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The Sole Fitness F85 has a ton of features that make this treadmill the ideal choice for at-home exercise. The advanced built-in technology, large and ergonomic running deck, and foldable design are just some of the great things that this treadmill offers.

This machine is top-of-the-line quality, and comes with a warranty which surely backs it up. The Sole F85 is easily one of the best folding treadmills out there.

Our Rating: 9.8/10

Sole F85 Treadmill Review
5.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
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Overview & Ratings

Cardio is an important part of staying in shape. Treadmills are a great option for getting good aerobic exercise all-season – rain or shine. Running outdoors is always effective, however due to the lack of wind resistance indoors and the moving belt of the treadmill, these machines actually make running easier.

The Sole F85 is a top choice on the treadmill market for many reasons. It’s perfect for your home because it’s foldable, however, the F85 treadmill is still gym quality. It’s designed to handle difficult interval training and running long distance as well.

The deck on this treadmill is ergonomic, and has been proven to lessen the impact on your joints. It absorbs shock up to 40% better than pavement and most outdoor running surfaces, which is a common concern of many runners.

The Sole F85 provides a variety of workout programs to choose from, providing something for everyone, regardless of skill level. The tech options on this model are also impressive, and make this treadmill super modern.

The Sole F85 treadmill provides top of the line quality and is a favorite when it comes to folding treadmills. Based on our extensive analysis, we rated this product a 9.8/10.

Although we will go further in depth on what this machine does in this Sole F85 Review, here’s a video that will give you a good overview of the product: Sole F85 Treadmill Video.

Features and Specs



  • Assembled Size: 81” x 37” x 57” (LxWxH)
  • Folded Size: 45”x 37” x 72” (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 276 lbs
  • User Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Running Surface: 22” x 60”
  • Rollers: 2.75”
  • Shipping Weight: 305 lbs


The Sole F85 comes with a variety of exciting features that really make it stand out. While no one feature carries the sole responsibility for the success of the machine (pun intended), we do feel that it’s all of the features together, existing harmoniously within the whole, that make it the truly exceptional machine we know it to be.

  • Cushion-Flex Whisper Deck

    The deck on the Sole F85 has a 22” wide surface and is one of the largest available. Not to mention, this deck is an ergonomic, Cushion-Flex Whisper Deck. It’s designed to be up to 40% easier on your joints than from running on many outdoor surfaces. This makes for a worry-free, smooth, and comfortable cardio session, while lowering risk of injury. The deck also absorbs sound while running, so you can be sure it’s very quiet.

  • Strong & Durable

    The Sole F85 is one of the most durable and long-lasting treadmills you can purchase for your home. It has a strong metal frame which is built to support a high weight capacity (400lbs) and more intense work outs as well. The track on the F85 also contributes to the strength of this machine. It’s two-ply with multiple layers, and requires little to no maintenance.

  • Motor

    The motor in the Sole F85 treadmill performs extremely well. It’s 4.0 CHP and can support high output and heavy weight, while constantly remaining smooth and quiet.

  • Foldable Design

    When looking at the Sole F80 vs F85, one feature that the F85 offers is the foldable option whereas the F80 does not. This makes the Sole F85 more household-friendly, offering easy storage when you want to save some space. Since this treadmill uses hydraulic assist and a “soft-drop” design, it makes the folding and unfolding process easy and gentle.

  • Equipped with Advanced Technology & Accessories

    The 10.1” LCD-screen on the Sole F85 is bright and easy-to-read, displaying your time, speed, distance, incline, pace, heart rate, and calories burned during your workout. This treadmill also supports Bluetooth connectivity, and has built-in speakers, which allows you to listen to your music while you exercise. Other accessories that come with the Sole F85 include a ledge to keep a tablet or phone, water-bottle holders, and two fans that will help cool you down.

  • Built-In Programs

    The Sole F85 has 10 built-in programs including Manual, Cardio, Fat Burn, Hill, Interval, Strength, and 2 heart-rate programs. Users (up to 2) can create profiles as well, so the final built-in programs can be customized, making for a prompt start-up. The incline level also includes 30 different options, which provide something suitable for any user.

  • Heart-Rate Monitor

    The Sole F85 comes with two options to monitor your heart rate. The hand grips can be used as one option, however, this machine also includes a free Polar chest strap which is proven to be much more accurate. Not to mention, when exercising on the built-in heart rate programs, this treadmill fixates the incline to accommodate, and keeps your heart rate in its target zone.

  • Warranty

    The warranty for the Sole F85 is one of the best things about this treadmill. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, motor, and deck, as well as a 5-year warranty on electronic parts, and a 2-year warranty for labor.

