HaloDerm Cream Skin Tag Remover Review

Almost half of Americans have at least one or more skin tags somewhere on their body. Many people struggle with self confidence due to the appearance of their skin – skin tags are one of those things that make it difficult for us to feel self confident. Furthermore Skin tags often rub through clothes and irritate. In some cases, they might start bleeding when they tear off due to friction. They are unsightly, especially when they are on the face or neck. The skin tags are some of the reasons why people want to get rid of them, even though they are completely harmless. If the skin tag is located at sensitive areas such as on the eyes or the genitals, you will have to seek professional help, but, if they are on the neck, armpit, etc. you can get rid of them on your own using the over-the-counter skin tag removal products. In this blog, we will brief you about Haloderm, a homeopathic skin tag removal cream.

Our Rating: 8/10

Safety Generally safe when applied only on the tags. Can burn the nearby skin, so you need to apply it carefully. Check Amazon Price
Results If applied as instructed by the manufacturer it should clear away the tag single application
Time to see Results 8 hours for the tag to dry up and become a scab
Features Homeopathic formula. Can be used on all parts of the body except sensitive areas. Fastest possible results
Prescription Not needed

HaloDerm Cream Skin Tag Removal

HaloDerm Skin tag removal cream is an affordable over-the-counter cream that can help you get rid of the skin tags within just 8 hours! Yes, that’s quite fast. The HaloDerm cream consists of natural ingredients that, when applied, can cauterize the skin within hours. The cauterization process will dry up the skin tag quickly and form a scab. Once the scab falls off, you will not have the skin tag underneath. This could take a few days. The HaloDerm advanced technology gel is a single application cream but you can reapply it if the scab is not formed properly.

The manufacturer of HaloDerm cream product claims that it is a homeopathic formula and can be used on almost all parts of the body. However, it suggests that you should be cautious while applying HaloDerm to the eyes or groin area. We recommend that you must consult your dermatologist if you have skin tags in sensitive areas instead of trying the DIY kits and creams. HaloDerm’s advanced formula will cause a scab to form anywhere it is applied, so you need to be very cautious while applying it.

HaloDerm will cause mild to strong stinging sensation, which indicates that the product is cauterizing the skin tag. But if the sensation becomes unbearable, wash off the area immediately. If you don’t experience any sensation, it indicates that the skin tag is not getting dried up. In such a case, you should reapply the product to the skin tag. The manufacturer claims that within 8 hours of application, the HaloDerm will dry up the skin tag to form a scab, which will eventually fall off leaving you with a fresh skin underneath.


Step-by-Step Guide for Use at Home

As mentioned above, HaloDerm cream must be applied correctly and exactly on the skin tag. If applied elsewhere, the product can burn the skin. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how you can apply HaloDerm gel safely to get rid of skin tags.

  • Before you apply the HaloDerm cream, you need to rough up the skin tag so that it becomes easier for the product to penetrate it. You can use an emery board for it. Rub the skin tag gently for a few times to avoid bleeding.
  • The cream can burn any area that comes in contact with it but we just want it to work on the skin tag. So, to protect the skin around the tag, apply petroleum jelly. It will act as a protective barrier.
  • Once the surrounding skin is generously covered with petroleum jelly, apply a small amount of HaloDerm skin tag removal cream directly on the skin tag. Use a very little amount of cream. It should be enough for covering the skin tag and not more than that.
  • To help the product penetrate the skin tag, cover it with a band-aid after 45 minutes of application, and leave it for 8 hours.
  • When you remove the band-aid, the skin tag should be gone. All that should be left is a scab, which will eventually fall off within a few days. Do not scratch or peel the scab. Let it fall off naturally or else it may bleed. You can apply an antibacterial solution to prevent any future infection even if the scab is not bleeding.
  • The skin tag removal product usually works in one treatment but if you feel the scab isn’t formed completely or the skin tag hasn’t dried up, you can reapply it.
  • After the scab has fallen off, it will leave a lingering mark on your skin. Don’t worry about it. It will balance out soon.


