Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike Review

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The 900 Xl Exerpeutic Recumbent Bike is not overloaded with tonnes of features, but it has all the essential features it needs to provide a low impact, comfortable cardio workout that will leave you feeling good about yourself and motivate you to reach your desired fitness and health goals.

Our Rating: 9/10

Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike Review
4.3 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
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Overview & Ratings

This Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike is a heavy-duty exercise bike without a hefty price tag attached to it. With a weight bearing capacity of 300 Lbs, the 900XL Exerpeutic Bike is sure to support anyone’s fitness goals.

The generously sized back rest and the large seat ensure that anyone who is using it can feel comfortable and well-supported in their back during their workouts. Its 8 different levels of magnetic resistance allow you to exercise at your desired level of intensity while enjoying a smooth and quiet ride. The “no frills” design makes the 900 XL Exerpeutic Bike a highly efficient and affordable piece of exercise equipment, and one that is currently available on the market.

Based on our extensive analysis, we rated this product 9 /10. You can watch a video of Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike before continuing reading this review.

Features and Specs



  • Assembled length : 54 inches
  • Assembled width : 22 inches
  • Assembled height : 34 inches
  • Assembled weight : 63 lbs
  • Weight capacity : 300 lbs


Below is the list of features that make the 900XL Exerpeutic Bike a great piece of home exercise equipment it is.

  • 8 Levels of Magnetic Resistance

    With eight levels of magnetic resistance the 900XL Exerpeutic Bike puts you in control of how easy or challenging you want your workout to be. You can easily switch between resistance levels, with a turn of a knob. You can dial up resistance over time or even do interval training for a more intense workout. The wide range of resistance levels makes the 900XL Exerpeutic recumbent bike perfect for any age or fitness level.

  • Low Impact

    The semi-reclined back-rest allows you to exercise as hard as you want without putting undue stress on your lower back and joints. It makes the 900XL Exerpeutic bike suitable for people with any back or joint issues.

  • Quiet Operation

    Thanks to the precision balanced flywheel, V- belt drive and magnetic resistance the operation of the 900XL Exerpeutic bike is very quiet. The 900XL Exerpeutic bike lets you exercise while watching TV without any noise distraction. The quietness of 900XL makes any time a good time to workout. There is no need to worry about disturbing any one around you.

  • Smooth torque cranking system

    “Smooth torque” cranking system ensures smooth, continuous pedaling on the 900XL Exerpeutic bike.

  • Extra-Large Seat and Widened Back Rest padded for extra comfort

    Spacious seat and wide cushioned back create a very comfortable user experience for everybody, but especially for large framed people.

  • Step-Through Design

    Especially important for people with limited mobility, the step-through design of the 900XL exerpeutic bike makes it very easy to get on and off the bike.

  • Extra Large Pedals with straps to prevent slippage

    The 900Xl Exerpeutic bike comes with extra-large pedals with straps to prevent any slippage and ensure uninterrupted workouts.

  • Weight Capacity of 300Lb

    The Exerpeutic 900xl extended capacity recumbent bike has an increased weight bearing capacity of 300 lbs which makes it suitable for a wide variety of users. It also guarantees more stability and safety for everyone.

  • Adjustable Seat for a Wide Range of Heights

    The backward and forward adjustment of the seat allows users from 5.3”- 6.6” to exercise comfortably on the 900XL Exerpeutic recumbent bike

  • Extended leg stabilizers for extra stability

    The 900 XL Exerpeutic Recumbent Bike comes with 22” leg stabilizers that prevent rocking or tipping during even the most rigorous workouts.

  • Transportation Wheels

    The small transportation wheels make it easy to move your Exerpeutic bike around your home.

  • Pulse Sensors

    The 900XL Exerpeutic bike comes with pulse sensors embedded in the armrests for easy access. Track your heart rate to stay within your desired heart rate zone.

  • Large LCD Display

    The 900XL Exerpeutic Recumbent bike comes with a large, easy-to-read LCD display keeps track of distance, time, speed, calories and heart rate.

  • Warranty

    3-year limited warranty on the frame, 90 days on parts.

  • Shipping and Assembly

    Shipping by Amazon is free within the US. It comes partially assembled. The instructions are a little confusing. It takes on average 2.5-3 hours to put it together.

Our Likes

When someone exclaims they like something, it is usually taken with a grain of salt. One person’s opinion is usually not to be blindly trusted, since they are living life through one very specific, very subjective lens. To dismiss all opinions out of hand is a mistake, however. Individuals are all different, and if one has done their due diligence and researched the object in question, then their opinion is an informed one, and therefore worth great consideration. Make no mistake, when we say we like this marvel of a recumbent exercise bike it is because we have studied it, applied our criticisms against it, and we have not found ourselves wanting. This writer is of the opinion that the Exerpeutic 900XL recumbent exercise bike is an exceptional and stalwart machine that meets every criteria we look for in a quality exercise machine. It possesses a quiet and smooth operation. It’s easy to install and subsequently use. It is comfortable, sturdy, dependable, and affordable. It is for these reasons we have become enamored with this device. It is, without a doubt, a worthy purchase for any fitness enthusiast looking to provide themselves with a reliable, at-home work out machine.