  • Shipping & Assembly

    The Sole F85, like other Sole treadmills, is straight-forward for users to assemble. To ensure safe shipping, the head of the console is separated as well as the treadmill arms. However, most customers say that assembly is very easy, and takes only an hour or less. A Sole F85 manual is provided with simple instructions. All necessary tools and pieces needed for proper assembly of this treadmill are included in the package, even an Allen Wrench and a screwdriver.
    The Sole F85 is currently only able to ship within the U.S and not available for international shipping. Shipping is free within the U.S. You will also receive premium delivery from Sole upon purchase. This means that your treadmill will be set inside your home directly (inside front door, lobby, garage, etc.) upon delivery and not left outside.

Our Likes

In this Sole F85 treadmill review, the pros of this machine most definitely weigh out any cons. This folding treadmill is a top seller, and for obvious reasons. From the modern features, to the ergonomic and comfortable design, the Sole F85 makes for an impressive at-home workout for users at any fitness level.

Our Dislikes

Although there are few negatives with this treadmill, there are some things to consider before purchase, as with any exercise equipment.

  • When looking at the Sole F85 vs Sole F80 model, the Sole F80 can be found cheaper by about $. This may cause the less expensive model to be the more attractive choice, however, the F85 is definitely the more powerful of the two. The F85 is also foldable, and has a few other features which the F80 does not have. So although some customers may find the price tag of this treadmill a bit steep compared to other options, its worth is found in the quality.

  • Some users also didn’t find the pre-set programs on the Sole F85 sufficient enough. All foldable treadmills by Sole have 10 standard programs, and some individuals may be searching for more variety. However, the many 30 different incline levels also add to the diversity, and the majority of customers in fact claimed that they never get bored with their workouts on the F85.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Sole F85 is an impressive at-home treadmill, with all of the necessary features to keep you satisfied in the long-term. This machine has the ability to deliver a great, low-impact workout for users at all skill levels.

You can work on your cardio training, fat burning, strength, and more just by using the F85. The multiple built-in programs, and variety of incline levels can definitely keep up with your fitness needs.

In this Sole F85 review, there were many pros and few cons. Most customers are beyond pleased with this treadmill and have no complaints. The design and build is not only strong and enduring, but it’s also good for your body. The Cushion-Flex Whisper Deck on the Sole F85 will help to keep your joints safe and comfortable while running, regardless of intensity. Also check out Best Treadmill Reviews for Home Use 2018.

Although some may think the price for this treadmill is slightly steep, the great construction quality makes it worth it, and it will surely last for years to come. You can still find the Sole F85 for sale at a reasonable price that won’t break the bank, and you’ll be saving on gym memberships as well!

Everything considered, from the comprehensive warranty, to the many incorporated features, we give the Sole F85 a final rating of 9.8/10. It’s a perfect investment for your home, and the commercial quality will prove itself through continued exercise and use.

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*On, you can find the Sole F85 treadmill for sale at $ (ships free within the U.S.A.). Keeping this in mind, Sole often has sales for many of their products, so be sure to check for all of the latest deals.

Question & Answers

  • Q. What is the different between the Sole F80 vs F85 treadmill?

    A. A few things that set the F85 apart are that it’s auto-lowering, foldable, and has extra fast buttons for speed and incline, whereas the F80 does not have the same features. It’s worth the price.

  • Q. The warranty says it’s Lifetime for the motor. Does this mean if the motor breaks at any time, they’ll send me a new one for free?

    A. Yes. The motor carries a lifetime warranty. Sole would most likely send out a local service person to have a look at the motor first.

  • Q. What % can the Sole F85 incline to?

    A. The track has 30 levels of incline, which top out at 15%.

  • Q. When this treadmill is folded up, does it have built-in rollers which help to move it around easier?

    A. Yes. This makes it easier to move, especially on hard surfaces.

User Reviews Write a Review

Great value

“I bought the F85 from after checking the price online from other stores, and they offered the best price. Shipping was also free on a 300lb item…perfect! Upon delivery, the treadmill was set inside just where I wanted it. Opening the box was more difficult than the assembly, which was easy and only took me about 30 minutes. The motor is whisper quiet, the belt is super smooth, the warranty is great, the programs are intuitive and user-friendly, and the two built-in fans and speakers are great additions. Any questions? Feel free to ask!”
- Jonny U

Simple yet powerful

“This was exactly the type of treadmill that I was searching for, it’s simple yet powerful. The built-in programs are easy to set up and I don’t think I will ever get bored with the 10 programs that the Sole F85 has, especially since I’m able to control the time and speed. It doesn’t shake or move at all when you are exercising, and it’s very sturdy. I like that you can plug your device into the treadmill to play music from the built-in speakers, but also have the option to plug in your headphones and listen that way, instead.”
- Sheila B

Definitely worth the money!

“This treadmill fulfilled all of my expectations. Setting the Sole F85 up was not difficult at all, especially compared to an elliptical. Pros include easy-set up (granted you can read directions it will take well under 2 hours), gym quality, folds nice and easily. Aside from the heavy packaging, I could not find many cons. Definitely worth the money!”
- Adam H

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