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One of the last things that people want to see is a wart of the hand they have to shake, or on the foot in the gym shower room. The wart stick is a simple product that allows you to removed your warts in the privacy and the comfort of your own home. This is done at a fraction of the cost of procedures at the doctor’s office. That is why we are sold on the wart stick and we want to tell you why.

What Types of Warts Can You Apply It On?

As wart removal stick is not be applied need to eyes, nose, mouth or genitals all types of warts that are not in those areas can be treated topically. This means that as long as you can get the wart stick onto the wart, and it is not in the prohibited areas, it can be treated. Works great for both plantar warts and common warts as well. The wart off stick is not for flat or genital warts.

What is a common wart? Common warts are generally on the hands and have a rough appearance on the surface. That are usually raised and quite noticeable due to the shape and ‘cauliflower-like’ surface the warts have. Wart removal stick is specifically designed to attack these warts and removed them.

What is a plantar wart? Are easily identifiable by their location on the bottom of the foot. They are often very sensitive to the touch which is a problem as you stand on them all the time. If you are suffering from a bad plantar wart you may even be forced to adjust your walking pattern. Does wart stick work? It can help you will removing these troublesome warts without having to visit the doctor or go through difficult and possibly expensive appointments.

Instructions on How to Use Wart Off Stick

Wart off stick instructions say it is not to come into contact with your eyes, nose, mouth or groin. If any wart stick does flush the area with cool water for 15 minutes. Wash hands after using wart off stick. Wart stick reviews also say it is not to be applied to the face, on moles, birthmarks, warts with hair growing from them, or anal/genital warts.

Soak the wart with warm water for about 5 minutes, this is to soften the treatment area. Dry and removed any lose or dead skin. Apply wart off stick to the affected area only. Let dry. Repeat this procedure 1 or 2 times a day for up to 12 weeks, or as prescribed by your doctor.

If the wart is in a difficult area to get the wart stick onto you can apply the wart removal stick treatment to a Band-Aid. This can then be placed on the wart so that the treatment can be held in place so the application. This is a common practise and is outlined in the instructions on the wart off stick directions.

Pros & Cons of Using Wart Stick to Remove Warts

Often times people want to take time and weigh the positives and the negatives of a product to help them make a choice. We get this, after all it is how many of us make choices. Stick with us as we look at some of the positives for the wart stick, and some of the negatives as well.

The common thing in most wart stick reviews is how super easy to use it is. The packaging is designed to let you leave the wart stick tube on the counter top (or wherever) without complex storage rules. The process on how to use wart stick on your troublesome areas is also a simple process. Life does not often give such simple solutions for the issues we have. If warts are the issue, then wart off stick is that simple effective solution you are looking for.

The simple question is does wart stick work effectively? This is not a product that is here today and gone tomorrow. With a long history of patients that have see effective treatments the fact the wart stick works is not something we can dispute. Couple this with the extremely reasonable price, and multitude of location that you can purchase wart off stick at and you have a product that is worth trying.

Only very minor things are listed for wart stick side effects that users need to be aware of. In the world today, many treatments have long full-page ads to explain what might happen if you use their product. That is simply not the case with wart stick.

When you look at wart stick reviews you can see it is possible to have the following symptoms happen to some degree according the manufactuer, if these develop at all; slight burning, redness of skin, and skin peeling is expected. If while using wart stick 40 salicylic acid you develop infections or sores develop you are to stop wart stick treatments and seek medical attention right away.

Serious reactions with wart stick side effects are rare but can include; rashes, itching, swelling, dizziness and breathing issues that manifest in disproportionate levels. This means that if things are not going the way you thought they should while taking wart removal stick then you need to seek medical attention.

Wart off stick directions do warn users about possibly damaging the skin around the wart, but that is a by-product of also being effective at getting rid of your warts in the first place. This can be minimized by being careful to follow the wart off stick instructions when applying to the treatment areas.

The only other drawbacks on how to use wart stick for some are other issues they may have in life. If you have diabetes or blood circulation issues, wart removal stick is not the treatment for you without medical consultation first.  No conclusive studies have been done with pregnant patients, so it is not sure if anything from the wart stick side effects could be passed to the unborn baby or to nursing babies. Again, consult a doctor before starting on how to use wart off stick treatments at home is advisable.

How Long Does It take For the Wart Stick to Work?

Everyone wants to know about the wart off stick how long does it take? The instructions say to apply treatments for up to 12 weeks, that becomes the length of time that maybe needed. In the wart stick amazon testimonials, you can read about people who used wart off stick several times to remove stubborn warts over a longer period of time. Be sure to check with doctors if things are not progressing normally or if you develop any side effects during treatment.

How Much Does Wart Stick Cost?

Currently Amazon is selling wart off stick for an affordable price for a single 0.2-ounce container. This can be an even lower price if you decide to get one of the multi packs. This is a very small price to pay to have the peace of mind that your warts are soon going to be gone.

Where to Buy Wart Stick

While Amazon does sell the wart removal stick you can also find it at any number of local pharmacies as well. This is not a prescription drug, and as such you will be able to find many stores that carry wart stick for sale. Amazon might have one of the best prices around if you are able to wait for the shipping. However, for convenience, you can also buy it on Amazon here.

Wart Stick Ingredients

The wart stick is 40% salicylic acid as the active ingredient. This is from the same family of drugs as aspirin, or keratolytic. After the wart stick 40 salicylic acid level most of the ingredients are taken up in various forms of castor oil and chlorobutanol in a wax base to give wart off stick the form similar to a lip balm stick. This is for ease of storage and use.

Our Verdict

Yes, get a wart stick and use it. The price is small and the freedom you will feel emotionally when those unsightly warts are gone is actually worth far more than the cost. The how to use wart stick process is simple and literally anyone can stick to the treatment schedule with ease. This is not a difficult or expensive process, just one that you have to start if you want to be free from the warts that you currently in your life.

This is a full 100% yes you need to try this wart stick review verdict. Nothing on the market is easier, nothing on the market is cheaper, and nothing on the market works as effectively as wart off stick.

Other Wart Remover Products to Consider

When dealing with issues many people want to know what their options are. The wart removal world is no different. The wart stick is not the only option that you have for an at home over the counter treatment. Below is a brief look at 3 other forms of treatment other than the wart removal stick.

Tea tree oil is another option that can possibly work for reducing warts. By apply tea tree oil to a wart 2 times day and continuing you may experience a reduction in your warts. This is due to the antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral traits that the oil has. While this process is similar to the wart stick one major difference is the ease with how to use the wart off stick, to clean up and store as well.

Compound W provides several different wart removal products and can, just like wart stick, be purchased at a wide variety of location. The active ingredient is the same as the wart stick the big difference is that Compound W is a gel or liquid rather and a balm. This can be a little messier and that might be enough to cause you to choose wart stick as your wart removal option.

Dr Scholl’s Freeze Away is the last home remedy that we will mention here. Again, a relatively easy to find option for your wart removal. Unlike the balm that wart removal stick is, Dr Scholl’s is a freezing process that you are able to do in your home if you would like. This is a bit more of a scary option as the freezing can hurt if done incorrectly, but still effective.

Those are some of the other options that you have available to you in the wart removal world. Our money still goes to the wart stick as in our opinion you just can not beat the easy of use, availability, price and effectiveness of the wart removal stick.

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