11 Gender Reveal Ideas for During Coronavirus

Normally, when you’ve been given the news by your doctor that you’re pregnant, you can’t help but feel blessed and wonder whether it is a boy or a girl. If it were any other day, the best way to spread the news is to throw a gender reveal party for all your friends and family members at your house for a special social gathering, but social gatherings need to be held off for the time being. This is due to the global viral outbreak known as the coronavirus that has ensnared the world with its presence.

Still, even with the grim reality of the COVID-19 virus, we can still have our gender reveal party with our closest friends and kinfolk thanks to the ubiquitous powers of social media tools such as Facebook Live, Zoom, Google Hangouts or IGTV.  Other platforms could be Group FaceTime or Houseparty.

So hang tight as we share some of our coolest gender reveal ideas with you right here in this article. Given the unprecedented nature of the current environment, you may even want to start planning one of these activities even if you’re just beginning to notice the early signs of pregnancy.


Most Awesome Gender Reveal Party Ideas

  1. Gender Reveal Cake

Tell your doctor at the sonogram to write the gender of your expected child down on paper and then place it inside an envelope. Then handover the envelope to the local bakery and instruct them to make the inner frosting of the cake either pink or blue. And then when it’s ready, cut the cake during the virtual gender reveal party to reveal your child’s gender to your friends and loved ones online on Instagram, Facebook,  Zoom, or Google Hangouts.

  1. Papier-Mâché Volcano

Make a volcano from paper-mâché. After it has been dried, pour some baking soda inside the mountain, and add at least 30 drops of pink or blue food coloring. And then gather your friends and family members on Zoom, IGTV, or Facebook Live before making the big reveal by adding half a cup of vinegar into the volcano.

  1. Silly String

Entrust whoever knows about the gender of your baby (like a friend or family member) to go out and buy some pink or blue silly string from the local party shop and use white paper to cover the bottles. If you can’t have your friends and loved ones over physically at the gender reveal party, then you can have the bottles mailed over to them and have them spray the bottles on their own to reveal the gender of the baby. 

  1. Video Montage

First, record the reaction of your loved ones’ reaction to the gender of your child through your phone. Then make a compilation of those reactions with incredible video editing software, and send it out to every relative and close companion during your virtual gender reveal party.

  1. Chocolate Shell Surprise

Get a close friend or loved one to get either pink or blue ice cream and then get it covered with a hard chocolate shell. Then during your live broadcast stream, crack open the chocolate shell with the hardback of a spoon to reveal your baby’s gender.

  1. Balloons in a Box

Get the person who knows about your baby’s gender to prepare a huge cardboard box with either blue or pink confetti and balloons. Then during the huge reveal at your live gender reveal streaming channel, open the box alongside your spouse and share the joyous news with your friends and family members online.

  1. Tire Burnout

When you talk about kicking things into high gear for your gender reveal party, you really mean it. Go on down to the local auto store to grab yourself a burnout tire pack and have this trick reveal the big news to your family members through your live stream gender reveal party.

  1. Play-Doh Reveal

There are numerous Play-Doh recipes available online including one that can be very instrumental for your baby’s gender reveal party. First, find the recipe to make white Play-Doh. And then add two or three drops of pink and blue coloring and hand it over to your newborn child. And as the child plays with their Play-Doh, they’ll reveal the gender of their new sibling from within the structure. Make sure to get all of this from your phone’s camera and share it online with the rest of your family members and close friends.

  1. Water Balloon Fight

Host your gender reveal party on Zoom where you are engaged in a water balloon fight with your better half while the rest of your friends and family members get to watch through the live stream. The trick over here is to fill one water balloon with either pink or blue colored water so that when it breaks, the gender of your child is ultimately revealed through the stream.

  1. Chocolate-Covered Oreos 

This gender reveal trick has been in use for a couple of years now, and it still works even to this day. All you have to do is buy a pack of Oreos, take the top cookie of one Oreo cookie off and coat the center of the cream with either blue or pink sprinkles. Now put the top cookie of the Oreo back on the center and coat the whole cookie with melted chocolate. Mail each of those gender-reveal cookies to your relatives and friends for a sweet and fun reveal. 

  1. Lasagna

If you drool at the sight of cheese and carbs, then this could be your go-to gender reveal idea. Just add about two or even three drops of blue or pink food coloring to the white cheesy area of the lasagna. Then at the gender reveal stream through Instagram, Facebook, or Google, invite your relatives and friends over to let them know the beautiful, tasty reveal.

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