Australian Tea Tree Oil Skin Tag Removal Review

Our Rating: 9/10


Safety 100% safe unless you are allergic to tea tree oil. Check Amazon Price
Results Provides permanent results. The process is pain-free and it doesn’t leave any scar.
Time to see Results 6-8 weeks
Features 100% pure therapeutic grade oil. You need to dilute it before use.

Although being painless and harmless, skin tags are unsightly and uncomfortable, especially when they grow on delicate locations such as eyelids, armpits, neck, and groin. They are very common in all age groups and affect almost 50% of us. While many of us choose to ignore them, a lot of people do want to get rid of them. No wonder why, skin tag removal market is huge, with tons of products mushrooming all around the World Wide Web. Thankfully, a lot of these products do work. When applied consistently as recommended by the manufacturer, they can make your skin tag fall off on its own without paying hundreds of dollars to your dermatologist. In this blog, we will discuss Australian Tea Tree oil, a 100% pure therapeutic grade tea tree oil for skin tag removal.


Australian Tea Tree Oil Skin Tag Removal

The Australian tea tree oil manufactured by Essential Oils Lab is a 100% pure therapeutic grade oil backed by medical research. The manufacturer claims that it can be used for various skin problems including acne, psoriasis, eczema, bug bites, cuts, scrapes, razor bump, skin tags, and even warts. Although no scientific research has yet proved the effectiveness of tea tree oil for removing skin tags, anecdotal reports have suggested that it works.

Skin tag removal tea tree oil has been used since ages by the Aboriginal people of Australia to treat wounds and infections. Due to its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties, these days Australian tea tree oil is being used for treating athletes’ foot, acne, fungal infection, etc. When applied continuously for a few days, it dries up the skin tags, thereby making it fall off on its own within a few days. This dehydrating effect is safe and pain-free. Even dermatologists also use this process. They tie up the skin tags using a suture. This cuts off the blood supply, causing it to dry up and fall off. A dermatologist can charge you more than a hundred for doing this, (which is not covered in your insurance) whereas the Australian skin tag removal oil can do it at a fraction of the cost at the convenience of your own home.

Each bottle of Australian skin tag removal tea tree oil by Essential Oil Labs comes with a digital guide that contains the exact instructions that you need to follow to get rid of the skin tag quickly and safely. It is very affordable and it doesn’t cause any pain or scarring. So, it is definitely worth considering.


Step-by-Step Guide for Use at Home

As mentioned above, each bottle of Australian tea tree oil manufactured by Essential Oil Labs comes with a digital guide that lists the instructions on how to use it safely. Unfortunately, this guide is restricted to its buyers only and you can access it only when you enter your order number. So, unless you have already purchased it, you wouldn’t know how to use it. However, for your convenience we have listed below some generic instructions on how to use tea tree oil for skin tags:

  • Tea tree oils come in many strengths. Some are already diluted and you can use them directly on your skin. But the skin tag removal oil manufactured by Essential Oil labs is 100% pure and undiluted. Undiluted tea tree oil can cause irritation in some people, so you need to try it first.
  • Take a small cotton ball and add a few drops of Australian tea tree oil on it. Apply it directly on your skin tag and leave it for 20-30 minutes. If it doesn’t cause any irritation, cover it up with a band-aid for a few hours.
  • Do this twice daily for at least 6 to 8 weeks. Within a few weeks, the tag will start drying up and will fall off without causing any pain or leaving any scar.
  • If you experience any form of irritation while applying 100% pure undiluted oil, you need to dilute it with a carrier oil. You can use any oil such as coconut or jojoba oil. Mix one teaspoon of carrier oil with 3-5 drops of Australian tea tree oil. Soak a cotton ball in it, place the cotton ball on the skin tag, and cover it with a band-aid. Repeat this twice daily for 6-8 weeks or until the tag has fallen off.
  • You can also combine it with vinegar along with a carrier oil but such as mixture is not recommended for skin tags on eyes, groin, and other sensitive areas. In fact, there is no such skin tag on eyelid tea tree oil that is safe for use.

As mentioned above, the skin tag removal tea tree oils are not suitable for everyone. If you experience any irritation or itching even after diluting it, please stop using it. Also, please note that all the tea tree oil for skin tags take time to work and you need to be very consistent with them. If you use it irregularly, it may not work.


Pros & Cons of Using Australian Tea Tree Oil

Like any other skin tag removal product, Australian tea tree oil too is not suitable for everyone. Before you order your bottle, here are some pros and cons that you must know so that you don’t end up buying the wrong skin tag removal oil.


  • Essential Oil Labs claims that their tea tree oil for skin tags is 100% pure, natural, and derived from sustainable sources. It is free of any additives, chemicals or fillers.
  • Since tea tree oil is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, it is not going to cause an infection.
  • Chances of bleedings are very rare unless you scratch the tag away sooner than it is ready to fall off.
  • Unlike many other surgical and non-surgical skin tag removal methods, Australian tea tree oil for skin tags is not going to cause any scarring.
  • Removing skin tags through tea tree oil isn’t going to cause any pain. So, it is suitable for people of all age groups.
  • It is very inexpensive as compared to skin tag removal surgeries and many other skin tag removal products.


