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The treadmill is a staple in any gym. It can provide a grueling cardiovascular workout in a relatively short amount of time. Because of its functionality and longevity, a treadmill is the first installation of any home gym. Whether you own a treadmill or are looking to buy one, it is important that you understand the various treadmill parts, why they are important, and what to look out for when making the purchase or performing maintenance.

In this guide, we will look at the most important parts of a treadmill and their specific functions. We will also go over treadmill replacement parts so that you know how to get the most out of one of the best pieces of cardiovascular equipment.

Treadmill Parts List

Before going into details, here is the treadmill parts list that we will be looking at: treadmill motor, treadmill belt, treadmill deck, treadmill console and the treadmill warranty. At the end, we will look at treadmill replacement parts and the steps you can take to prevent wear and tear. You can find the many different features on our treadmill parts diagram below.

Each is of vital importance in its own right and often people question what they should be looking for in a good treadmill. Because each part of a treadmill works in tandem with the others, we wanted to deconstruct the treadmill and provide an in-depth look at its workings. Here is a comprehensive look at our treadmill parts list.

Treadmill Motor

Above it all, a quality treadmill motor is a must-have. This is the one part of a treadmill that greatly effects the caliber of workout you can look to expect. While the horsepower measurement is important, the type of motor is just as essential. A treadmill motor that lists ‘2.5 hp’ means that the treadmill will reach this speed but not necessarily sustain it. This is a good option for someone who desires quick bursts of power during a workout.

A treadmill motor that reads ‘2.5 chp’ (continuous horsepower) boasts continuous power at the maximum speed. It is much more powerful and will maintain high speeds during the entire course of a workout.

It is important to realize that neither version of the treadmill motor is better than the other. They are one of those treadmill parts that are completely up to personal preference. Some people prefer workouts more akin to the HIIT template, which oscillates between short spurts of fast speed and recovery time. Others like a steady, fast pace to elevate their heart rate. Either way, there is a treadmill motor out there for you.

Watch this great video on how to test the treadmill motor part yourself: YouTube

Treadmill Belt

While the treadmill motor is of primary importance given its impact on the workout, the treadmill belt comes in close second. This is one of those parts of a treadmill that is a huge selling point because home gyms typically mean multiple users. Treadmill belts come in a wide array of sizes with typical dimensions measuring a length and width of 50 x 19 inches. It is important to remember that all of the treadmill belt goes onto the deck. The deck includes other necessary components like the frame and console, both of which eat away at the given dimensions.

If you plan on exclusively walking, a standard 50 x 19 inch treadmill belt is acceptable. Those that want to jog or run will need a belt with more generous dimensions: extra-long length and width. A treadmill belt with running size 60 x 20 is much more hospitable to the active treadmill user.

Treadmill parts take on different considerations when thinking about a home gym versus a regular chain. At a gym, treadmill belts don’t vary because the clientele is within an age bracket of experience. For a home gym where you have children and you may not be the most experience user, treadmill belts need to be more accommodating. So it is not just a case of workout but also experience; wider treadmills are safer for those just starting out.

Watch this great video on how to repair your treadmill belt yourself: YouTube

Treadmill Deck

As mentioned previously, the treadmill deck holds the belt. But it also features the frame and front console. The treadmill deck is so important because it acts as the foundation of the machine, upon which everything else is held. The deck has to be stable and sturdy; if this treadmill part is flimsy, the entire machine will be too.

When trying to figure out which treadmill deck is best, try to go with brand name manufacturers. More stability means less ‘shake’ during your workout. If your treadmill is being used at home, your most important consideration out of all the treadmill parts should focus on the treadmill deck. Injury to your children or yourself can easily occur if the machine shakes because its foundation isn’t the strongest it could be.

Watch this great video on how to repair your treadmill deck yourself: YouTube

Treadmill Console

The treadmill console is one of those treadmill parts that keeps evolving and diversifying over time. Most treadmill consoles track the standard measurements and performance indicators, but some have morphed into mini-entertainment units with access to the Internet and personalized, celebrity-endorsed training programs.

Today, most treadmill consoles come with an MP3 docking station, built-in speakers and water bottle holders. The advance models come with preset workout programs and built in televisions. Again, as with the treadmill motor, these are one of those treadmill parts that are entirely up to preference.

You can enjoy a strict workout with minimal distraction from the console, or choose a more leisurely exercise while catching up on some TV. The treadmill console is meant to track key statistics like heart rate, distance travelled and calories lost. All consoles have those. The other factors are more for show rather than anything that equates to a more informed workout.

Treadmill Warranty

The treadmill warranty shouldn’t be considered a supplementary treadmill part. It is one of those parts of a treadmill that is crucial because it can save you a lot of money and frustration.

Today, the treadmill warranty comes with many options. Many brand name machines come with lifetime guarantees. Look out for the treadmill warranty that gives you the longest extension of time on both parts and labor. Initially, this may be costly but it can save you a lot of money in the long run because a well-used treadmill is bound to run out of steam at some point.

Understanding the inner workings of the various treadmill parts will help you make an informed decision in terms of warranty. Our list has been written with exactly that in mind. Once you have an understanding of what each treadmill part is used for, how it operates and what you should expect, then you can form an educated decision on the kind of warranty you need.

Treadmill Replacement Parts

If a treadmill or parts of a treadmill begin to show signs of wear and tear, which is normal if the machine is used well, it is important to know certain rules when considering treadmill replacement parts.

First, you should follow the treadmill guide to ensure that all parts have been installed and are working properly. Faulty use of the mechanism will surely lead to quicker depreciation. The treadmill guide should come with the machine itself. It is important to hold on to it and follow it to the letter to make sure you have the treadmill set up properly and according to specifications. Hold on to the guide in case anything does go wrong because then you’ll have clear instruction on how to make the necessary repairs.

There are many different treadmill parts’ stores out there that host a wide selection of spares and replacement parts. Treadmill Parts Zone, Icon Treadmill Parts and True Treadmill Parts are all great options. Remember to keep your warranty on hand and only consider those replacement parts that would work well for your needs and your machines capabilities. A strong warranty has you covered from incurring excessive costs and undue fees.

Stick to the same manufacturer if possible as well. Machines work as the sum of their parts so if one treadmill part is out of sync, the whole might not work as efficiently.

Final Word

If the treadmill parts are sturdy and reliable, you will have a great piece of equipment that will last you a considerable amount of time. From the treadmill deck, the foundation, to the treadmill motor, the engine, the treadmill belt, the platform, and the treadmill console, the bows and frills, everything needs to be carefully researched and accounted for in order to have the best, most grueling experience. The treadmill warranty is the piece that holds it all together: without it everything falls apart.

Investing in a good treadmill means investing in the sum of its parts. You need to carefully evaluate and consider your needs, what goals you hope to achieve, whether anyone else will be using it and what your experience level is. Treadmill parts may be a dime a dozen, but to make an educated decision, you need to research beyond surface level. And if done right, you will thank yourself, and your body will thank you too. Team

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