Pros & Cons of Using HaloDerm Cream

The product HaloDerm is a highly effective homeopathic formula that helps get rid of skin tags within just 8 hours. This is the biggest reason why it is one of the top-selling skin tag removal products. However, like any other product, HaloDerm gel too is associated with some risks. Here are some pros and cons of HaloDerm skin tag removal cream that you must know before you order a product.


  • The product will remove skin tags fast. You can see the results within 8 hours.
  • The product is made of natural ingredients and is suitable for all skin types. You can use it even on the face but you should not use it on sensitive areas such as the eyes and groin.
  • The product is a single application cream. In most cases, dabbing the skin tag with just a small amount of cream is going to give you amazing results. However, you can reapply the cream if you are not satisfied with the results.
  • One tube is enough for removing multiple skin tags and moles.
  • The manufacturer is offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, you can claim a refund.


  • Although being a homeopathic formula, HaloDerm cream is not 100% safe. It can burn any skin which comes in contact with it. So, you need to apply it very carefully on the skin tag and nowhere else.
  • Since it will be burning the skin tag, you will experience a stinging sensation. Usually, the sensation is bearable. But, if you find it unbearable, please wash the cream immediately.
  • Sometimes, it is required to apply the skin tag removal product more than once.
  • The product might not be suitable for sensitive skin and is not recommended for sensitive areas.


Before and After

The ingredients used in this HaloDerm Advanced are powerful enough to work on almost all types and sizes of skin tags and moles. Many users in their HaloDerm review have stated that the cream works exactly as described, whereas many others have stated that it took a few days and more than one application, but ultimately they got the desired results. Some buyers have also mentioned that the manufacturer has amazing customer service. They respond promptly and address your queries properly.

A lot of buyers however aren’t much happy with the HaloDerm Advanced gel. Some have stated that the scab either didn’t form or was formed partially, which is why they have rated it poorly. The manufacturer has mentioned that in such cases, you need to re-apply the cream instead of giving up. For some skin tags, more than one application may be required. Further, if you don’t prepare the skin tag, the product may not be able to penetrate it and may not give you the desired results. So, make sure you rough up the skin tag with an emery board before applying the cream.

What is in HaloDerm Advanced Gel?

Before going ahead and trying a new product that will come in contact with your skin, it is important to look into what it actually consists of. Skin tags can be difficult to remove, and therefore often require the use of ingredients that are strong. Some skin types may experience sensitivity to these types of ingredients.

HaloDerm’s key ingredient is a herb unique to the forests of Nova Scotia, an island off the east coast of Canada. Haloderm consists of both active and inactive ingredients:

Active Ingredients: Dulcamara 10X, Nitricum acidum 10X, Thuja Occidentalis 10X, Antimonium Crudum 12X, Calcarea Carbonica 12X, Silicea 12X

Inactive Ingredients:  Water, bloodroot, glycerin, zinc chloride

Bloodroot – the key ingredient in this skin tag removal gel – comes from a perennial herbaceous flowering plant, native to the east coast. It has been used as a treatment for warts and other unwanted growths since the 1800’s. However, it has never been clinically proven as a treatment. It is almost guaranteed, if the dose is strong enough, to give you a rash if it comes in direct contact with your skin. This is why it was very important when removing a skin tag that you protect the surrounding area. You can do this by applying petroleum jelly.

Many of the active ingredients are in the form of essential oils. Caution should be used, as many of these ingredients are almost guaranteed to irritate the skin surrounding your skin tag. But – that is not to say these remedies are dangerous. Thuja Occidentalis is a fir tree oil used in homeopathic remedies. Dulcamara, also known as night shade, is a plant remedy known for treating skin conditions due its antibacterial properties. 

 What Else Can You Use HaloDerm for?

HaloDerm can isn’t just for treating skin tags. This product can help you get rid of other unsightly skin growths, such as moles. There are many types of growths that make us self conscious and not as confident in our appearance as we would like to be. This is why it is nice to have a mole and skin tag solution in one package. The treatment for moles, whether raised or flat, is the same process and treating a skin tag. There are many users that mention getting rid of a raised mole or skin tag with HaloDerm is easier than getting rid of a flat one.

Does it Have any Side Effects?

