Bodycraft VR500 Commercial Rower Review

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The Bodycraft VR500 has various features that contributes towards a smooth, quiet, efficient and comfortable exercise session. The mechanics of the Bodycraft VR500 and its structure reflects the ingenious and methodical approach of its makers, which translates into an excellent exercise equipment.

Our Rating: 9.4/10

Bodycraft VR500 Commercial Rower Review
4.6 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
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Overview & Ratings

Any fitness enthusiast would swear by the benefits of rowing. Rowing targets the entire body rather than specific areas and produces great results. It is the rowing machine that would manage to burn more calories in less amount of time than compared with treadmills, cycles or cross-trainers. And one can avoid the inconvenience of a gym and still reap the benefits of rowing with the Bodycraft VR500.

The Bodycraft VR500 is the finest model in its series. The Bodycraft Rower VR500 has a durable construct, ergonomic design and innovative technological features. And the little perks will win your heart. Perks such as the convenience to opt resistance from the handlebars itself, flexibility, quality and what not! Therefore, based on our extensive analysis we have rated the Bodycraft VR500 Commercial Rower 9.4/10.

Although this is a detailed Bodycraft VR500 review, following is a video review to give you a  different perspective on the product: Bodycraft VR500 Commercial Rower Video Review

Features and Specs



  • Assembled dimensions : 98.5" x 20" x 38.5"
  • Folded dimensions: 58.5" x 20" x 77”
  • Weight: 45.5 kg


The Bodycraft VR500 gives top-notch quality in a price tag it well deserves. Some of its features that are bound to appeal to you for their uniqueness are as follows:

  • Magnificent Monitor

    The Bodycraft VR500 has a computer system embedded with all the controls and programs imaginable. Plus, a state of the art widescreen LCD display and keys with LED backlighting. It can keep a track and record the workout data of up to 4 users. The console of the Bodycraft VR500 can also keep track of a varied parameters like calories burned, amount of rowing strokes, distance, time and so on. However, the best feature of the Bodycraft VR500 is the great variety of programs the user can opt from. The Bodycraft VR500 comes preprogrammed with 8 kinds of workouts, such as the QuickStart where the user can choose from 32 levels of resistance. Other programs include the Manual program, 12 Preset Profiles, 5 Race Modes, User Race Modes, Advanced Interval Programs, Watt Goal etc.

  • Uniquely Comfortable Seat

    The Bodycraft VR500 has a seat that would make you wonder if it is made out of clouds. In fact, it is this seat of the BodyCraft VR500 that has stood out and proved pivotal in the Bodycraft vs Concept 2 debate for many users. Much of the convenience of the seat lies in its strategic positioning. The seat is placed at a height of 19 inches and thereby is accommodating to any body type and age.

  • Air and Eddy Current Magnetic Resistance

    The Bodycraft VR500 uses a combined system of air and eddy current magnetic resistance. This system increases the resistance as the user increases speed, thereby giving much better resistance than any of the Bodycraft VR500 contemporaries. Plus, the user can choose from 32 different levels of resistance that can be controlled electronically.

  • Handy Handlebars

    The Bodycraft VR500 Rowing Machine has aluminum handlebars. They have the right balance of sturdiness, flexibility and comfort; all thanks to its ergonomic design. To top it off, these handlebars have 4 keys that enable the user to control resistance directly from the handlebars itself, leaving no room for interruptions during the workout.

  • Warranty

    The Bodycraft VR500 offers two kinds of warranties.
    For Residential: Frame - Lifetime; Parts - 7 years; Wear Items - 1 year; Labor - 2years
    For Light Commercial: Frame - 10 years; Parts - 3 years; Labor and Wear Items - 1 year

  • Shipping and Assembly

    Shipping of Bodycraft VR500 might cost a bit depending on country of residence but shipping is free of cost if purchased from Assembly is easy and the Bodycraft VR500 is delivered with manual and required tools. The instructions are clear and it will take less than an hour to assemble the Bodycraft VR500 single handedly.

Our Likes

The Bodycraft VR500 Commercial Rower is the exercise equipment that guarantees a smooth workout. It is loaded with features that are thoughtful, advanced and convenient.

Our Dislikes

Users who own the Bodycraft VR500 have complained about the bulky size of the machine, designed so to accommodate all body types. If you are short of space then the Bodycraft VR500 can become an eyesore. But it isn’t so huge that it eats up the entire space and makes the area look claustrophobic. It has the standard dimensions to fit a regular gym or exercise area. Plus, with transport wheels and foldable frame, the Bodycraft VR500 is easy to move around and store.

Our Verdict

The Bodycraft VR500 is truly one of the best rowing machines. Its positives outweigh the negative aspects. It has a durable construct, readable and user-friendly console. It offers a wide array of options in terms of workouts comparatively. It is built to facilitate effective workout sessions for any type of user. It is hassle free, quiet and smooth. Also check out Best Rowing Machine Reviews 2018.

All these qualities make the Bodycraft VR500 a reliable rowing machine. It is built to ensure satisfactory results and it measures up to the expectations.

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Question & Answers

  • Q. Does the Bodycraft VR500 need to be plugged in a socket or does it have battery?

    A. The Bodycraft VR500 would be needed to plug in due to its LCD display, handlebars controls and servo controlled resistance.

  • Q. How much does the Bodycraft VR500 weigh?

    A. It weighs 116 lbs with the box and 101 lbs on assembly.

  • Q. At what level of resistance does it began to feel like actual rowing with the Bodycraft VR500?

    A. At Level 1 itself the Bodycraft VR500 can simulate actual rowing. However, it goes beyond being a simulator and resistance increases steadily with speed and levels.

User Reviews Write a Review

It's great!

This machine is very quiet and smooth the only obstacle is my weak will to exercise regularly! I did hire a sports equipment person to assemble it for me and a couple of times he needed me to hold a part or two. I would not have been able to assemble it myself but I am nearly 73 and a little feeble. Hence, I've purchased this rower. I think it's great.
- Ann K.

Great staff, great product

I bought this from the BodyCraft Showroom/ Outlet Store in Central Ohio region (Lewis Center, OH). Great staff, great product, great service! This is a family-run company that puts the customer first. This product is commercial grade and I see using this 30 min everyday that it would last 10,15, or likely even 20 years with little to no maintenance (other than the usual dusting and wiping off sweat after use). I am sold on BodyCraft and will definitely be looking at them first whenever adding to my home gym.
- Erik S.

I am very happy that I purchased this rower

I am very happy that I purchased this rower. It is easy to assemble. I look forward to using all the time. Its awesome. The preset programs and/or 36 Level Preset are so easy, fun and challenging. The Bodycraft VR500 is a stand alone exercise equipment, I would have not needed anything else, but I purchased a Spin Bike and a Colorado before I saw this machine. I have to say BodyCraft VR500 did an awesome job manufacturing this product. I would most likely purchase any and I mean any BodyCraft Product. From machine to their tech support, administrative dept. - 5 Star rating - I am so very happy. I would recommend this Bodycraft VR500 "HIGHLY"!
- Kim F.

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Last updated on September 29th, 2020

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