Our Dislikes

Although some people found the assembly quite easy, about 70% of the reviewers were puzzled by the instructions included with the exerpeutic 900xl recumbent exercise bike. Many people didn’t like that the instructions are all on one huge diagram, and sometimes reference parts incorrectly. They would have preferred a picture to go with every step, along with the text in order to better explain the step. Setting up the tension control was by far the most difficult part, and practically omitted from the instructions. A lot of users found the tension to be too hard or too easy, not even knowing it was caused by something they did wrong. However, thanks to the dedication and generosity of some users, who took it upon themselves to solve the problem, the company posted a video on YouTube with detailed instructions on how to fix this problem. It can be found here.

  • Some users thought the seat was still a bit too hard and needed more cushioning. This doesn’t seem to be such a huge issue for people. Using a pillow or some other padding seems to fix the problem. A less economical solution, but a possibly better and more permanent one, is to buy a Gel Exercise Bike Seat Cushion Cover from Amazon.

  • Although the seat adjustment feature is great in itself, using it can be is a bit awkward. You have to get up and take out three knobs to change the setting. It can be an inconvenience when there is more than one person using it and it has to be adjusted all the time. However, given its price, one can’t expect everything to work perfectly.

Our Verdict

To conclude, we believe that the 900 XL Recumbent Extended Capacity Exercise Bike is a very solid exercise bike for a very affordable price that does everything is set out to do. It’s very basic in its design and doesn’t come with all the latest gadgets you would expect from a recumbent exercise bike. However, when we compared the features of 900XL recumbent exercise bike side by side with an over recumbent bike, except for the above-mentioned gadgets and pre-set workout programs, for the most part they had essentially the same, or very similar features. To summarize, the 900XL Exerpeutic bike is a great deal and an excellent investment in your health and fitness. Also check out Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews 2018.

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*The Exerpeutic 900xl extended capacity recumbent bike with pulse without the mat is sold for $ on amazon.com. Here is a direct link. Also, keep in mind that Paradigm Health and Wellness often has sales on its products on amazon.com and www.paradigmhw.com So, please check both for the newest deals.

Question & Answers

  • Q. Would the Exerpeutic 900xl recumbent bike be good for a senior? Can you sit comfortably on it for longer sessions? How easy is it to make it more comfortable? Thanks

    A. The seat is quite comfortable, because of its good low back support. I have had back surgeries and disk deterioration and the Exerpeutic recumbent bike was just right for me. I am 73. When I started using it, I did 20 min sessions and now I exercise for an hour while watching evening news without any issues. By J. A. on November 17, 2013

  • Q. I have no resistance on my Exerpeutic bike. What could I have done wrong assembling it to cause this problem?

    A. If I my memory is correct there are cables that need to be hooked up when you put the metal piece into the main part of the bike. It's been a while since then, but I remember the instructions not being very clear for that part. By Angela K on June 6, 2018

  • Q. The Exerpeutic 900xl vs 1000. Does anybody know the difference?

    A. From what I've understand the main difference is in seat comfort. I’ve never seen a 1000, but the seat on the 900xl Exerpeutic bike has more than enough width and cushioning for me. I am a size XL. Michael J.M. answered on January 8, 2016

  • Q. The exerpeutic 900xl vs 1000 xl, how do they differ?

    A. My understanding from doing my research is that the 1000 (there is no xl behind the number) has a wider seat. By Rebecca J. H. on September 13, 2014

  • Q. Does the Exerpeutic bike hurt your knee and/or knee joints?

    A. No, it actually helps my joints. I have knee pain and stiffness due to osteoarthritis and the Exerpeutic 900xl has been great for it, because it doesn't put weight on your joints unlike walking. I love my Exerpeutic bike and would recommend it for people like me. My doctor also recommends it. By Niss J on November 30, 2013

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Comfortable to use

“The Exerpeutic recumbent bike is easy to put together. It’s comfortable to use. A basic bike without any frills, but does what it says it will.”
- Kathryn R. M

Great buy at a great price!

“The Exerpeutic bike is very easy to use. It’s also very comfortable. It’s small and can be easily moved around my home. Great buy at a great price!
- Doug S

Great bike

“The 900Xl Exerpeutic bike has been great for my knee after my total knee replacement surgery.”
- Fred H

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