  • It is not a skin tag on eyelid tea tree oil. If you have skin tags on eyelids, groin, or any other sensitive areas, you should consult a dermatologist instead of trying DIY products.
  • It is not suitable for people who are allergic to tea tree oil. So, you must do a patch test before you apply. Dab a few drops of it on your skin and leave it for 24 hours or more. If you do not see any adverse reaction, you can apply it safely.
  • It takes a lot of time to work. Moreover, you need to consistently apply it twice a day for a few weeks. Inconsistency may not give you the desired results. So, tea tree oil for skin tags is not suitable for busy professionals who cannot set a dedicated routine for this.


Before and After

A lot of buyers have stated that they are very happy with the product and it does exactly what it promises. Some buyers have got their skin tags removed in just two weeks whereas, some had to apply it for a few weeks. People have mentioned that they are very happy with the quality of the Australian tea tree oil.

Some people rated it poorly because they didn’t like its smell. They have mentioned in their comment that it nowhere smells like tea tree oil. They found its smell similar to that of pinesol or a cleaner. This product does have a very strong smell, like any other pure essential oil has. So, if you are allergic to strong smell, then avoid using it. You can, however, use it in a well-ventilated area to let the smell escape away.

Another issue that a few buyers had with Australian tea tree oil for skin tags is that they didn’t receive the user guide. We have already mentioned it above that the user guide is limited to only the buyers, many a times people just buy it and when the guide arrives they realize that this is not what they wanted.

Very few buyers in their reviews have stated that they didn’t achieve any results even if they applied the oil very consistently. Our bodies react differently to everything that we apply and consume. So, it is possible that skin tag removal tea tree oil may not work for some people. In that case, you can try other skin tag removal products that we have listed below in the article.

How Much Does Australian Tea Tree Oil Cost?

The price of Australian tea tree oil manufactured by Essential Oil Labs varies widely. The listed price of 4 fl oz bottle on Amazon is about half a hundred but, when we had last checked the price, it was being sold at 68% less than its listed price. The same bottle is being listed on Essential oil labs website, but when we had last checked the price, it was being sold at a discounted price. So, if you want to buy Radha skin tag removal tea tree oil, make sure you check both Amazon and its manufacturer’s website to get the best deal on it.


Where to Buy Australian Tea Tree Oil

As mentioned above, the Australian tea tree oil manufactured by Essential Oil Labs is available on Amazon and its own website It is also sold on many other online stores but we do not recommend any of those sites, as they may not be very secure to do online transaction. Essential Oil Labs is offering free shipping on all U.S orders. It offers multiple payment options and is quite safe to do online transactions. However, if you still have any doubt, you can order from Amazon.


Our Verdict

This Australian tea tree oil is definitely 100% pure, therapeutic grade, chemical-free oil unlike many cheap substitutes that are often diluted with carrier oils and the tea tree oil content is very less in them. When you apply it religiously on your skin tag as recommended by the manufacturer, it will dry it and make it fall on its own.

It does have a strong odor, which many people have disliked. If you cannot bear strong smell, you may not like it too. Pure tea tree oils do have a strong smell, so nothing much can be done about it. You can, however, dilute it or use it in a well-ventilated area to let the smell escape.

Here is a sum-up of our verdict:

Effectiveness: 4.5/5

Safety of use: 5/5 (not recommended for eyelids as it is not a skin tag on eyelid tea tree oil)

Convenience of use: 3.5/5 (needs to be used consistently for weeks)

Speed: 3.5/5 (it takes time and for some it may not work)

Results: 4.5/5 (pain-free, scar-free results)


Other Skin Tag Remover Products to Consider

As mentioned above, Australian tea tree oil is going to take time to work on your skin tags. But, more than time, it needs a lot of dedication, consistency, and patience. You need to clean the skin tag and its nearby area with water and then apply the diluted or undiluted tea tree oil on it, wait for a few minutes, and cover the area with a band-aid for a few hours. This could take 5 to 10 minutes. You need to repeat the process twice or thrice daily for at least a few weeks. Not every one of us has got so much patience to stay committed to this routine for weeks. If you are looking for easier skin tag removal methods, here are some DIY products that you can try at home. We have selected these products based on their Amazon rating, reviews, ease of use, product safety, and customer satisfaction level. They are a great alternative to surgical skin tag removal methods.

  • TagBand Skin Tag Removal Kit: It is a band that cuts blood supply to the tag, thereby killing it and making it fall off.
  • HaloDerm cream: This homeopathic formula dries up the skin tag in order to make it fall on its own.
  • Scholl’s Freeze Away: It freezes the skin tag completely, thereby killing it.
  • Radha Tea Tree Oil Skin Tag Removal: It is a 100% pure therapeutic grade tea tree oil. It is ideal for blemish-prone skin and skin tags. You can also use it for aromatherapy, massage, and in a diffuser.

All the above-mentioned products are safe for use. But, we do not guarantee the effectiveness or safety of use of any of them. Before you order, please read the product description and customer reviews to find out if they are suitable for you. Keep reading our blog for more such helpful information.

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