day trial, scientists found a significant increase in beneficial skin biomarkers. This study illustrates chlorophyll supplement benefits for skin health

Acne Treatment

  • The use of a liquid chlorophyll supplement for facial acne and large pores yielded surprising results. Using a chlorophyll complex supplement including a copper chlorophyllin complex, researchers from the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology found that the direct application of this formula onto skin with mild-moderate acne and large visible pores was an effective treatment program. The study found statistically significant improvements over baseline by the third week of the trial, illustrating chlorophyll’s effectiveness for treating some forms of acne.


  • Chlorophyll’s most commonly cited benefit is its deodorant properties. Studies from the American Gastroenterology Association dating back to the 1960’s have illustrated its effectiveness at reducing odors in a variety of health situations.

Wound Healer

  • Chlorophyll has been shown in the journal of Wound Management & Prevention to have a number of health benefits in relation to wound healing and cleaning. A 2008 study suggested that medication containing chlorophyll was effective as a deodorant and wound healing.

Best Chlorophyll Supplement

Benefits of Using Chlorophyll Supplement

If you’re using the best chlorophyll supplement possible, you can expect to receive a host of benefits.

Chlorophyll supplement benefits include:

  • Increased skin health. A 2008 study found that simple chlorophyllin(derivative of chlorophyll) is not only a powerful wound healing substance, but is used systemically in the cosmetic industry as a colorant and deodorant agent. It works to not only clean but heal damaged skin, as chlorophyllin is a powerful natural antioxidant. Using the best chlorophyll supplement possible will ensure your skin is at optimal health.
  • Natural Alkalizer. Using a liquid chlorophyll supplement is one of the best ways to achieve an alkaline body, which is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Having an alkaline body creates more efficient muscles, decrease inflammation, support healthy cellular regeneration and reduce mental stress.
  • Decreased Appetite. If you are using the best chlorophyll supplement possible, you can expect to receive a decrease in appetite. Chlorophyll supplementation in a high carbohydrate diet was found to increase feelings of satiety 90 minutes after eating, by preventing the post-meal blood sugar dip. The long term effects of decreased appetite are decreased weight and overeating.
  • Deodorant. The use of a liquid chlorophyll supplement has shown efficacy in treating patients suffering from halitosis(bad breath). By using the best chlorophyll supplement you can also reduce gas, control fecal odor and improve overall digestion is dosage is appropriate.
  • Anti-Cancer Properties. Using the best chlorophyll supplement will have powerful antioxidant properties, so powerful they can be used to battle cancer cells. The combination of chlorophyll alkalizing effects, its decreasing effect on the bioavailability of carcinogens, and increase in excretion of toxins combine to have power anti-cancer effects.
  • Nutrient Rich. Besides all of the other benefits, using the best chlorophyll supplement will provide your body with a ton of essential nutrients. From Vitamin A,C,K,E , magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium chlorophyll provides so much to the body.

Foods Rich In Chlorophyll

The best rule of thumb to identify what foods have loads of chlorophyll, is that the foods with the more chlorophyll will be greener, as chlorophyll is the compound that turns plants green!

Some high chlorophyll foods include:

Food Chlorophyll Density (Per Cup)
Spinach 24mg
Parsley 19mg
Collards/Cress/Romaine Lettuce/Arugula 4-15mg
Spirulina/Chlorella 4-10mg

If you don’t want to use chlorophyll supplements then these are some strong alternatives. It’s easy to incorporate a chlorophyll food supplement into your diet, as most salads will have some form of chlorophyll in it. Look for the leafy greens in the produce section of your local grocery store, and there’ll be a number of options available.

Spinach is one of the most chlorophyll dense vegetables, with over 24 mg per cup. Parsley comes second with roughly 19 mg of chlorophyll per cup. However, most supplements will use grounded forms of spirulina or chlorella for their base.

If you can handle the taste, these are just a few of the many chlorophyll food supplements you can incorporate into your diet today.

Chlorophyll Supplement Side Effects & Ingredients

Whether you take a chlorophyll complex supplement, chlorophyll food supplement, chlorophyll herbal supplement or a liquid chlorophyll supplement a few side effects can occur. The most common effect people experience after taking chlorophyll supplements are related to digestion. If you take an incorrect chlorophyll supplement dosage, or are simply sensitive to the substance you can expect gastrointestinal cramping, diarrhea and dark green stained stool. Chlorophyll supplement side effects not very common, and are likely to pass after a few days/weeks.