Although it is a natural formula, you still need to be careful while using HaloDerm. Here are some side effects that you may experience with this skin tag removal product:

  • The product causes a stinging sensation, which is normal. But, in rare cases, it may cause unbearable pain and irritation. In such a case, please wash off the cream and do not use it.
  • The product is not suitable for those under 18 years of age.
  • If the skin tag removal product comes in contact with your skin, it can cause scarring or uneven skin tone. You need to apply it carefully as mentioned above.
  • While roughing up the skin tag is important, you need to be careful not to overdo it, or else it may start bleeding and get infected.

If you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the HaloDerm Cream and if you follow the instructions mentioned above, you will most likely not experience any side effects.

How Much Does HaloDerm Cream Cost?

You can buy HaloDerm from Amazon,  it is expensive as compared to many other skin tags removing products. However, the manufacturer justifies the price claiming it to one of the fastest skin tags removal products, which is true to some extent. The company also claims that you only need to apply a very small quantity of the cream on the skin tag or mole. So, one tube is enough for killing multiple skin tags. However, some people in their HaloDerm gel reviews have stated that the quantity is very small and you can hardly remove 4 to 5 skin tags. HaloDerm is also sold on various other online stores and the price varies slightly depending on the discount the eCommerce website offers.

Where to Buy HaloDerm Cream

Thankfully, HaloDerm Advanced cream is quite popular in the market. You can buy the product online from Amazon and many other online stores. Almost all online pharmacies stock this cream. It should also be available with your nearby chemist. So, buying it won’t be an issue for most of us. One tube contains 0.17 oz cream i.e. 5 g cream. While this sounds very less, 5 g is enough for clearing away 4-5 small to medium-sized skin tags and moles.

Our Verdict

After thoroughly reviewing all the HaloDerm Advanced skin tag remover reviews, we conclude that this product works, provided you apply it as instructed. The application process is risky but it is effective. Some people have reported issues of scaring, which is why we suggest that you should use it with caution especially on the face, neck, and other visible areas of your body.

Here is a sum-up of our verdict:

Effectiveness: 4/5

Safety of use: 4/5 (you need to make sure the cream doesn’t touch anywhere on your skin except the skin tag or the mole)

The convenience of use: 4/5 (The application process requires a lot of caution. You may have to reapply the cream if it fails to deliver the result in the first application)

Speed: 4.5/5 (Reapplication required in some cases)

Results: 4.5/5 (Results can be seen in 8 hours, but the healing process takes time)

Check Price on Amazon

Other Skin Tag Remover Products to Consider

If you are below 18 years of age or if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in HaloDerm, here are some of the top-selling skin tag removal products that you may consider. We have chosen these products based on their Amazon reviews, ratings, effectiveness, and overall safety of use. However, we suggest that you must do independent research and find out if they are suitable for you.

  • TagBand: It consists of a band which, when tied tightly around the stalk of the skin tag, will cut blood supply to it. Without any blood supply, the skin tag will die and, eventually, it will fall off.

Check Price on Amazon.

  • Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Skin Tag Removal Kit: This kit works on the principle of cryotherapy i.e. freezing the skin tag until it dies. Freezing the tag is very effective but professional treatment can be very expensive. Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away is an affordable alternative. You need to apply the freezing tip to the tag for a few seconds and that’s it! The tag will die and fall off in a few days.

Check Price on Amazon.

  • Australian Tea Tree Oil Skin Tag Removal:  Tea tree is a renowned product for its antibacterial properties. It is also an effective treatment for skin infections, bumps, skin tags, moles, bug bites, etc.
  • Radha Tea Tree Oil Skin Tag Removal: It is a 100% pure therapeutic grade tea tree oil. The product is ideal for blemish-prone skin and skin tags. You can also use it for aromatherapy, massage, and in a diffuser.

Final thoughts

We hope we have provided you with all the relevant information regarding HaloDerm skin tag removal cream. Before you order it, please weigh the pros and cons to find out if it is suitable for you. If you have skin tags on the eyes or any other sensitive areas, do not try HaloDerm. Instead, consult a dermatologist to find out the best possible options. Keep reading our blog for more such helpful information.

Last updated on November 3rd, 2020

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