Fitnex R70 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

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The Fitnex R70 Recumbent Bike offers all the features one could look for when purchasing an exercise bike. The Fitnex R70 also promises an exceptionally smooth and stable ride, regardless of how fast you are going. This recumbent bike is also easy on your lower body, when compared to other models.

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Fitnex R70 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review
5.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
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Overview & Ratings

Exercise bikes are a great choice for at-home workouts, targeting both cardio and strength. Whether you are already an active cycler and want the option to exercise comfortably at home when the weather won’t cooperate, or you’re just a beginner, the Fitnex R70 is perfect.

The Fitnex R70 will definitely help you improve your cardio and overall fitness. There are 16 levels available on this stationary recumbent bike, so it truly is suitable for anyone. It also offers frictionless magnetic resistance so any workout will be smooth and noiseless. Exercise bikes such as the Fitnex R70 do not require much space at home, and due to the fact that this bike is recumbent, one can exercise in a comfortable, reclined position, with sufficient back support. Since upright exercise bikes do not offer the same type of support as recumbent bikes, this is just one of the reasons that the Fitnex R70 stands out. It can surely help one commit to a long-term and steady exercise regime.

The Fitnex R70 Recumbent Exercise Bike is an ideal, affordable option, for those looking to invest in a stationary exercise bike. Based on our extensive analysis, we rated this product 9.5/10.

Although we will go in more depth about the Fitnex R70, here is a video of the product that will give you an idea of the features which it offers: Fitnex R70 Recumbent Exercise Bike Video.

Features and Specs



  • Assembled Size: 73 x 23 inches (LxW)
  • Weight: 165lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 400lbs


The Fitnex R70 has a handful of great features that will allow you to get an amazing workout in the comfort of your own home. Since this product is also supported by Fitness Master Inc., the Fitnex R70 is manufactured with unbeatable quality.

  • 16 Resistance Levels

    The Fitnex R70 provides a total of 16 resistance levels which are all magnetic and frictionless.

  • Oversized LCD Console

    The large display provided on the Fitnex R70 is a 4-window with dot matrix LED display, allowing you to easily track your workout and see your progress.

  • 11 Total Programs (Pre-Set)

    The Fitnex R70 comes fully equipped with 11 pre-set programs to choose from in order to best cater to personal needs and goals. These programs include: Manual, Heart Rate Control (HR-Weight Loss, HR-Interval, HR-Fat Burn, HR-CV workout), Random, Interval, Weight Loss, CV Workout, Fat Burn, and Rolling.

  • Fully Adjustable, Back-Supported Seat

    The flexibility of the Fitnex R70 commercial grade bike enables a comfortable workout for any user. The ergonomically designed back support on this recumbent bike allows for ease of movement, so that no strain is put on the upper body (arms, neck, shoulders). Extra comfort is also provided with a fully padded seat.

  • Contact Heart Rate Grips

    The contact heart rate sensors which are built into the Fitnex R70’s handlebars, allows you to monitor your pulse rate easily throughout the entire workout. Just by simply holding your handlebars you can take advantage of this convenient pulse feature!

  • Self-Leveling Pedals with Straps

    The pedals on the Fitnex R70 Recumbent Bike are secure with easy adjust straps, and are also self-balancing. This bike also works on a slider seat rail system and a lever, to make for a speedy and simple adjustment.

  • Self-Generating Power Feature

    Many Fitnex R70 users love this aspect of the product because in order for the screen console to display anything, one must be pedaling. This self-generating feature is definitely motivation to get moving, not to mention, this feature makes it eco-friendly!

  • Water Bottle Holder

    The Fitnex R70 comes with a built-in water bottle holder, with room for your accessories such as your phone. There is also an integrated towel rack on the bike for your convenience.

  • Warranty

    The Fitnex R70 Recumbent Exercise Bike is protected by a Lifetime warranty on parts (for residential use only), and a 1-year warranty on labor.

