Marcy 150 lb Multifunctional Home Gym Station Review

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This Marcy stack home gym has amazing features for people who want to have a portable gym station that suits their needs. From its advanced technology features, quality materials, ergonomic design, the Marcy 150 lb gym has all exercising needs coverer so that each individual can live a healthy lifestyle in the comfort of their own home.

Our Rating: 9.1/10

Marcy 150 lb Multifunctional Home Gym Station Review
4.3 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
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Overview & Ratings

For many individuals it is important to live a healthy lifestyle that reflects the body they truly desire. There are plenty of machines that provide that in the comfort of their home but having a machine that uses all aspects of a full workout benefits the user greatly. When a full body workout is needed the only solution is to use a machine that covers all the different parts of the body to feel satisfied after an exercise.

The problem that most machines have is either it’s too expensive or it really doesn’t provide the versatility that these machines should have. The best thing about the Marcy 150 lb Multifunctional Home Gym Station is it provides many active users that desire a portable gym station right in their home. There are also different features that the Marcy 150 lb Multifunctional Home Gym Station has that other machines do not, which prevents an individual to have an amazing workout. The Marcy 150 lb stack home gym provides over 30 strength training exercises to increase muscle mass and burn as much calories needed. From the versatile features and the inexpensive price the Marcy 150 lb stack home gym is the way to go to get the most out of everyone’s workout.

Based on our extensive analysis, we rated this product 9.1/10.

The reason for the rating will be covered more in-depth below, here’s an informative video of the Marcy 150 lb home gym: Marcy 150 lbs stack home gym

Features and Specs



  • Product Dimensions : 62 x 43 x 78 inches
  • Product Weight : 268 lbs


The Marcy 150 lbs stack gym comes with a variety of features that make it formidable when compared to other gym stations. Burning calories and gaining muscle mass becomes much easier with these features:

  • Premium Steel Construction

    The Marcy 150 lb stack home gym is equipped with the highest quality materials that help in focus the workout, rather than worrying if the equipment can hold together. The reason why premium steel construction is essential because it will allow heavy weights to be placed on the machine. It is convenient to grab the weights off of the Marcy 150 lb stack home gym so that the workout can run smoothly and with no disruptions.

  • Weight Stack Lock

    Another feature that the Marcy 150 lb stack home gym has is the locks that can easily keep the weights in place when the machine is not being used or during a routine workout. These weights are customizable so that the Marcy 150 lb stack home gym exercises that will be performed on the machine is flexible to the needs of the individual. These safety locks are to ensure that using the machine is comfortable and no accidents will occur.

  • Dual Action Press Arms

    The dual action press arms feature can be used for numerous exercises. It is a feature that can be easily inserted and removed into the Marcy 150 lb stack home gym with no complications. The add-on allows anyone to perform exercises that focus on the chest area, arms, shoulders and other upper body muscles.

  • Removable Curl Pad

    The numerous features and versatility that the Marcy 150 lb stack home gym has is complimented with an ergonomically designed seat that can assist the user. It is not only used as a comfortable chair but can also be adjusted or removed to perform other exercises.

  • Convenient Home Gym

    With the Marcy 150 lb stack home gym, the personal workout space can finally be called a home. Enjoy some of the most intense full body workouts without having to go on an adventure to a distant gym. The Marcy 150 lb stack home gym dimensions helps the machine be concise so that there is enough room for working out and living in peace.

  • Warranty

    The Marcy 150 lb stack home gym is protected with a 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty which covers parts from defects and damages.

  • Shipping and Assembly

    Most sellers provide free shipping, make sure to clarify shipping policies for specific sellers.
    The Marcy 150 lb stack home gym manual has the accurate instructions to be followed for easy assembly. An estimated 3-4 hours, with a 2 person team carrying a ratchet set and provided tools.


