Best Workout Shoes for Men

Are you using the right men’s training shoes for exercising? Many of us aren’t, and you might not know until it’s too late. The best gym shoes for men can affect performance, comfort, balance, and a whole host other factors that can impact your training regime. By correcting your posture and alignment, wearing the right footwear also prevents the risk of serious long-term injury. You don’t want to use the best cross training shoes for men for lifting heavy weights, just like you shouldn’t use running shoes to play football – this would likely lead to poor foot health in the future. The good news is that this is all easily avoidable. In this blog, we will tell you what makes a good workout shoe, before presenting a list of the best workout shoes for men.

What Makes a Good Workout Shoe for Men?

Choosing the best gym shoes for men requires some thought, you don’t want to go out and buy the first pair of shoes that you like the look of. There are a number of aspects that go into the making of a good pair workout shoes. To be sure you are exercising at peak level, you will need to take consideration of the following factors for your training shoes:

  • Size
    It’s vital to get the size of the shoe just right. Men’s workout shoes that are too big will lead to an increase in movement inside the shoe and, consequently, can cause plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and other overuse injuries. Conversely, a workout shoe that is too small will increase the risk of bunion pains, hammertoe, and neuromas.
  • Shock Absorption
    When choosing the best mens training shoes, shock absorption is an important consideration. If your training shoe does not have a good enough level of shock absorption, you are exposing yourself to a heightened risk of stress fractures. Yet, different sports require a different level of shock absorption.
  • Shape of feet
    Those with flat feet will want increased arch support in their training shoes to reduce the risk of plantar fasciitis. If you have wide feet, you will need to avoid narrow workout shoes, as extra tightness around your foot can lead to a number of health concerns.

When Should I Get New Workout Shoes?

If you are showing signs of any of the symptoms from the following list, you probably need to find a new pair of good workout shoes for training:

  • Blisters
    Blisters are a common complaint for people who are wearing the wrong training shoes. The best workout shoes won’t need ‘breaking in’ and will be ready to wear as soon as they are out of the box.
  • Plantar Fasciitis
    Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of fibrous tissue on the sole of your foot. It can cause extreme heel pain and is one of the most common indications that you are in need of some new men’s training shoes.
  • Tendonitis
    The inflammation of tendons, or tendonitis, can be caused by wearing the wrong training shoes. The most common causes are the foot rolling inward inside the shoe, or an arch that is providing too much support. The best training shoes for men will have a comfortable design to help counter this
  • Uneven Wear
    A really simple way of checking whether you need new workout shoes is to check whether they are deteriorating in a uniform manner. If the right shoe shows more damage than the left, or if a certain part of the shoe is showing particular signs of wear, you may need to get a better fitting workout shoe.
  • Hot Foot
    Hot foot is more than simply the rise in temperature of your feet due to exercise. It is a burning feeling in your feet as a result of nerve irritation caused by tight-fitting shoes. The best training shoes for men will have a breathable upper and lightweight fabric to reduce the possibility of suffering from hot foot.
  • Stress Fractures
    Stress fractures are tiny little bone fractures that can be a common side-affect of active people who are using the wrong training shoes. The best gym shoes for men will have the correct amount of shock absorption for the activity that you are doing, in order to reduce the risk of stress fractures.

What Are the Best Workout Shoes for Men?

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The Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneakers are some of the best work out shoes available right now and, if you participate in Crossfit, they are also among the best cross training shoes for men. They are stylish, without being too flashy, and provide a high level of comfort, durability, stability, and security. Reebok have a reputation for making the best gym shoes for men, and the Nano 8.0 lives up to this reputation completely.


  • Excellent insole support for increased comfort.
  • Breathable Flexweave upper adds durability and security.
  • Foot security is augmented by a minimal drop outsole.
  • Wide toe for powerful movements and comfort.


  • Some people have had difficulty finding the right size.
  • A few people have noticed tightness around toes.
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These gym shoes for men are certainly one of the best workout shoes for men, particularly if running is your main activity. With its sturdy outsole and Rearfoot GEL Cushioning, these best mens training shoes will provide both comfort and peak performance.


  • Installed with Rearfoot GEL Cushioning for better shock absorption.
  • Has a durable outsole that is capable of withstanding all types of terrain.
  • Suitable for people with wide feet.
  • Has a removable sock liner for specific needs.


  • A few people have had issues with sizing.
  • A small number of people experienced early signs of wear.
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These mens training shoes not only look great but have a level of comfort and stability that few other workout shoes compare with. New Balance cross trainers mens shoes are known for having a good combination of cost and quality, and many users have praised the standard of the memory foam for the price. The sturdiness and comfort that this provides make these some of the best gym shoes for men around.


  • Fitted with a New Balance memory sole for added comfort.
  • Breathable upper for longer and more efficient workouts.
  • High quality midsole for better shock absorption.
  • Variety of different colours and styles available – including a mens black gym shoes style.