  • Shipping and Assembly

    At the moment, this product can only be shipped in the U.S and to APO/FPO addresses. International shipping is not available.
    The Fitnex R70 requires assembly, however, a printed manual is provided with simple instructions.

Our Likes

There are so many things to love about this particular recumbent bike that make purchasing it an easy decision. The Fitnex R70 commercial grade is lightweight and affordable, to boot. This bike is perfect for those who want to stay healthy and focus on their cardio or leg strength, and even for seasoned cyclers wanting the option of exercising from the comfort of their own home. Whichever skill level you identify with, the Fitnex R70 can meet your needs.

Our Dislikes

It’s rare to find a product that will satisfy every consumer across the board. There will always be deterrents, even for the best home exercise equipment. Despite the fact that the Fitnex R70 has received great reviews, there were still a few concerns that some users mentioned.

  • One point that some customers made, particularly for individuals of a shorter height, found that it was difficult to reach forward and make changes on the screen to their workout, while at the same time, keeping the machine running at minimum power through pedaling. Although the self-generating power is a selling point for most users, there is no alternative for those who are struggling with it.

  • Although the majority of users found the assembly of the Fitnex R70 to be straight-forward and fairly simple, there were some who found the task a little more difficult. It seemed that the main issue was that it was harder to assemble with just one person, so having someone else around to help hold the pieces together while you fasten, could be a great solution. For those putting the machine together alone, another option could be zip ties or a similar aid to hold the pieces together with the same effect.

Our Verdict

Altogether, the Fitnex R70 proves to be an impressive choice for an at-home exercise bike, while still remaining affordable. It’s lightweight, but extremely stable at the same time, and will not take up too much space in the home.

Due to the recumbent and ergonomic design of this bike, it ensures a comfortable and supportive workout at all times. Whether you are interested in weight loss, cardio training, or strengthening, you will definitely see results from consistent exercise on your Fitnex R70.

The Fitnex R70 commercial grade bike has a lot of features that more expensive bikes provide, and the multitude of available workout settings will keep your exercise regime interesting for a long while. At times, home exercise may get boring, so these features will help to ensure that boredom is kept to a bare minimum.

The self-generating power aspect of the Fitnex R70 is another reason why we love it. Many cardio machines require a lot of hydro to run, but this bike is eco-friendly. This bike will also give users one of the smoothest rides possible because of the magnetic resistance.

With all of the different features shown in this recumbent bike, we give the Fitnex R70 a final score of 9.5/10. The quality that this machine promises is guaranteed through the lifetime warranty on parts that it offers, so you can be confident that you’re making a wise purchase. Also check out Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews 2018.

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Question & Answers

  • Q. What units are the speed/distance readings in on the Fitnex R70?

    A. The units are measured in MPH/KM/H.

  • Q. I’m 5 ft tall. Will the Fitnex R70 be suitable for my short stature?

    A. In short, yes. Many users of the machine are under 5ft 2in. and have no issues. To add, the Fitnex R70 has an adjustable seat to allow various leg lengths.

  • Q. What are the height requirements for someone taller? I am 6 ft 5 in.

    A. The manufacturer confirms that your height should not be an issue. The Fitnex R70 accommodates individuals of all heights.

  • Q. It states that this bike has an oversized plush seat with a comfortable back, and adjustable rubber pedal straps for a secure and comfortable fit. Does this mean that the seat is adjustable?

    A. Yes. The seat of the Fitnex R70 adjusts back and forth on the slider as shown in the photo with the use of a lever. It is based both on your height and the length of your legs. The rubber pedal straps are fixed like stirrups and can be tightened and loosened to your liking as well.

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Excellent Purchase

“My bike arrived a few days ago and it’s great! It arrived in just a few days, and it was packed very well with missing or damaged parks. Simple to assemble, and not at all time consuming. Excellent purchase.”
- CR Maresca


“Wonderful exercise bike. Definitely satisfied with it.”
- Bruce B

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