WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine Review

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The WaterRower GX is handcrafted from some of the world’s finest sustainable hardwoods found in the Appalachian Mountain regions. They are long-lasting, eco-friendly and give you the perfect workout.

Our Rating: 9/10

WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine Review
4.6 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
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Overview & Ratings

The WaterRower GX is the perfect combination of luxury, style, and fitness. Built using ash wood with an aluminum monorail makes the WaterRower GX sturdy for everyday use. The WaterRower GX has a uniquely designed WaterFlywheel that replicates the dynamics of a competitive rowing boat.

The WaterFlywheel is a unique feature in the WaterRower GX that separates it from other water rowers. The WaterFlywheel cups the moving water using its specially made paddle to give you the experience of rowing an authentic rowing boat. Users often complain about a sudden jolt when using conventional water rowers, but with the WaterRower GX gives you a smooth workout experience thanks to its carefully crafted design.

The WaterRower GX gives a smooth and even workout to all your core muscle groups, making your workout a convenient and stress-free experience. I highly recommend the WaterRower GX for its hardwood design and their patented WaterFlywheel. For being an eco-friendly and easy-to-use fitness equipment, I give it a score of 9/10.

Check out this video on Water Rower GX rowing machine to know what makes them different from other rowing machines.

Features and Specs



  • Product Weight: 61 lbs
  • Length: 83.5 inches
  • Width: 22.5 inches
  • Height: 20 inches


To truly evaluate the WaterRower GX it’s important have a full account of its features and the corresponding benefits! That’s why we’ve listed all of this machine’s amazing features below!

  • Handcrafted from hardwood

    The Water Rower GX is handcrafted from sturdy hardwoods found in the Appalachian mountain range. Some of their products are made from ash wood, beech, birch, cherry wood. Despite using wood to make their water rowers, the WaterRower GX is an eco-friendly machine as it uses verified sustainable hardwoods from the Appalachian Hardwood Region.

  • Unique WaterFlywheel Design

    The Water Rower GX uses a WaterFlywheel design that replicates the exact dynamics of a moving boat. The resistance in the WaterRower GX is applied by you, which means you control the speed at which you row. All you need to do is strap in and row. The uncomplicated working of the Water Rower GX makes it easier to use by people of all ages.

  • Transport and Store Upright

    You can save space by storing the WaterRower GX in an upright position. The Water Rower GX has dolly wheels that make it easy to transport. So once you are done with your exercise, you can move and store it wherever you want.

  • Adjustable Foot Rests

    Companies when designing fitness equipment pay attention to how it can maximize your workout, but they often overlook a user’s comfort during workout. The WaterRower GX is designed not just to help you achieve your fitness goals, but also to let you feel comfortable while doing it. It has adjustable footrests, comfortable seats and an easy-grip handle so that you can have a safe workout without putting stress on your body.

  • Warranty

    The WaterRower GX has a one year warranty for frame and components and a warranty that can be extended upon registration. It includes a five-year warranty for the wooden frame and a three-year warranty on all components.
    Initial warranty for frame and components: 1-year
    Extendable warranty for wooden frame: 5 years
    Extendable warranty for all components: 3 years

  • Shipping & Assembling

    The WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine can be purchased at Amazon.com. Amazon also has free shipping.
    Assembling the WaterRower GX should not take more than 45 minutes. All that is required to assemble the Water Rower GX is an Allen wrench. Once assembled, you need to add water to the tank. This can be done using the hand siphon pump that comes with the product or a hose.

Our Likes

The WaterRower GX is different from other fitness equipment. It is made from hardwoods found in the Appalachian mountain range. Its WaterFlywheel design ensures it is the user that can control the rowing speed. With an extendable warranty for five years, you don’t have to worry about the water rower facing any wear and tear.

Our Dislikes

The WaterRower GX is a no-frills fitness equipment that is uncomplicated and can be used by people of all ages. However, its simplicity is its only disadvantage.

  • The Water Rower GX has no fancy equipment on it that you would find in a gym equipment. It has a basic monitor that provides no advanced features; it only gives you readings like distance, strokes, and time. However, with an extra you can upgrade the monitor to a more advanced version.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a fitness equipment that is simple, easy to use, and long lasting then the Water Rower GX is the right choice. It is different from other fitness equipment made from metal that you find in a gym. Made from sustainable hardwood and using no electricity, it is an attractive and eco-friendly fitness machine. You can roll it around using its dolly wheels and store it upright to save space. It requires no periodic cleaning, is low-maintenance and has a silent functioning, replicating the working of a rowing boat. Also check out Best Rowing Machine Reviews 2018.

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*Water Rower GX is available at Amazon.com for $. This includes free shipping. WaterRower sells its whole range of fitness rowers at Amazon. Be sure to check them for exciting deals and offers!

Question & Answers

  • Q. What maintenance is required for the Water Rower GX?

    A. The Water Rower GX requires little maintenance. You only need to check the quality of water in the tank from time to time.

  • Q. Is there a lot of assembly required for the Water Rower GX?

    A. Assembling requires to put together the various components that come with the Water Rower GX. It shouldn’t take you more than 45 minutes and can be done using a 5mm Allen wrench. Once assembled, you need to fill in the water in the tank using a hose or the hand siphon pump provided.

  • Q. Can I purchase a used Water Rower GX at a discount?

    A. To purchase a Water Rower GX at a discounted rate, please check our rental program at Rent a Water Rower.

User Reviews Write a Review

Easy to assemble

The Water Rower GX arrived on time and was easy to assemble. Now I am rowing and I love this. I like the sound of the water and the sound of the sliding seat on the return stroke. It is so easy to just get into a rhythm and keep it there while only focusing on the row.
- L. Cambruzzi

Highly recommended

I’ve had the Water Rower GX for 2 weeks and have been using it almost everyday. It's nice being able to come home from work and work-out without leaving the house. It's great cardio, but works arms and core as well as legs. I've already recommended it to my friends.
- Austin McBee

Great workout equipment

The Water Rower GX is a great workout equipment for a busy lifestyle, I have seen a huge improvement in my strength, endurance and overall fitness using this machine 4 to 5 times a week for 15 minutes to a half hour.
- John Savio

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Last updated on September 30th, 2020

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