  • A few people have complained about the shoelaces being too delicate.
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When it comes to the best mens cross training shoes, Nike men’s cross training shoes are a good place to start. These Nike cross trainer mens shoes have a brilliant combination of comfort, durability, style, and stability. For the quality provided, the shoe is very reasonably priced, too.


  • Rubber outsole for multidirectional traction and increased performance.
  • Dynamic Fit technology for a complete and snug glove-like fit.
  • Breathable mesh for extra comfort while training.
  • Super stylish design, available in cool grey and mens black gym shoes style.


  • Some have found the shoe not slip-resistant enough in extreme conditions.
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For the price you pay, these mens training shoes have to be considered among the best mens training shoes. They are a good multi-purpose shoe function particularly well as good mens cross training shoes due to their sturdy heel and ankle support and flexible toe region.


  • Extremely durable and slip resistant.
  • Lightweight and breathable for added comfort.
  • Slip-on design provides extra protection for your ankles.
  • Very modest price for the quality.
  • Super stylish with a unique contrast colour design.


  • Some people have had sizing issues.
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These Nike men’s training shoes are some of the best workout shoes for men due to their impressive design, hardy outsole, and excellent traction. The comfort provided by the cushioned insole and breathable mesh uppers also allow these workout shoes to double up as everyday shoes. Many people believe that these Nike mens training shoes are the best running shoes available in the current market.


  • Excellent shock absorption.
  • Good level of ventilation due to breathable mesh uppers.
  • Fitted with full-length BRS 1000 Waffle outsole for increased traction.
  • Reflective material for increased safety during low-visibility use.
  • Low-top model for extra mobility and movement.


  • Some people suggest this shoe is not the best for wide feet.
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Reebok was designed with the specific scope of making athletes perform better. These Reebok Mens Workout shoes do exactly that. Moreover, the back to basics design make these shoes super stylish in an understated and classy way – these are definitely among the best workout shoes for men.


  • Extremely durable with a sturdy rubber bottom finish.
  • Classic design makes them both high-functioning and stylish.
  • Soft full grain leather for extra support.
  • Suitable for both a wide and narrow foot.


  • Some people have highlighted potential differences when ordering the size.
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A great looking and super comfortable shoe that comes in a variety of different styles and is fitted with top of the range materials for increased performance and longevity. If you’re looking for the best men’s athletic shoes, these mens workout sneakers have to be considered. Similar to the Under Armour Commit men’s training shoes range, this Micro G Pursuit model has a strong reputation as being some of the best mens gym shoes.


  • Great balance of cushioning, flexibility, and durability.
  • Foam padding around the ankle for increased support and comfort.
  • Fitted with a Micro-G foam midsole for high performance and explosive movement.
  • Lightweight and breathable.


  • A few people have said the shoe is too narrow.
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These mens workout shoes are versatile and stylish. Their durability and comfort make them one of the mens gym shoes, and the price is very reasonable considering the value of the shoes.


  • Breathable upper and T-toe construction for snug and comfortable fit.
  • Extra shock absorption and cushioning provided by EVA heel pod.
  • Midfoot saddle makes these shoes a suitable fit for both wide and narrow feet.
  • Variety of different classy styles to choose from.


  • A few people have complained about the longevity potential of the shoe.
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If you’re looking for a good workout shoe that will stand out in a crowd, while also augmenting performance, then these BRONAX mens training shoes could be the right choice for you. They are among the most comfortable men’s athletic shoes you can find, and are durable and stylish – all for a very modest price.


  • Secure fitting slip-on design for added comfort and stability.
  • Rubber outsole for extra durability.
  • Versatile look for adaptable and multipurpose use.


  • Some people have had problems with ordering the correct size.

Workout Shoes vs. Cross Training Shoes

Any keen gym goer or athlete will tell you that correct footwear is absolutely essential for peak performance. The best workout shoes for men are going to be different depending on the type of sport you practice:

  • Cross Training Shoes
    The best Cross training shoes for men need to be sturdy and have a good lateral and heel support. It is also important that they have a solid base and are flexible at the toe. They need to be versatile due to the wide variety of exercises that cross training entails. A good cross training shoe should have the cushioning of a volleyball shoe, the shock absorption of a running shoe, and the lateral stability of a tennis shoe.
  • Weightlifting Shoes
    The best weightlifting shoes will have a raised heel to allow you to sink deeper into the squat position and augment performance in other compound exercises. They will also have limited cushioning, as you need to use the entire force of your body to lift weights – you don’t want to absorb the impact in your feet.
  • Running Shoes
    The best running shoes will have a good amount of absorption, breathable fabric, light materials, and a good heel to doe drop. They will also need an optimal amount of shock absorption to cushion the impact and reduce the likelihood of running-related injuries.

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