The Marcy 150 lb stack home gym exercises includes a large amount of upper body and lower body exercises with options depending on the user. Examples of upper body exercises are Bicep Curls, Chest Press, Cable Flys and Lateral Pull Downs. These kinds of exercises push the limits of the biceps, triceps, shoulders and deltoids to increase muscle mass in those areas. Examples of lower body exercises are Leg Extensions and Exercise Low Rows. These exercises focus on increasing tension on the legs, calves, thighs and waist to gain strength for lower body activity. The Marcy 150 lb stack home gym is not limited to only these exercises so get creative depending on the specific needs that is required for the workout routine. More information on the overview of these exercises make sure to check out the link: Marcy 150 lb Stack Home Gym Reviews

Our Likes

There are so many positive attributes that the Marcy 150 lb stack home gym provides for its users compared to other full workout stations. From the numerous amounts of Marcy 150 lb stack home gym exercises that is made available for different individuals. It becomes convenient, comfortable, simple, and easy to assemble so that the Marcy 150 lb stack home gym can be used. Additionally, the design of the Marcy 150 lb stack home gym is so modernized that safety cannot be an issue so that everything can go smoothly with no hassle.

Our Dislikes

Even though the Marcy 150 lb stack home gym seems perfect, there are some minor problems that other users are having with the machine.

  • One issue from some of the Marcy stack home gym reviews is that the materials sometimes do not work, defective or damaged.

  • Another common complaint in the Marcy stack gym review is that the size of machine does not account for individuals who have a height of 6’3. This has made people who are at that height, or over, upset. However, this problem can be fixed through a little tinkering of the machine which a lot of users have already found out to be a solution.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Marcy 150 lb stack home gym is an extremely effective and efficient gym station for active users looking for a full body workout. The high quality of features and design that it has makes it very desirable compared to other gym stations.

Its variety of features allows the individual to do almost all the workout routines that they would otherwise need multiple machines to perform. The dual action press arms and a removable curl pad controls the kind of exercises that can be done. The multiple options allow experimentation on the Marcy 150 lb stack home gym to determine which exercise is preferred for the active user. While the amount of exercises is limitless, it is shown that there are at least over 30 exercises from video clips and images pertaining to the gym station.

The safety features of the gym station are not to be underestimated, thanks to their dependability and reliability. They will allow anyone with the gym station to feel safe when having people around because they know the weights are secured. Safety is also important while they are using the gym station to support and increase comfortability to ensure a smooth exercise routine.

There are problems that arise with the dimensions of the machine but it is assured that many Marcy stack home gym reviews have found a solution to help people that are 6’3 and taller. Also check out Best Home Gym Equipment Reviews 2018.

To sum up, the features, convenience, comfortability and design are enough to attract people who need that full body workout in one machine. We give the Marcy 150 lb stack home gym a final score of 9.1/10. It’s an amazing gym station for the home and a dream come true for many people that aim to get the body they truly desire.

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* lists this stack home gym station for $ and includes free shipping. With all this in mind, Marcy has frequent sales for many of their product, so be sure to check Amazon for the newest deals.

Question & Answers

  • Q. The model 990 and 988, what are the differences?

    A. The colour would be the most significant difference but they are the same machines.

  • Q. How tall is the Marcy MWM990 home gym?

    A. It stands for about 78 inches, it could be more if it presses down on the carpet.

  • Q. What is the material used to make the weights?

    A. Rubber coated composite metal.

  • Q. While doing a face pull the weights got stuck at the top when I was doing a low weight exercises. What should I do to get it unstuck?

    A. When you are using the lower pulley to do a curl or facepull remember to add the chain.

  • Q. I want to be able to do rowing exercises is there any added options or how can I do this exercise?

    A. To do a seated row exercises, you can sit on the floor and use the lower cable.

  • Q. How hard is it to read the manual and assemble the product?

    A. To assemble, 3-4 hours long is the estimated time with a 2person team.

User Reviews Write a Review

Extremely recommended.

The gym station was shipped to our place very quickly. The price and quality of the gym station that we purchased was superb. Even though it took a lot of time to assemble it was really easy and simple to follow the steps in assembling the parts. My family really enjoys using the gym station and would extremely recommend it to anyone looking for a gym station.
- Ruth C.

Excellent machine!

It is a suitable gym station for the price that I paid. It was a little unclear as to the different kinds of workout and specific routines capable of the machine. The weights were also confusing with the different levels, making it unclear for anyone using the machine. Regardless, as a whole I really enjoyed working out using the gym station.
- Harry H

Total Gym!

Marcy MWM 990 Total Gym is the best machine for working out. I enjoyed how easy it was to assemble the materials for an older audience like myself. The machine allows me at the age of 80 to work out at my own pace.
- Richard R.

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