Organic chlorophyll supplements don’t have any known medical complications, and you should be fine with using chlorophyll regardless of your prescription program. As such an integral element of life on earth, chlorophyll is unlikely to cause damage to most humans.  However, those who are breastfeeding or pregnant should consult their doctor before taking any supplement.

The ingredients of the best chlorophyll supplement are usually just chlorophyll extracted from various plants. However, some chlorophyll complex supplements may infuse copper into the compound for specific benefits, mostly for skin aid. Overall, the best chlorophyll supplement will do little to harm to your body, and have minimal side effects.

How to Use Chlorophyll Supplement

In order to get the results from the best chlorophyll supplement, you have to understand how to administer them. The best chlorophyll supplement will come in one of the three variations. Here is how to take each.

Liquid Chlorophyll Supplement

  • With a glass of water ready, take the liquid chlorophyll supplement and use the provided tincture to add the indicated chlorophyll supplement dosage(usually 8-15 drops) into the glass of water. The best time to take chlorophyll supplement is in the morning and then it can be used later depending on the required dosage.

Chlorophyll Herbal Supplement (Powder)

  • When using a chlorophyll herbal supplement, have a glass of water ready. Read the indicated chlorophyll supplement dosage and toss the powder into the glass. The best time to take chlorophyll supplement is in the morning and then it can be used later depending on the required dosage.

Chlorophyll Tablet Supplement

  • Read the chlorophyll supplement dosage on the bottle and take the capsules one at a time with a glass of water. The best time to take chlorophyll supplement is in the morning then can be used again depending on required dosage.

Where to Buy Chlorophyll Supplement

Using a large, searchable database of products is the best way to try and find the best chlorophyll supplement possible. Websites like provide a wide variety of the best chlorophyll supplement providers, and comes with a host of other benefits that will ensure you find the best chlorophyll supplement possible. You can identify products on sale, find a wide variety of the best chlorophyll supplement (powders, liquid, and capsule) and can get competitive shipping rates regardless of where you are located. Here are the best chlorophyll supplements to consider:

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As one of the best chlorophyll supplement, Benevolent’s Liquid Chlorophyll supplement is a powerful and healthy. Made in the USA, Benevolent’s chlorophyll dietary supplement is an FDA registered product. This means you can be sure it’s truly an organic chlorophyll supplement. Benevolent is also offering a 100% lifetime, money back guarantee, making it one of the best liquid chlorophyll supplement available for consumers.

The liquid chlorophyll supplement comes in an easy to use bottle. Just use the provided tincture and add 15 drops to a cup of water, 1-3 times daily depending on the dosage required. The liquid chlorophyll supplement is great for body cleansing, removal of toxins, bad breath and body odor.

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Those who prefer a capsule formatted dietary chlorophyll supplement can be confident in this product. Triquetra Health’s Organic Spirulina Tablets is one of the best chlorophyll supplement available. Triquetra’s blend of spirulina meets the health standards of every major organic and quality certifying body, making it one of the best chlorophyll supplement on the market.

Triquetra’s formula supports immune function, liver health, detoxes heavy metals & candida, improves physical performance and supports energy & vitality. As one of the best chlorophyll supplement available, Triquetra uses no chemical, animal or chilean nitrate fertilizers, and only uses 100% plant-based fertilizers to grow there spirulina.

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Made from USDA Organic Chlorella Powder, Microingridents specially designed mixture is one of the best chlorophyll supplement available. With No GMO’s, additives, preservatives or artificial colors, Microingredients has a true organic chlorophyll supplement. As one of the best chlorophyll supplement, the Microingredients formula provides all the chlorophyll supplement benefits you would expect, in an easy to administer powder formula.

The powder formula works just as well as the other forms of chlorophyll. Microingredients formula is certified organic, and users have a lot of good things to say about it. Micronutrients powder chlorella is one of the best chlorophyll supplement available.


If you are someone suffering from bad body odor, skin problems, inflammation or are just looking to clean up your diet you should feel extremely confident in the powers of incorporating a chlorophyll supplement into your health routine. Whether you choose a liquid chlorophyll supplement, chlorophyll complex supplement or a chlorophyll herbal supplement, the chlorophyll supplement benefits will have a positive impact on your life.

Ensuring you follow the recommended chlorophyll supplement dosage will maximize the benefit of using the best chlorophyll supplement. Some of the chlorophyll supplement side effects may cause discomfort in the early stages of treatment, but should decrease once your body gets accustomed.

Overall, the best chlorophyll supplement can change your life. If you suffer from terrible body odor, or have an extremely acidic body using chlorophyll can increase your wellness quickly. Trust the best chlorophyll supplement to aid you in your quest to be the best version of yourself.

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