Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 Review

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The Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 is a high quality piece of machinery designed to provide an exceptional, complete body workout for both the average and intense user. One thing that makes the Concept 2 Rower Model E so amazing is the flywheel’s design. It maximizes the graceful strokes at a minimal sound level while maintaining an extremely good workout. Moreover, the Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine is a portable system that can break down to two different parts for both storage or mobility. Such a simple machine comes with a lot of options to keep your exercises entertaining and useful due to the PM5 Performance Monitor. The PM5 can pre-load workouts, provide games, and transfer complex data to computers or online apps. There is little that can beat this titan of a machine called Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine.

Our Rating: 9.8/10

Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 Review
5.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
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Overview & Ratings

The Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 is a luxury indoor rower for both fitness centers and the average home gym. This system is designed to withstand heavy use due to its extra coat of gloss, a durable metal monitor arm, and extremely strong steel legs. Moreover, the high seat positioning lets the Model E support a variety of trainees including people that have limited mobility. What makes the Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 shine the most is its backlit computer called the PM5 display that can program a multitude of functions to elevate your workout experience. Due to the amazing quality of the PM5 is its capacity to transfer data to other devices wirelessly or via flash drive. This way you can track your progress!

One thing that must be taken into consideration when looking to purchase this exceptional system, the Model E Indoor Rower is manufactured by the infamous Concept2 company. This company has been leading the fitness industry for over 40 years and are known for their amazing durability in their products and have been claimed as the standard for other manufacturers. Due to their reputation, the Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 is truly an exceptional product.

Based on our expensive analysis, we rated this product 9.8/10 in this Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 Review.

Even though we will cover everything about Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5, this is a brief video demonstration of the exercises you can do with this excellent machine: Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 Video.

Features and Specs



  • Dimensions of fully assembled Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine:
    96 x 24 x 20 inches
  • The assembled dimensions of the Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine is 8 ft. x 2 ft. The box comes in two:
    Box 1
    Length: 15 inches
    Width: 21.5 inches
    Height: 56 inches
    Weight 70 lbs
    Box 2
    Length: 13 inches
    Width: 26 inches
    Height: 28 inches
    Weight: 30 lbs


The Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 is a simple machine that comes with amazing features which makes it a superior system in comparison to its competitors:

  • Performance Monitor

    The PM5 sets this rowing machine apart from all competitors. It comes with games and workouts to help every user experience a fun and active workout. More importantly, it provides amazing feedback for each workout session. This data can be transferred easily through wireless connection or save the data onto a flash drive. Although it may seem unnecessary, this data can help track your progression.

  • Ergonomic Handle

    The Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 has a 10-degree bend to support a graceful and natural rowing position for the user.

  • Air Resistance

    The Concept 2 Model E’s air resistance system supports a smooth motion while maintain very little noise. You can also adjust airflow through the damper. This intricate device changes the resistance in response to rider effort.

  • Easy Assembly

    Takes very little time to assemble; roughly around 30 minutes to complete.

  • Wireless Heart Rate Data

    The PM5 Monitor works with Bluetooth and ATN to compute heart rate data to any device.

  • Adjustable Footrests

    The Concept 2 Model E’s footrest is fully adjustable to fit different shoe sizes.

  • High Capacity

    The maximum user weight capacity for the Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 is 500lbs.

  • Warranty

    The Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 has a five year limited warranty on only the frame, two-year warranty on the performance monitor and moving parts, and a 30-day money back guarantee if anything is wrong with the product.

  • Shipping and Assembly

    The Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 comes with an assembly manual that pertains visual images of every step you must take to build the machine. It also comes in different languages that help any user get the proper direction. The assembly is very quick and can be finished in 15-45 minutes.
    The Concept 2 Model E comes shipped in two different boxes, but does not make you pay two different shipping fees. Some retailers will provide free shipping such as Amazon. However, the shipping cost will vary depending on where you purchase the product.


The Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 does exactly what it’s supposed to do: row. To help you get started, we provide you with this video on how to use the Concept 2 Model E.

Our Likes

The Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 checks everything we want to see in a fitness equipment and more. The simple design makes any customer think that the functionality of the system is weak. However, it actually makes it even more impressive that it can wield the Performance Monitor- a device that reigns supreme against all competitors. Even though the device is simple, the Concept 2 Model E is built by one of the best manufacturers in the business making it the strongest machine when it comes to rowing systems.

Our Dislikes

The only problem we see from the Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 is its size.

  • It takes up quite a bit of space and has a relatively large footprint. However, this does not detract from its performance or quality, in the grand scheme of things. Moreover, these are problems that can be solved by moving around some furniture and adjusting the footrests.

Our Verdict

With a reasonable price range, the Concept 2 Model E Indoor Rower is a great purchase. It is built by a highly reputable manufacturer that almost guarantees a long use in the comfort of your own home. There are different products that can potentially compete against the Model E, such as the Model D, but what makes the Concept 2 Model E Indoor Rower unmatchable is the computer features of the PM5.

The computer features provide a number of different settings that help motivate you to exercise while making it an enjoyable and fun experience. It further assists you in finding the proper workout by optimizing your body, heart rate, and rhythm of speed. The Model E comes with a memory storage device and built-in wireless connection that stores your progress on a workout to workout basis. This truly makes the Concept 2 Model E Indoor Rower unrivalled when it comes to rowing machines. Also check out Best Rowing Machine Reviews 2018.

There are absolutely no problems we find with the Concept 2 Model E Indoor Rower other than the size it takes up. However, this can be solved very easily through some home rearrangements. More importantly, the Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 comes at a very reasonable price when considering its high quality. It is truly a worthy buy for anyone who is looking to expand their home gym in a positive way. We give the Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 a final score of 9.8/10. This is an amazing addition to any home gym or fitness center that guarantees results.

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*This is a high graded sports machine suited for the highest level of fitness professional. At a moderate price, the Concept 2 Model E Indoor Rower is an amazing buy. Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5 prices at $ on

Question & Answers

  • Q. Is the Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine easy to assemble?

    A. Yes, the included instructions are simple to follow. With just a few household tools and a pair of helping hands you’ll be strengthening your core in no time.

  • Q. What is maximum weight limit for the Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine?

    A. The maximum weight limit is 500 lbs. Anything beyond risks compromising the structural integrity of the system.

  • Q. Does the machine provide heart rate information?

    A. You can in fact connect a myriad of Bluetooth devices to the machine in order to receive a heart rate read out.

User Reviews Write a Review

Amazing machine

“Amazing machine. Quiet, smooth, and easy to use. Fitness monitor is large and easy to read. The workout is great and I do not seem to have some of the after-effects from other regimens such as jogging or aerobic routines. I am older so the "E" version is better for me because it is easier to mount/dismount.”
- Tyler P.

Amazing quality

“I've used the model D at the gym, so I know how well Concept rowers are built. I got the model E for my home, and I have to say it's a step up. The quality is amazing, and I think the model E looks even better. I like the higher seat also. Can't wait to use it each day.”
- Louis V.

Excellent product

“Excellent product. Appreciate the 20" seat height which helps those with limited ability to sit down lower on other machines. However, considering that I bought this machine because of its 20" seat height, it would be nice if the company realized that those individuals that require assistance getting on and off of the machine, would have designed some sort of handle to use when you mount our dismount the machine.”
- Tom

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